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2007 Teeth 4 Reviews

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Teeth (2007)
Ghostwords was written on December 28, 2011

Forced sex

Circa 0:25:00, randy teenTobey (Appleman) tries to have sex with a student he's been swimming with. He pulls down his trunks (exposing his butt), then lies on top of her, but it all goes somewhat awry. There is a brief shot of his full front, having apparently suffered genital mutilation, which clearly involved some form of prostheti appliance..

Mattg was written on December 22, 2008

Cute butt

Hale Appleman's character in this movie is quite objectified for his beauty. He dates the lead character, who demands that they both wait 'til marriage before having sex. One afternoon, he can't wait any longer and forces himself on her. As so, he yanks down his bathing suit and we get a quick, but decent view of his young ass. As another reviewer wrote, there are about 3 other hot male asses visible in a quick locker room scene with Appleman (shirtless but with pants on) earlier in this film as well. This is quite the controversial flick, not only for all the dicks that get chopped off.

Hamm_Sodomy was written on May 12, 2008


A teen shows his butt as he forces an abstinence-pledgee to have sex. I like his hot chin dimple better than his butt. There's a shower scene that shows male asses much curvier than his. This film deals with emasculation and could make many male viewers feel outraged.

smc01 was written on January 20, 2010

Nice ass

Only giving this 2 stars as the views of the very cute Appleman's ass (who also has a great chest), are far too brief. But we do get 3 very quick shots, from 3 different angles, all in very quick succession: one full on rear as he yanks his trunks down; one from the side as he lays on top of the lead character; and one again from the rear as he thrusts into her - even a bit of spread cheek here. Cute actor, cute ass, nice body - slightly disappointing exposure.

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