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1982 Boardinghouse 1 Review

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Boardinghouse (1982)
MisterTeas was written on March 2, 2005

Nothing to speak of

The actor's real name is Johnn Wintergate, billed as Hawk Adley in the credits. He's blonde and kinda studly in a guy-down-the-street sort of way, but he really has no nudity. There's one scene with him getting out of a bathtub, but the cinematography is so poor that most of his body is out of frame. On the plus side, he does have several scenes in skimpy bikini briefs (white or leopard), which are small reason to sit through this lousy horror movie. In one scene a bunch of cute guys arrive for a pool party and promptly strip down to bikini underwear. One guy has his blue briefs pulled down by a horny girl, revealing a nice squeezable ass, but I can't identify the actor. The movie is so overpopulated it's impossible to tell who plays who.

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