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2003 Saudade - Sehnsucht 2 Reviews

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Saudade - Sehnsucht (2003)
GDH was written on October 9, 2004


The muscular and very blond Scheider provides full-frontal nudity in two scenes: first of all a quick glimpse as he crouches down in the shower, and then later in a lengthier sequence as he lays naked on the boardwalk. Part of this latter sequence is shown in the DVD's 'making of' documentary - only from a different angle which affords a better view of Scheider's balls.

donby was written on February 28, 2007

Taking outside shower & later sleeping on a dock

Hendrik is the blond guy. Shots show more of his balls than his penis. It doesn't look like he as any pubic hair, which seems unnatural to me.

Story is of some German youths supposedly making an amateur gay film in Brazil. There is gorgeous photography of parts of the country, some quite breathtaking.

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