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1992 Zweite Heimat: Leaving Home, Die 4 Reviews

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Zweite Heimat: Leaving Home, Die (1992)
GDH was written on August 8, 2005

Bum, mainly

Episode: 'Playing with Freedom'. Arnold, a slim, pretty chap, spends around five minutes lounging naked on a bed, talking to Irene Kugler. During this scene we see his raven pubic hair, the briefest flash of penis, several partial views of his delightfully perky backside - and one very good shot of it taken from above, at an angle. Delicious!

5th_element was written on June 18, 2002

Brief frontal

In one episode where he goes after an older woman, Arnold lies naked in bed. As he moves and sits back, there is a quick shot of his penis. Of course, he shows off his ass which is great too. He's a very handsome actor with a lean built.

GDH was written on August 15, 2005


Episode: 'Christmas Wolves'. There's a terrific clear and close shot of the small but perfectly-formed Arnold's bum as he drapes his naked body over the very lucky Anke Sevenich. A few minutes later in the same scene, as he's on top of Sevenich, we see, distantly, the top of his buttocks, shot from his head.

GDH was written on September 10, 2005

Mostly backside

In the final episode ('Art or Life'), Arnold features in a lengthy clothesless scene with Salome Kammer. It opens with a beautiful full-length nude shot of Arnold sprawled face-down on the floor. A few minutes later there's a very nice shot of him, again from behind, standing by a window bathed in moonlight; followed by a walk across the room to the bed (during which we get a shadowy view of his pubic hair and the base of his penis). The scene also includes some oblique shots of his bum, and some bare hip views. A fine way to end the 'Second Heimat'!

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