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Heather Graham's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2009 Hangover,The 4 Reviews
2009 Boogie Woogie 2 Reviews
2007 Adrift in Manhattan 3 Reviews
2002 Killing Me Softly 0 Reviews
2002 Killing Me Softly 31 Reviews
2002 Guru, The 1 Review
1997 Two Girls and a Guy 8 Reviews
1997 Boogie Nights 40 Reviews

nudity reviews for Heather Graham member submitted

Hangover,The (2009)
dapezmon was written on June 2, 2009


Heather whips out her breast to feed the baby that the guys have found in the hotel room. This is mostly played for comedic purposes and this movie is hilarious .... but it still counts as a nude scene I guess...3 seconds altogether

Ghostwords was written on June 17, 2009

Breast of the best

For the record, it's Ms Graham's right breast. The scene is wonderfully casual, which actually makes it all the more sexy.

noned was written on June 7, 2009


Yeah it's breastfeeding. But it's Heather Graham's tit!

celebsoops was written on October 14, 2013


Heather Graham sitting in a chair, pulling her red bra down to expose her right breast as she holds a baby in her arms and talks to a few guys who are sitting on a couch across from her.

Boogie Woogie (2009)
celebsoops was written on October 14, 2013


A number of girls seen in footage projected onto the wall of an art gallery, Heather Graham appearing naked in a 69 position with a girl at the end, though her breasts are pressed against the girl and her nipples are not visible. Josephine de la Baume is seen topless as Jaime Winstone licks her breasts in slightly different footage from that seen earlier in the movie. There is also footage of Josephine kissing another girl as Jaime Winstone grabs Josephine's breasts through her dress.

Stevarooni was written on May 15, 2012

Seduction...on tape. It's art!

Around the 1:16 mark, Jaime Winstone seduces Heather Graham by asking to see her breast implants. Jaime returns the favor, showing her breasts with pierced nipples. About a minute and a half between show-and-tell, touching, and then kissing. Clear view of two pairs of different kinds of breasts.

At around the 1:21 point, Jaime Winstone has an art show as a videographer. Video plays in the background for the next ten minutes or so, giving glimpses from time to time of Jaime and Heather's breasts.

Adrift in Manhattan (2007)
xuxu was written on September 3, 2008

Ridden hard doggy style

Great scene where the guy takes her from the back doggy style. Heathers big tits are rocking and flopping back and forth as this guy slams and smacks into her ass. Lucky guy gets to ram her and smack this hot ladies ass at her request. She's seems to be enjoying it so much and he is pounding her tight, sweaty ass so hard it looks to be real sex.

fenix78 was written on August 10, 2008

Doggy Style

Good scene in which Heather is taken from behind, good shot of her breasts and ass

Bafitis was written on September 22, 2008

Doggie Style...

About an hour and 10 minutes into the Movie... Yes there is a Doggie Style scene, but I don't know what the other Reviewers were watching... I gave this 3 Stars, because it was Heather Graham... The scene Downstairs before the Doggie Style scene was a Good Noise Making Scene on Heather's part... As for the sex it was a 1 Star... You don't see her Titties like the other reviewers say, you do get a glimpse of them from the side, they are in no way rocking back and forth or side to side... He is going pretty slow considering the position... And then she does ask him to hit her, and then to hit her harder and to tell her that she is a Bad Girl, but then she starts crying and curls up in the Fetus Position, still covering her assets... He climbs off the bed and leaves...
Don't see this if you are looking for Heather Rocking it out... You are better off seeing Boogie Nights, to my knowledge the other Movie Heather has really gotten Naked in... Except for maybe Killing Me Softly, I haven't seen that one...

Killing Me Softly (2002)
Killing Me Softly (2002)
SkipperMon was written on November 21, 2002

3 nude scenes

While most people are saying the Heather's best nude scene was in Boogie Nights I think that this this movie is the best and shows us Heather three times nude. While it is true that she shows her bush in Boogie Nights the scene on the couch with her roller blades is fairly short.

