Hot Line's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Westwood, Beverly 1 Review
Westbrook, Wendi 1 Review
Wagner, Rachel 1 Review
Trentini, Peggy 1 Review
Throw, Lisa 1 Review
Sterling, Lesli Kay 3 Reviews
Songer, Melinda 1 Review
Shower, Kathy 2 Reviews
Reinhardt, Sandra 2 Reviews
Redden, Leslie 2 Reviews
Parent, Monique 1 Review
O'Byrne, Kehli 3 Reviews
Morsell, Victoria 1 Review
Monroe, Kimber 1 Review
Meneses, Alex 3 Reviews
McFall, Michelle 1 Review
Lawson, Cristina 1 Review
Kelly, Nicola 3 Reviews
Kaniak, Aleksandra 2 Reviews
James, Nia 1 Review
Hall, Landon 1 Review
Ford, Maria 2 Reviews
Ferguson, Sandra 5 Reviews
Featherly, Susan 1 Review
Dorian, Vanessa A. 1 Review
Cochran, Mimi 3 Reviews
Clunie, Michelle 2 Reviews
Cha, Cha 1 Review
Byers, Karen 3 Reviews
Buckner, Bari 3 Reviews
Bell, Catherine 16 Reviews
Behr, Jennifer 1 Review

Hot Line's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Sullivan, Ben 1 Review
Sapienza, Al 2 Reviews
Rendino, Sal 1 Review
Porro, Marc S. 1 Review
Poindexter, Larry 2 Reviews
Pickett, Jay 1 Review
Mullen, Martin 1 Review
Miles, G. Eric 1 Review
Maleki, Christopher 1 Review
Luetgert, Bailey 2 Reviews
Jacobs, Robert Lee 1 Review
Gardella, Johnny 1 Review
Garde, James 1 Review
Espinosa, Steven Anthony 1 Review
Cody, Kyle 1 Review
Carroll, Justin 1 Review

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Beverly Westwood
Chicago was written on September 14, 2002

1 scene in "Fountain of Youth"

At :02.5-:02.75 in this episode, Kathy Shower flashes back to the night when she surprises her husband in his office getting it on with his secretary, Beverly...breasts viewed with camera in near b&w.

Wendi Westbrook
Chicago was written on February 26, 2002

2 scenes in "Highest Bidder"

After finding out her husband is doing his secretary, Wendi too takes on a lover and at :19.75-:20, the guy undoes her bra after the shades are pulled...dark lit but there's some light streaming in enough to reveal her hand-cup sized breasts for 15 sec. Her better scene, though, comes at :22.5-:24.25 as the two again are making love...several breast close-ups (mostly of her lying on her back...being squeezed and lying still--clear views) and a shot of her on top...ass and breasts from medium distance from the upper corner of the room. 2 1/2 *'s.

Rachel Wagner
Chicago was written on September 14, 2002

1 scene in "Fountain of Youth

At :06-:07 in this episode, brunette Rachel is tossed on the bed by the guy and the two begin to have frantic/hungry sex before eventually slowing down...breasts and top ass.

Peggy Trentini
Chicago was written on September 14, 2002

1 scene in "Shutterbugs"

At :19.25-:22, Peggy joins with Monique on a photo shoot where the two get it on while posing for the camera. Peggy's large and very fake breasts are released first, Monique comes out of her frilly lingerie, and Peggy kisses Monique and her breasts...Peggy's breasts and pubes (behind Monique) as the two are seen while the two are in various positions.

Lisa Throw
b00bfan was written on March 29, 2006

Cheaters going at it

Her first scene is shown in flashed clips but you see her riding a guy very fast and hard in reverse cowgirl position. She then faces him and rides him nice and hard letting him feel her huge boobs. Her next clips is way better in quality. A guy stands behind her and she generously lets him reache his hands up her shirt to feel her large boobs. He then reveals them while he figurously squeezes them alot in many ways. Then you see them on the couch and the guy lays down and lets Lisa do the work on him in reverse. She rides him real easy and he grabs onto her juicy but while she thrusts into him. Then she turns around for him so he can have his way with her incredible chest while she pleasures him. She then finishes off by laying down on his chest while he plays with her boobs some more.(i dont think i can get enough of them either) She is very hot in this episode and she makes it one of the classics.

