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Hank Azaria's Sexy Filmography

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year title
2010 Love And Other Drugs 1 Review
2007 Run Fatboy Run 2 Reviews
2004 Along Came Polly 3 Reviews
1996 Birdcage, The 4 Reviews

Hank Azaria's Sexy TV Shows

TV Shows this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2004 Huff 0 Reviews

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Huff (2004)
Love And Other Drugs (2010)
mcjw2011 was written on December 21, 2010

Side of butt

You briefly see the side of Azaria's ass as he injects testosterome in it. No crack or view of both butt cheeks, just the side. Unlike Jake Gyllenhaal's copious nude scenes, nothing to get excited about.

Run Fatboy Run (2007)
simon_peggs_bitch was written on August 24, 2008

quick glimpse of Hanks ass in the locker room

Hank Azaria is with Simon Pegg in the gym locker room after a workout. We get to see a very quick glimpse of Hanks ass as he drops his towel to put on some powder. The camera then shows him from the front with Simon Peggs head covering his frontal. Hank then slaps on powder paying particular attention between his legs much to Simons bemusement. Hank was completely nude in this scene as Simon has said in several interviews that Hank wasnt wearing a pouch and He got a face full of his knackers. Hank Azaria is looking pretty Buff in this movie.

MarcioGore was written on December 13, 2011

Quickly view of the ass

When he is on the locker room,we get a quickly view of his cute ass.He's in good shape by the way,but unfortunately the ass's scene is very quick!

Along Came Polly (2004)
MarcioGore was written on January 4, 2012

Hot nudist

In the begin of the movie we can see this hot man naked on the beach,we have a great shot of his muscular and hot ass.Soon,we can see he wearing speedo.Totally hot!He's a great muscular body!

mcjw2011 was written on October 5, 2004

French nudist

While Ben Stiller and Debra Messing are on their honeymoon, they are greeted by a nudist, hilariously played by Hank Azaria. We see his bare ass from a distance as he comes up to Stiller and Messing, and then a final shot of his derriere as he moves on to greet other vacationers. Might be a body double, but then again, maybe it's not.

Electrix was written on September 6, 2007

nudist at the beach

He plays a nudist guy, and he is at the beach. Hank meets ben Stiller and his wife. He is naked, and you can see his ass, but it isn't much pretty. What's worth is his perfect body, principally his big chest. Hank appears in the beggining of the movie, shirtless mostly of time, also with a little sexy scene. This scene worth to see because of his body, because of this I gave 3 stars. In the end of the movie he apeears again, shirtless, and sexy, of course.

Birdcage, The (1996)
Christoph was written on July 17, 2000

Buns in a thong

Playing the houseboy of a gay couple, Azaria shows his buns while standing by the pool in a thong. Surprisingly, he is incredibly buff and sexy.

dvddish was written on March 29, 2003


you see his buns wile in a apartment

movieaddict2005 was written on July 9, 2005

as a house helper

muscular butt but only as sideview; his front is covered by an apron

sandman was written on September 26, 1998

Sort of Butt Scene

He is shirtless for the whole movie and wears skimpy little denim shorts. You only get a good look at his butt when he is cleaning the pool in a g-string- (thong)

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