The first scene in Killing me Softly is very hot and shows Joseph Fienes ripping off her light blue see through blouse and pulling down her bra to get a hold of those ample 36C breasts. He thin carriers her out of the foyer and places her on the floor for some screwing. he scene last for close to two minutes.

The second scene is shot outdoors in his families church / cemetary after the characters get married. She strips showing us her tits again and a brief shot of her bush. It is quite cold outside and the scene is fairly brief.

The last scene happens in a cabin on their wedding night. The scene is somewhat sadistic but does not go overboard. Joseph's character takes a long parachute style scarf and wraps it around Heather's neck. He then ties the scarf around a post he nailed into mantle of the fireplace. He then takes the ends and starts to perodically strangle Heather letting her breathe every 10 to 20 seconds while she is on top of him. Finally she gets on top (no longer being strangled) and they keep it up in a few more areas of the cabin.

IMHO this is the best that Heather has ever done. I had to buy my copy from Ebay from over seas to get it, but it was worth every penny that I spent on it. I here that the movie might be released in US in May 2003.

The Skipper

slavedriver was written on March 25, 2003

Finally released today in the U.S.!!

While Boogie Nights remains the primary source for Heather-bush, Heather-flesh is seen overall more here than in any of her other skinflicks combined, especially her delicious ass which makes its screen debut here. The movie is lame and predictable, but GODDAMN if Heather isn't completely hot. I feel bad for all the poor idiots who spent tons of cash for this on ebay. What the hell were you thinking?!?!?!? It would've been released here at some point, doncha think?

vpup was written on March 25, 2003

One More Sexy Scene

What hasn't been covered already? Other have done a very good job discribing all the nude scenes. Heather's "Boogie Night" full frontal was more revealing, but IMO not that erotic. Here she was humping the guy every chance she gets. And the nudity is not bad either. She also showed bush briefly in the first love scene and the outdoors scene. Additionally, she had a very sexy lingere scene while riding her husband. Wonder what the bonus scene(s) the unrated version has? Anyone?

vpup was written on April 6, 2003

Not worth the Unrated label

The zero rating is for the DIFFERENCE of the unrated version. No point in going out of one's way to rent or buy the unrated version. The unrated version is 1:39:59 long compares to the rated version of 1:39:29. The first love scene is about 10 sec longer and the last love scene is about 20 sec longer. They are NOT more explicit scenes, just a bit longer. Hardly worth a separate version. What is it about Heather Graham's unrated titles that don't show anything more graphic? Remember "Two Girls and a Guy"? Rip-off!

Bootydaddy was written on March 25, 2003

This is the TV version review

This movie was on TMC a little while ago and about 15 minutes in you get some very good nude shot of the absolutly stunning Heather Graham. So you say there is a UNRATED DVD NOW! OMG! I', leaving! I'm going to the store to get it!!!!

Bushyboy was written on January 18, 2008

three love scenes and strip in cemetary

Unrated dvd... ~10min you get everything. Great closeup of tits, really nice ass shot, and glimpse of bush between them as she rolls on top. This was the best scene! ~30min quick left tit flash. ~38min tits and flashes of reddish bush when she strips for Polaroid pics. ~43min pretty good tit flashes and nice ass view again as she is semi-strangled by shashes during screwing.

verydrunkguy was written on March 27, 2008

boobs and bush

perfect boobs and a great bush shot while having sexand then another tiny one later

pampainit was written on June 29, 2008

two good scenes and a few minor ones.

this is the best movie of heather graham nudity wise.boogie nights is nothing as compared to this one.the first sex scene when she agreed to come to the guys place is so hot.and the scene wherein she is tied is a good one too. her boobs and body is to die for. i wish she'll make another movie that's better than this.this is the best.

stalepin was written on November 12, 2005

comedy film

Of course those stars for the nudity. It`s Heather Graham. In fact didnt know anything about this movie until it was shown last night
on a British Channel who usually show erotic thrillers starring Shannon Tweed (or Whirry) so when I saw in the guide...`erotic thriller` and `Heather Graham` I booked my seat.
Unfortunately this film is a `so bad its good` comedy apart from the brief nude scenes. Miss Graham looks skinnier in this,Paltrow-skinny,except for the Ninth Wonder of the World--her breasts. Still her body looks cartoonish--too thin,very luscious boob-wise and then that bizarre too-small doll-like face on her body--it`s as if she`s been drawn by Tim Burton after oding on the Playboy Channel.
The comedy starts when in order to investigate the mysterious things about her husband Heather Graham
adopts the identity of a journalist who intereviewed her ceebrity mountaineer husband fora newspaper.Only problem is the female journalist is a very well-spoken Black British woman who is obviously a wellknown journalist--so how the hell Heather Graham is going to pass herself off as being of African descent and upper class English is truly beyond me.And theMichael Caine glasses she puts on to complete her disguise. The film never recopvers from that- I dosed off near the end--these erotic thrillers are shown so damn late--so dont know how it ends.
Still Heather`s great nude.

Warlokc was written on January 4, 2003

Heather is nude several times

I agree with Skipper; this is heather's best work to date. I'll simply say ditto to his review, except to add that at least in the version carried on the movie channel, Heather's pubic hair was visible during her first sex scene with Joseph Fiennes.

Heather has one of the nicest faces and bodies of any woman EVER, so seeing this admitedly lame movie should be a high prioirity for every female nudity fan. Pray for a DVD of this one, and maybe some deleted scenes.

heyjoewaddayaknow was written on October 29, 2002

pause it just right

and her bush can be seen in the outdoors naked scene in the movie. It's possibly unintentional because her character's trying to hide it, for some reason, and you see it for something like 2 or 3 frames.

soulman was written on January 4, 2003

Great Tit Action.

What can i say about Graham's tits that haven't been said already? Her tits are beautiful and the shown on several occasions especially an outdoor scene that's pretty nice. A must see love tit lover and Graham fans.

eaglespyharry was written on January 5, 2003

Bush confirmation

Just a follow up bush confirmation. There is a fairly clear but short view of Heather's bush as she straddles Joseph Fiennes in the first love scene. It goes without saying, but this woman has unbelievably gorgeous breasts.

Sinnema was written on July 15, 2003

Unrated DVD version

First, I must say that I have never found Heather Graham to be really attractive (her face seems too small for her body or something), but this DVD is one of my absolute favorites for celebrity nudity.

Heather has several passionate sex scenes, most in good lighting, exposing various naughty bits. But in the middle of the movie comes the big gratuitous nude scene where she stands outside completely nude while Joseph Fiennes snaps photos of her naked body. Facing the camera, she raises her arms out at her sides, and jumps once to create some bounce as the camera zooms in on her huge, perfect breasts (and judging by her thermometers, it was cold out that day). Later she is making love indoors, and her breasts appear much warmer.

The DVD I got is double-sided -- one side with the widescreen version (watch this first to see the whole movie with its cinematic scope), and on the other side of the disc is the full-screen version that enlarges the middle of the picture and cuts off the sides. The full-screen version is best for viewing the nude scenes in higher resolution -- especially if your DVD player has a "Zoom" feature.

This movie should be on the "must-own" list of any fan of celebrity nudity, especially gratuitous breast shots of well-known actresses.

Omni was written on September 22, 2003


She's not afraid to show a lot here. Since she's shown it all in Boogie Nights, this is an improvement only because the nudity is longer, well-lit, and great!

audiphile was written on July 26, 2004

Passionate HOT sex

After seeing Heather in this movie, my appreciation for her has gone up a notch or two. An excellent case of celebrity nudity. She has 2 (and one small scene) where she bares her plentiful breasts. The first scene is hot spontaneous encounter with Joseph pulling her bra and grabbing her breasts, and then the move to another room were we see her bountiful bosoms heave a bit as she's on top and he's on top. You see a bit of her behind too. In the second scene she completely undresses in broad daylight, with clear view from the front. No lower frontal nudity but very VERY close. In the third scene, you just get a very brief glimpse of her nips.

Even if you don't find Heather a perfect 10, you'll appreciate the scenes.

Venomous was written on September 27, 2004

Heather Does It Again!!

I reviewed the 'unrated' version of this movie, and was not disappointed. I counted 4 scenes (3 original and one slo-mo repeat), including a very brief full frontal shot, and some very steamy sex scenes. Lots of breast shots of Heather. All in all, worth the time spent watching!!

1spyder was written on April 4, 2008

Stripping outside

Not sure of the timeline in the movie, but this scene Heather stripped down, showing breasts for a few seconds. Nice set

dav345 was written on March 29, 2003

breasts and butt

She does show her large, corn-fed American breasts many times in the movie, mainly in sex scenes but also in a scene where she strips outdoors for her lover. You see her butt a couple times as she straddles her lover (so she is always squatting on the lover when you see her butt, you never see her butt while she is standing or walking or anything really interesting like that). I agree with the other reviewers that you see her bush in a few frames during the first love scene, but I really couldn't see it during the outdoor strip scene. Maybe I had a different version, or maybe my eyes aren't as good. Try as I might, I could find no bush in the outdoor strip scene.

3finger was written on February 25, 2003

Great stuff - more to come

Just a note that the upcoming DVD release will be in both R-rated and UNRATED versions. So as much skin as we saw from Heather in the cable version, we may - may - have seen nothing yet.

Serna was written on March 31, 2003

Nice ass

Two main scenes. She gets her kit off completely.
She and Fiennes are two strangers. They go back to his place for sex. He begins to strip her, exposing her breasts and kissing her belly. Then a cut and they are fully naked. He carries her and kneels on the floor with her in his lap. Her arse looks great. Then he lies on top of her and they have sex. She pants a lot.
In the second scene she and Fiennes are naked on the floor of a country cottage on their honeymoon. He has silk ribbons tied around her neck as she sits in his lap. There’s lots of noise again and her arse looks great in a brief shot showing her bucking on top.

heyjoewaddayaknow was written on October 25, 2002

nice tits

I think Heather is quite a hottie but it's a shame she couldn't show her bush for this very bad movie. Oh well, I'll just watch Boogie Nights again. This girl sure isn't shy about showing off her hot body with perfect tits, even for a movie this pathetic! She single-handedly makes it worth a peek. For the ladies there's a frequently shirtless Joseph Fiennes too, showing off his admirable pecks.

Texasmovieman was written on June 29, 2010

Heather nude in open

Best since Boggie nights. she shows her great body
tits and all

bounce-r was written on June 23, 2002

great stuff

Great nudity from Heather begins at 9:39 with Heather having sex and showing her breasts. A brief nipple siting at 29:23. At 36:49 she gets totally naked while changing but only her breasts are visible. At 40:07 more breast exposure while Heather is getting strapped by the throat. Overall Heather exhibits her best nudity besides her role in Boogie Nights.

Balrog was written on January 12, 2003

Heather did it again

the film is a horribly bad one but Heather nearly made it for the money i paid!
her scenes are probably one of the most unbelievable and yet very hot nudity scenes i have ever seen made by a mainstream actress.
You get to see everything and the sex is passionate and powerfull, that it almost look true.

lacupids was written on September 15, 2007

Wow WOw Wow Heather... I bet this is the best

This is the best movie i have ever seen... There are lots of grahams beautiful skin and curves... i am breathless... the scenes are steamy, hot romantic and wow... i love it man... all dudes of this world please praise thee graham... you will... i rate a million marks and i won a dvd of this movie... BETTER YOU WATCH THE MOVIE THAN GETTING AN ADVICE OR EXPLANATION... THE WORLD WILL LOVE IT...

eraserhead was written on April 12, 2001

upcoming movie

Supposedly there are some pretty intense sex scenes between Graham and Joseph Feinnes. The report is that they spent a week filming sex scenes, and that it might have trouble garnering an 'R' rating. Pretty sure that there's some nudity in that somewhere.

TheMovieBeast2008 was written on August 21, 2008



vpup was written on May 16, 2002

Guy Exposing Heather's Breasts

Have not seen the movie first hand. Don't think it's even out yet. But saw a couple of caps post on usnet. One shows a guy lifting her shirt and exposing and fondling her breasts and the second shows her completely topless.

ODUJedi was written on December 29, 2001

Brief breast shot

aintitcoolnews has a link to the Japanese trailer for this movie right now, and it contains a brieft breast shot...from above at an angle. Right before a sex scene. You don't get to see much, and it is short, but hopefully there will be a lot more, and a lot hotter sex and nudity in the movie itself. So, basically, nudity has been confirmed. Heather is looking hot as always.

celebsoops was written on October 14, 2013


Heather Graham having a guy grab her breasts before flipping her around and lifting her her shirt while pulling down her bra to reveal her great breasts. We then see her topless on the floor as they have sex before she flips over and begins to ride him in this very hot sex scene.

Guru, The (2002)
Bafitis was written on December 15, 2007


*sigh* Apparently something happen to Heather after Boogie Nights... She'll get really close to Nudity, but won't give us any Sugar... She looks great in this movie... She plays a Porn Star who is engaged to a Fireman who thinks she is a Virgin... She meets an immigrant from India, a Dance Instructor if I remember correctly... Who moved to the US to become an Actor and lands himself in a Porn Movie... Heather Teaches him some Tricks and he then takes those tricks and becomes The Guru Of Sex... Sadly Heather does not get Nude, but her body is Great to look at even completely clothed... She wears bras and panties a lot in this movie...

Two Girls and a Guy (1997)
guymcgarn was written on May 23, 1999

Love scene with Robert Downey Jr.

A total let-down after all the hype. No nudity, just simulated sex. Booooorrrrrriiinnng!!

MF Luder was written on October 22, 1998

Sex Scene( Unrated version of film)

No nudity in this scene, but worth mentioning for its lewdness. Graham and Robert Downey have passionate sex in Downey's room with his other girlfriend in the other room. We see Graham simulate oral sex on Downey and later some very rough, very erotic sex between the two. The only disappointment was that Graham and the other female character didn't act on their girl-girl fantasy.

boba was written on April 26, 2001

Swapping spit

No nudity. Sadly, but the scene is dirty, so it's worth watching. Heather has no problem going all the way. Her tongue hangs out of her mouth as she and him lick each other all over. Then he goes down on her, and then he turns her around and while holding her chest, his nose is up her butt. Some spanking involved too.

thedoc was written on June 11, 2001

whole movie

Just a talky and no action movie. Wonder why there is a NC-17 version and R because there is no reason

ShadowColonel was written on June 30, 2001

Heather Graham? NC-17?? WTF????

There is no nudity in this movie. Whatsoever. If it wasn't for the simulated hummer, this could've almost been PG-13. This movie stole 2 hours of my life.

59chevy was written on July 20, 2005

whole movie

I don't know who added this and what in the hell they were thinking because there is NO nudity in this entire film! As has been mentioned a TOTAL waste of time. Awful plot and no skin. A waste of 2 hours of my life as well!

OzzyOsbourne was written on April 3, 2003


There is NO nudity in this movie. She has a graphic sex scene with Downey, especially in the "NC-17" version, but shows nothing. Great movie though.

celebsoops was written on October 14, 2013


Heather Graham using a lot of tongue as she makes out with a guy, and then she begins to go down on him. Part 1 of 2 of a very hot sex scene.

Boogie Nights (1997)
boba was written on April 30, 2001


Heather is as hot as they come. First, not a nude, but close up on her as she's about to blow a guy. She's on her knees, looking up at him, as her mouth opens. Next, we get her in a bra and panties. She's on her back, legs spread wide open, until she's flipped onto all fours, her big panty-clad ass right in our face. Oh, man. She is amazing. Next is the big nude scene. She removes her dress, and luckily, she's not wearing any underwear. We get to see her nice blonde bush right between her thick milky thighs. Her titties are huge balloons, and her nipples are pink and pretty. She skates over to him and lays on top of him. Her breasts mushing into his chest. Then she says Don't fuckin' cum in me. She's a whore, baby, yeah.

thewraith was written on May 28, 2001

sex on couch

This scene was way too short, but seeing Heather in a full-frontal scene was great, beautiful big breasts and nice natural bush. After seeing her in "License to Drive" years ago with Haim and Feldman, and she was wearing that little pink dress...I'm not a fan of hers but I'm a huge fan of her body's.

BOD was written on October 28, 1999

full frontal

that guy bilfic was right!!! Its not just the top of her pussy you see but her entire naked body. Though it only last about two seconds, it's well worth seing!

MF Luder was written on October 22, 1998

Sex Scene

I fell in love with the actress Heather Graham watching this movie. As the porn star Rollergirl, we see lots of tight clothes and bad hair. but in one scene with Mark Wahlberg, Graham shows us her delicious body. The dialogue in the scene is very lewd and when Graham's Breasts are shown, it's worth a rewind to see it all again.

The Cleric was written on January 21, 1999

Quick strip

Heather quickly undresses (except for skates) and jumps on Dirk.

Dust Bowl 68 was written on February 5, 1999

Bravo! And Check Out the DVD

I thought Boogie Nights was very overrated, but I'd highly recommend checking out Heather Graham's full frontal nude scene. For a film about 70s porn, this is surprisingly the only full nude scene in the picture (I'm discounting Mark Wahlberg). Since seeing Heather Graham in Drugstore Cowboy (1989-a great film) I've been dying for even slight exposure, so this was pure carnal nirvana for me. Gorgeous face and built like the proverbial brick house. Not to mention a smart, gifted and increasingly well-known actress (deservedly so). This is on video and HBO and has been extensively vidcapped (the DVD has an topless scene cut from the theatrical release-magnificent-it's been capped as well).

Bootydaddy was written on July 25, 2001


I love Heather! She finally delivered the goods in this flick. You get to see her beautiful breats and her nice bush when she bangs Dirk Diggler. There is also a deleted scene on the DVD where she is topless. NICE!!!!

DevilSnake was written on March 19, 2002

Rollergirl reveals all

Heather plays an adult film star who calls herself Rollergirl (because she never takes off her rollerskates, even during sex). Here she quickly takes her clothes off in one swift move, exposing her soft, jiggling, natural breasts and pussy. She's one of those girls whose breasts seem smaller than they really are while she's clothed. And isn't it always a nice surprise when they're bigger than you expected? It's a quick scene but her great body and the fun she seems to be having make it memorable. She also has another good topless shot in a scene deleted in theaters but included on video.

mickey993 was written on June 14, 2002

Oral Sex from Heather to Mark Wahlberg

This is still MY FAVORITE Heather Graham movie. Besides the obvious nude scenes, her willingness to shed her clothes at the drop of a hat is everything I ever wanted in a woman!
The scene where she gives Mark Wahlberg's character a blow job was the hottest in the movie and rated a full erection on the peter meter!
i do not own the dvd yet, but it's a definite on my wish list.

gringo69 was written on December 3, 2000

Heather Graham is the Hottest

She makes this movie tick as rollergirl...hehe. Ok so I only said that because she is so hot and she got totally nude in this movie. God bless her.

ComputerGeek was written on August 11, 2000

When she's giving Marky Mark a tryout in fron of Burt Reynolds.

Early on in the movie, Burt wants to see how Marky Mark is in action, so she asks Burt if they're gonna f_ck now, then she takes her dress off for a full frontal view, bush and all,. She's stunningly beautiful.

bilfic was written on September 24, 1999

Full frontal

One of the previous reviews said that you can see the top of Heather's pussy. Wrong; I saw this is a theater, and you can see Heather's beautiful body full frontal, including her bush in its entirety. The only problem is the scene is all too brief, just a second or two.

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on June 27, 2003

nice tits

you get a great shot of her nice tits they are nice and full and round she rips her shirt off also you get a nice bush shot

Ethan_Hunt was written on April 5, 2001

Very nice exit from her clothes and nicely put what she says to Mark Walberg

She removes all her clothing but keeps on her skates. Then she says to Mark Walberg, "Don't f*cking cum in me

jeremyw was written on August 21, 2003


she has amazing natural tits and she also shows bush in two scenes

Brokencake was written on February 5, 2000

She Could Not Be HOTTER

Alright, you see her PERFECT titties with some bush in a straight ahead shot for two seconds, but, as many people forget, we should never forget her nipples, ass, and, most importantly, her massive breasts pressing against Dirk Diggler on the couch. The site of them pressing against his shirt is SO HOT.

Alchemist was written on August 14, 2001

Roller skates, breast and 70's disco fever

As a whole i thought boogie nights didn't live up to the hype, but overall it was not a bad film and well worth watching, however the highlight had to be watching heather graham reveal her more than ample assets, especially good if you have the DVD, because although the scene is well lit, it still could have been longer, so it's nice to get the clarity when you hit slow motion.

Trent33 was written on December 9, 2000

Shows her breasts and bush

Heather Graham shows her beautiful body early in the epic about the porn industry. She strips out of her clothes and the camera pans into a medium shot waist up. Before the camera move we do get to see her beautiful bush and the whole camera move allows a view of her great breasts. In a latter scene (in the good times montage) wee see her in underwear and Dirk (Mark Walhberg) turns her ass towards the camera for a close up of panty clad ass. On the Dvd there is also a deleted scene where we are treated to another glimpse of her breasts. Both scenes only amount to maybe 15 seconds but that is enough to fuel the wet dreams of many Austin Powers fans who are converted to fans of Graham. This may also be the last time she is naked on film because her roles post-Boogie Nights have been more conservative and mainstream. Boogie Nights is one of the best films of the ninties and should be seen (nudity or no), so I heavily recomend picking up the DVD.

nudity_elitist was written on April 7, 2001


One of the greatest kinds of nude scenes occurs here when such a "cutesy" actress gets so down and dirty! All other "cute" actresses out there take a lesson from Heather and give us what we really want!!!

DarkHorse was written on June 5, 1999

Extra scene (DVD)

There is an added scene of her in the DVD version where she is stripping naked and walking around in her underwear. If you are a fan it is worth seeing.

Cyclone was written on December 3, 1999

Brief, but a full frontal

It may be only a brief look, but any full frontal nude view of Heather Graham is worth checking out if you haven't already. She's awfully cute, her tits are great, and you also get to see her pussy. 'Nuff said.

MidwestHouseWife was written on January 24, 2005

Auditioning Eddie

Without hesitation, Rollergirl (Heather Graham) pops her top, as she "auditions" young Eddie for Jack Horner. Her round, perky breasts make nice eye candy, but her boney frame, and pale, pasty skin are far less appealing.

Grizzly was written on December 31, 2000

nice and hot

The scene was great when she took off her dress and revealed these breasts. She was wearind no underwear. Top stuff

TimeLord was written on January 7, 2000

Heather Graham!

Yes, the wonderful Heather Graham goes the full monty and all is revealed! WOW! Very brief, but worth seeing Heather.

NudeyDude was written on March 1, 2002

Roller Girl shows all

Very breif before having sex with Marky Mark she takes off her blouse in one swoop and then jumps on him its great if you slow it down. Nice Bush shot! Then in the extra scenes you can see her changer her top in a scene that didnt make the flick

RichT was written on November 19, 2001

Yet another review, cos Heather is SO HOT !!!

Sorry folks, but I've just got to put my bit in (ooh, errr !), cos Heather is an absolute babe !! I only watched this film, cos I knew she showed her beautiful bush. I WAS NOT DISSAPPOINTED !!! Although the film itself was well over-rated, it is saved simply due to the great scene where Miss Graham peels her dress off to display her glorious bush. BUT, watch the widescreen version, cos you see slightly more of her super punani !!!

FarscapeCJ was written on July 17, 2005

Roller Girl

When Dirk get auditioned for the porn industry we see Heather/Roller Girl get naked and riding Dirk with her skates on. We see her entire naked body including a brief bush shot. You may have to freeze frame it but it is definately a bush shot and it is her. Thumbs UP!

Mastermind was written on November 6, 1998

Strip scene

To build off what MF Luder said, if you look quick enough, you can see the top of Heather's pussy.

celebsoops was written on October 14, 2013


Heather Graham's great body on display in a full-frontal nude scene as she takes off her dress, skates over to jump on Mark Wahlberg on a couch, her left breast and bare butt visible as she lies on top of him.

Vulpine was written on March 26, 2001

loving that roller-girl

Damn she is hot what else can you say

BushLeague was written on December 4, 2004

Kissing Burt at the night club

When she bends over, her pert little ass cheeks peek out from under her shorts.

HornyasaBull was written on June 7, 2005

Dirk Diggler's Audition

When my sister rented this movie and left home for the evening I knew I could watch it without shame. Dirk Diggler (Wahlberg) was asked to audition at the director's home. When the time came, his daughter Rollergirl (Heather) suddenly and casually lifted her outfit over her head and rolled across the living room directly into Mark-E Mark. The first time seeing her bare form was thrilling and captivating. She has a great skin-tone for baring herself on-screen, and a very attractive figure. This scene definitely made me "HornyasaBull."

Jude_Johnson was written on May 15, 2001

Still in shock

She's a babe! If she was a president, she'd be Baberaham Lincoln. She could give a dog a bone.

This scene was absolutely perfect! One of the best nude scenes I've seen in my life. I'm still in shock. And running on backup fuel.

Senator was written on July 8, 2001

... and she is usually so hot!

I don't know... this scene is long, but not particularly good... I don't know... I wasn't too turned on, and we all know who this is! I don't know why, but she looked oddly shapped and saggy, not the best use of nudity from a really hot girl... sorry I have to rate you so low, but I do have to.

Sexdemonno1 was written on August 28, 2006


Not One of you fools before has bothered to say what time this scene with the gorgeous Heather occurs at!

I want to know when it is because its on tv soon and I want to look out for it!

And does anyone know if this extra scene where she's topless is on the REGION 2 DVD as well as a deleted scene or whether its only REGION 1 ppl that get this?

Another_Reviewer was written on March 21, 2001

Nice sex scene. Full frontal nudity.

if you like Heather Graham, you will love this movie. Heather Graham gets butt naked and have sex with some dude. NICE!!!

beefcake was written on August 24, 2000

Two scenes

She gets nude in two scenes. In the first scene you get to see her boobies and her bush. In the other scene, which was cut out of the original release, you get to see her boobies again. She is talking to the mexican guy about his penis. I remember this girl from License to Drive with those two Coreys.

riddell46 was written on December 15, 2001

Roller Girls Nude Performance (Heather Graham)

Heather Graham is down right beautiful. Her nude scene with Mark Wahlberg was unbelieveable although short. What a body!

Gordon was written on February 21, 2001

Fully nude while filming a porno

Heather reveals her damn gorgeous body in this scene she's shooting for a porno. Her breasts are full and round, and her body looks rock-solid. You even get to see her bush. Very nice scene in a very good flick.

Gordon was written on February 21, 2001

Deleted scene (from DVD)

Heather strips naked while with a Hispanic male. Once again, her body is absolutely gorgeous. Don't know why this scene was deleted because her rack is great!

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