Lesli Kay Sterling
Powercool was written on February 18, 2000

Episode: The Gardener

This current daytime soap star has done some questionable sex scenes in her past. In this episode Lesli seduces the gardener because her hubby can't get it up. There are some good topless shots here as well as Lesli's facial expressions when she is getting the hard one.

LeroyBrown was written on August 25, 2007

Episode: The Gardiner

Chicago gave a good review, I'll just add that there are a lot of full frontal shots and good views of her pubes but they are very quick and really hard to appreciate. By the number of the pube shots 2 stars is very stingy, but the duration 3 stars is too generous. So just **1/2 rounded of to 3

Chicago was written on September 8, 2002

6 scenes in "The Gardener"

At :00.25-:01.25 in this episode, blue-eyed dark brunette Lesli is seen disrobing by the pool and lying down naked in the chair to soak up rays...breasts as she rubs suntan lotion on herself with cutaways to a guy riding a motorcycle. At :05.5, Lesli emerges naked for 5 sec. from the pool at night...little seen given the bad lighting, however. At :10.25-:11.5, there's a fantasy sex scene between Lesli and the gardener...clear shots of her breasts, mostly from a medium distance (some close-ups), which are more sensual given very quick cuts. Decent shots of her on top with hanging breasts, some ass and pubes in the shadows...but you'll need to use frame-by-frame to see much. At :13.75-:15.25, after she comes up out of the pool at night (breasts), Lesli has a dizzying montage having sex with a guy...breasts and ass. At :16.75-:17.75, she and the guy have sex...breasts and some pubes. At :23.75-:24.75, they go at it again, slower finally...nice breasts and pubes close-up as well as her ass.

Melinda Songer
Chicago was written on August 24, 2002

4 scenes in "Sexual Chemistry"

Cross Charlize Theron's chest with Virginia Madsen's face and you've got what Melinda sort of looks like. At :00-:03.25, blonde Melinda opens this episode with her being sexed already in progress as she's naked under her beau...little breasts with light brown areola. After he cums, they slowly kiss, he rolls off and they're seen lying on their backs with a camera shot from the ceiling before she wraps a sheet around her and gets up from the bed. At :11.25-:15, there's a longer scene with the two of them exploring each other in 4 different scenes; the one with nudity is as they're in the kitchen and she's on her back on a tiled table as he slides ice up her body past her nipples, drizzles honey on her, then starts to shoot whipped cream on her...breasts (and ass from a medium distance as she's dancing), but the views are shorter than the time indicates. At :18.25, the guy comes home to her in a see-through S&M outfit with her areola viewable for 5 sec. Later, at :22.25-:25 after teasing him, she's seen naked on top of him...breasts and ass grinding him as he wears a blindfold; pretty hot with good drum/bass music, thrusts and a great orgasm by her. She's pretty cute and worth the watch.

Kathy Shower
Chazz was written on September 14, 2002

On the Beach in "Fountain of Youth"

I'm gonna have to agree with Chicago about this one. Kathy Shower is a former Playmate who--like "Hotline"'s then-host, Shannon Tweed--is a former Playmate who looks just as great, if not better, in her 40s than when she was a centrefold. However, in this episode, which just builds up to her and the young guy getting it on, all we get is a poorly-lit silohuette of a knock-out bod that could have been A LOT better.

Chicago was written on September 12, 2002

1 scene in "Fountain of Youth"

At :23-:24.75 in this episode, Kathy Shower gets it on with the young son of her husband's friend on the beach at night after he puts his passed-out girlfriend to bed. As Kathy's clothes come off, only the outline of her breasts and erect nips are seen before the lighting gets better a minute in--breasts and ass viewable in decent lighting. Unfortunately here the good views of her hot bod is reduced to just 30 sec. before the lighting turns bad again and the two embrace and roll on the beach and in the water.

Sandra Reinhardt
Chicago was written on February 26, 2002

3 scenes in "Voyeur"

At :08.75-:09.25 in "Voyeur", Sandra Reinhardt (aka Sandra Ferguson) is having sex with her hubby on the floor...ass, then her firm, hand-cup sized breasts as she is lying on her back from a medium distance for 35 sec. At :19.25, her breasts are viewable for 5 sec. through a rain-drenched white see-through nighty/dress as she goes across the way to the guy she secretly watches. At :25-:26.25, Sandra's husband watches her get it on with the same guy as he watches from across the way; bra comes off as the guy squeezes, then licks her breasts, and they have sex standing in the open window. The viewable nudity isn't the full time but she's got a nice chest on her.

Ghostwords was written on September 7, 2005

Audience appreciation

How the heck Ed Wasser can watch his extremely hot wife getting her pressure points seen to by the neighbourhood masseur without recognising her immediately is beyond me, given that her only disguise is a wig and sunglasses (indeed, that's all she's wearing).

On the other hand, maybe he does and that's the point: he certainly seems to value her more when she gets back later. If so, it's one of the few examples of tv erotica using that staple of porn fiction, "I get off on seeing my woman with other men". Yeah, right; if you were hitched to this girl, you'd nail the door shut from the inside.

Leslie Redden
Chazz was written on October 14, 2002


This has got to be the single worst episode of skin series ever made. First of all there's the fact of how the characters are idiotic, unlikable and poorly-written (especially the guy), but I felt physically ill watching the "actors" trying to pull them off. I realise this isn't exactly Shakespeare, but this is bad even for "skin-flick" standards. (I won't go into the fact that they're both stereotypical "bougie negroes"--and, yes, I am Black.) Secondly, there's the sex scenes themselves which are so unarousing that you should only watch them if you DON'T want to get turned on. The lighting ranges from ridiculously bright to "filming under water" bad. The next time this show comes on I sure hope it's the Kathy Shower episode, because this one sucked hard!

Chicago was written on August 3, 2002

5 scenes in "E-Mail"

At :01.5-:02.25 in this episode, light black-skinned Leslie is sexing a guy in a fantasy shot...breasts with small nickle-sized areola. At :05.25-:06.25 in another fantasy scene, her breasts and ass are visible as she strips out of a gypsy outfit while dancing for the guy. At :10.5-:12.5, more shots of her breasts with pointy nips and her ass as there are cutaways to her and the guy having foreplay while they are typing e-mails to each other. At :16-:16.75 similar shots of the two of them with breast views only. After 4 relatively similar scenes, Leslie and the guy finally meet each other and feverishly have sex in an old elevator...breasts with some nice jiggles as she claws at him with her wrapped legs around his butt. While the views in the first 4 scenes are better, the last one has better steam.

Monique Parent
Chicago was written on September 14, 2002

2 scenes in "Shutterbugs"

Monique goes with short, platinum blonde hair in this episode. At :14.5-:15.75, she doffs her funky, slutty outfit during a photo shoot, and continues posing/rolling around on the bed giving good views of her breasts, top pubes, and ass. At :20-:22, she plays the softer side to Peggy Trentini as the two join in a f/f posing/sex photo shoot. Monique comes out of her frilly lingerie--breasts as the two kiss, ass as Peggy kisses Monique's breasts, and pubes--as the two are seen in various positions.

Kehli O'Byrne
Chicago was written on September 14, 2002

4 scenes in "Double Exposure"

At :07.5 while a PI is outside the window snapping pictures, Kehli's breasts are briefly seen for 2 sec. before leading the guy she's with around the corner. At :08.5-:09.75, she's naked with a guy on the floor...hand-cup sized breasts and top ass briefly amidst jerky camera shots. At :17.75-:20.25, the PI has sex with Kehli...better breast shots (with slightly puffy brown areola) and side ass while she's on top, then he's on top, though the sex is not exciting. At :23.75-:26, the two again have sex in the PI's office...breasts as her bra comes off and she lies back on the table.

Powercool was written on February 17, 2000

Multiple Sex Scenes

This hot little number does it all in this 30 minute segment of the Hot Line series. She has sex on her living room couch. She goes for the ride and gets pumped in the missionary position.There are plenty of instances in the sequence where her breasts are squeezed and kissed. She also has sex with the same guy on his office desk but the scene is not as good as the first one. Even though she is fully nude you never get any shots of her bush.

Chazz was written on October 13, 2002

"Double Exposure"

These scenes would get a four if they weren't so short or from so many bad angles. Particularly the one that takes place from the eye of the camera of the private eye who's spying on them. Nevertheless, the incredible bod of a bonafide hottie makes it a worthwhile episode.

Victoria Morsell
Chicago was written on August 21, 2002

3 scenes in "Sleepless Nights"

In this episode, Victoria plays the female who can't sleep at night when the other couple is going at it all night. At :01.5-:03, Victoria is undressing in front of the mirror; she unhooks her bra from the front revealing her better-than-hand-cup-sized, somewhat droopy breasts with light pink areola and little/no nipples. There are some close-ups of her breasts as she feels her body, then 'normal' views of her reflected in the mirror as she masturbates below the mirror. At :19.75-:22.75, she's laid back on the floor after her and the guy's clothes are removed; because of her droopy/free breasts, they actually lay to the sides! He simu-orals her, grabbing her pillowing twins before she's seen seated, grinding on him on the couch...ass. At :25.75-:26.5, she is at a hotel having sex with the guy again...she's seated facing him with some ass and breasts seen.

Kimber Monroe
Chicago was written on April 10, 2003

1 scene in "Mistaken Identity"

In this episode, Kimber Sissions (aka Monroe) enters the house and goes up to her boyfriend's room where she doffs her red dress and red underwear revealing her large fake breasts with smooth areola (no nips) at :16:55-:18:50. As she turns from the camera to her boyfriend, he comes off the edge of the bed to meet her. She then sexes him on the bed from on top...decent views of her breasts and ass with minimal views of her normally distracting jaw and overbite/capped teeth.

Alex Meneses
Know-it-all was written on February 10, 2001

Sexy but a bit freak-ayy too.

Episode title: "Payback". Alex is a really beautiful and sexy actress who should be a bigger star. In this episode, she and Larry Poindexter play the ol' "Prisoner-and-corrections-officer" game. We get some good Psychological interplay between the two of them, We also get Alex's fabulous, medium sized breasts (which have a beautiful slope on them, umm-umm.) in extended scenes, and eventually a peek at her oh-so black and lovely bush. Very, very good stuff.

Chicago was written on July 18, 2002

1 scene cut into 2 in "Payback"

Know-it-all does a good job of highlighting Alex's nudity in this episode. After holding the guy at gunpoint and forcing him to take a shower, she undresses to her underwear; the guy then takes off her bra, kisses her breasts then surprising her by handcuffing her...breast close-up at :19.75-:20.25. The scene continues without viewable nudity until :22.5 when the two move to the bed...breasts then thick ass and hairy pubes as Alex's panties are gone at :25.5 and they take turns being on top until it concludes at :25.75.

hitch22 was written on May 2, 2005

The sex scene she has...

Wow! Simply amazing. She is smoking hot in this movie. She has just a great sex scene. She shows plenty of her very nice breasts while on her back for a minute. Then she rides a guy while it shows her bush before finally switching to her back again.

Michelle McFall
Chicago was written on September 25, 2002

1 headboard bangin' scene in "The Sitter"

At :01.5-:03.5 in this episode, Michelle plays a guy's girlfriend who's getting it on with him in the room next to the main guy who's trying to study...large, somewhat loose breasts and ass as she slams the headboard into the wall. 2 1/2 *'s.

Cristina Lawson
Chicago was written on February 26, 2002

2 brief scenes in "Highest Bidder"

Both of Cristina's scenes depict her horny boss getting it on with her in "Highest Bidder." At :06.5, there's a 5 sec. view of her left breast as the guy pulls down her bra revealing this Japanese-American's hand-cup sized breasts. At :13-:13.5, he's hungrily doing her on his desk and he undoes her bra and aggressively kisses her right breast as he thrusts away...a better, longer view.

Nicola Kelly
Chazz was written on October 13, 2002

"Hung Jury"

Kinda makes me wish I hadn't thrown away my jury-duty letters. The incredibly hot jury fore(wo)man repeatedly bangs a male juror throughout the episode. Almost like a sexy version of "12 Angry Men".

Chicago was written on July 16, 2002

4 scenes in "Hung Jury"

A relatively uneventful showing by Nicola in this episode. Nicola plays a jury member who turns on a male jury member as they deliberate. Nicola's body is kissed up and down by the guy, and at :03-:04 her pink bra comes off revealing her small breasts with largish but well-proportioned areola as the two have standing-sex in a changing room. At :10-:11, the guy imagines Nicola stripping and the two of them having sex on the table in the jury's meeting room...breasts as she removes her black silk bra and ass in thong. At :12-:12.75, more breast shots as she takes off her bra. At :21.5-:24.75, the two eventually have sex in the hotel room one night...her on top then underneath, then the two standing in the shower. Breasts and some ass shots but the views are not that great and overall it's pretty weak. 2 1/2 *'s for the nudity.

Serna was written on August 27, 2002


In this episode called Hung Jury Nicola is guilty of being very cute with a great arse, which she shows off along with two nice tits that get a good kissing. But sadly the director is even more guilty of the usual erotic television offence of being given a gorgeous actress willing to strip and bounce about AND STILL being unable to make anything like a really erotic programme. Do the people making these programmes deliberately set out to make sex seem BORING?

Aleksandra Kaniak
abbie was written on December 8, 2005

hotel room

shows her wonderful breasts and body while engaging with another woman while her boss watches.

Chicago was written on October 21, 2002

2 scenes in "Hannah's Surprise"

At :10.25-:12.25 in this episode, wide-eyed 'Hannah' watches Aleksandra slowly get undressed from her sexy underwear, caress/touch herself and then slip into the bath...natural, pillowy, slightly sagging large breasts with pink areola and ass in and out of thong (partial vulva from behind) as she moves to get in the tub. At :17.25-:22.25, Alek and Jennifer Behr have a f/f in the bed while Jennifer's hubby is in the bathroom...breasts on both and Alek's ass are seen. Alek slides ice on Jen's chest and the two touch, exchange body kisses and a few dry kisses as Jen's body's higlighted before Alek's body is caressed by Jen from behind; before the hubby enters, the two rap up with some more caressing and kissing. The nudity is pretty decent but the eroticism factor here is somewhat lower.

Nia James
Chicago was written on April 10, 2003

2 scenes in "Mistaken Identity"

After playing tennis, at :04-:06:10 in this episode, the scene cuts to Nia topless falling onto bed before sliding off her panties as the guy watches from the foot of the bed...hand-cup breasts with dark areola and (her best feature) largish/erect nipples. He does her from on top then from behind on their knees (good close-ups of nipples) before she sexes him from on top. At :23:57-:25:25, Nia's red lingerie is pulled down with a close-up of her long nips as her top hangs and flicks off her right one before dropping off...several close-ups of her in this dimly lit slow-motion scene before the guy's girlfriend, Kimber Monroe enters and catches him.

Landon Hall
Chicago was written on September 14, 2002

2 scenes in "Shutterbugs"

At :03-:04.25 in this episode, Landon's boyfriend gets her on the kitchen table and begins to take off her clothes...breasts before the two are interrupted by a phone call (ass in thong as she hops off table). At :25-:25.75, Landon is with her camera-happy boyfriend as the two have sex in various positions in a short time period...breasts and top ass. While Landon's not high on my list to see, she is Gabriella Hall's sister, so you've got to give that a nod.

Maria Ford
Chicago was written on November 9, 2002

3 scenes in "Visions of Love"

At :03-:04 in this episode, Maria, playing a blind woman readying for a sponge bath, takes off her bra by the sink in the bedroom while the plummer watches from the bathroom...pre-op torpedo-like breasts with large areola seen as she sponges herself before putting on a shirt. At :14.75-:16.25, Maria's again sponging herself while topless in dim lighting...she drops her washcloth, feels her breasts as the camera pulls back, then sticks her hand up her skirt and down her panties to softly masturbate until she cums. At :20.75-:22.5, the guy is making love to her on her back, from behind on their sides and seated facing...relatively poor views until she leans back while she's on top of him. Toward the end of the scene, her ass is viewable as the two quickly get dressed after her friends come knocking on the door. Nice to see what she looked like before the implants.

soulman was written on November 9, 2002

2 Scenes.

I didn't even realize it was Ford until about halfway through the episode. This was filmed before her implants and her nasty girl persona. And although she looks thinner and paler than in later years she's still pretty sexy. You see her nice, pointy tits first when she's washing herself and is being watched by a guy and again during a sex scene with the same lucky guy along with a shot of her ass. seeing her playing a sweet, blind girl is a nice change of pace from the all-out sexy roles she later played.

Sandra Ferguson
Chazz was written on October 13, 2002


I don't know about anyone else, but my favourite sex-episodes in this type of series involves the sexually-frustrated wife who bangs another guy when her husband won't. This is such an episode. It takes a while, but the wife finally gets it on with her neighbour, the superintendent, late in the episode. She has a fantastic body, but the scene is too short and the disguise just gets in the way. All in all, not bad.

Chicago was written on August 26, 2002

3 scenes in "Voyeur"

At :08.75-:09.25 in "Voyeur", Sandra Reinhardt (aka Sandra Ferguson) is having sex with her hubby on the floor...ass, then her firm, hand-cup sized breasts as she is lying on her back from a medium distance for 35 sec. At :19.25, her breasts are viewable for 5 sec. through a rain-drenched white see-through nighty/dress as she goes across the way to the guy she secretly watches. At :25-:26.25, Sandra's husband watches her get it on with the same guy as he watches from across the way; bra comes off as the guy squeezes, then licks her breasts, and they have sex standing in the open window. The viewable nudity isn't the full time but she's got a nice chest on her.

mth was written on August 15, 1999


you get to see the AW star completely naked in one scene and in another one she is topless making out..Poor video quality through...she is beautiful!

Know-it-all was written on February 25, 2002

Frustrated wife = entertainment!

Sandra Reinhart was, as noted earlier, on "Another World" for several years, playing Rachel's daughter, Amanda (or "Mandy", which was her sweet nickname). She's a gorgeous blonde w/ a sexy overbite. In the "Hotline" episode "Voyeur", she has three nude scenes and a good see-through. First, at 9 minutes in, she and her husband are having sex on their living room floor. They're both nude, and he's on top. We get a solid look at both breasts, (the lights are a bit dim), and when she hops up, I think there is a quick flash of bush, if you are creative w/ the pause button. She stomps upstairs, and spots the neighbor across the way getting busy with a girl. She has a sheet draped around her, and as the action begins to get heavy in the other apartment, her left hand disappears under the sheet and her arm starts gently moving back and forth. She starts getting really sweaty, and the sheet dips, exposing her left breast. She has smallish ones, but the nipple is very nice. We get two quick but clear looks at it. All this takes place at the 11 minute mark. At the 20 minute mark, she runs down the courtyard of her building, in the rain, wearing a filmy nightgown. Obviously, when she runs into the hunky and mysterious guy, her nipples are blazing in all their colorful glory and ripe pointyness through the thin fabric. Very nice. Finally, at the 26 minute mark, she and the guy have sex, in the same room, (she's disguised with a wig), while her husband watches and engages in some autoeroticism of his own. We see her breasts quickly but clearly in this scene also. Better than her (still good) scenes in "Illegal in Blue" in my opinion. