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Andrew McCarthy
abbafan2 was written on August 12, 2005

swimming pool (partial frontal)

Partial rear, but when you freeze frame, he is seen diving into the pool and you can see a sizable penis dangling. It's a quick shot, but definately Andrew.

yowza was written on August 12, 2003

Naked Schoolboy Line-Up

Andrew is one of about thirty Catholic schoolboys forced to line up in the nude, alongside an indoor pool, while a priest chews them out for being out of shape. In a distant shot, most of the boys have their hands in front of their crotches, but one kid boldly has his hands on his hips; too bad the distance makes his dick too hard to see. Close-up group shots show Andrew (and some other boys) from behind - but there's a half-wall obstrucing the lower halves of their butts. The upper half of Andrew's butt looks just fine; smooth and round. Kevin Dillon and Patrick Dempsey are in the same scene, but only from the waist up. Finally the priest blows his whistle and the boys jump in the pool; only a few of the slower kids' butts can be seen at that point, but the two closest ones look great! (The wimpy fat kid doesn't look so hot)

Stephen Geoffreys
abbafan2 was written on August 30, 2005

note on Stephen's career

Mr. Stephen Geoffrey eventually went on to star in many porno movies (gay, straight, and bi).

abbafan2 was written on August 12, 2005

swimming pool

You see cutie Stephen's buns jumping in the pool. He did a real low budget movie ("Hunk Hotel" which was video taped, not filmed) and appeared totally naked there. He looks the same, but has a really nice build (and a big dick!)

Kevin Dillon
abbafan2 was written on August 12, 2005

swimming pool

Someone put Kevin's name here even though you don't see him naked. A wall hides his butt, and he wasn't in the scene of the other cute boys jumping in the pool. He wore underpants the entire time, not wanting to do any nudity even though all the other boys were totally nude (no cod pieces or penis socks) and gave him a hard time. He is just like his brother Matt in the nudity department.

tushlover was written on April 20, 2008

The swimming pool scene

There are definitely a lot of good looking male butts in this scene, but I never could tell which actors were showing their asses because of the way the scene as directed/photographed, I could not tell who was who. The scene never revealed the face attached [no pun intended] to the individual backsides. You only saw the young men entirely from the real during the scene.

But[t] because the asses were all attractive, the scene was still worth seeing.

Patrick Dempsey
abbafan2 was written on August 12, 2005

swimming pool

You need a good eve to see Patrick, but he has a quick frontal shot as the camera first shows the boys standing by the pool. His rear end is visible when he's jumping in. (Standing in line, he's one of the few boys not covering his penis.) For a better nude scene of this handsome actor get "Some Girls".

Malcolm Danare
abbafan2 was written on August 12, 2005

swimming pool

Chubby Malcolm shows his buns jumping into the pool at school

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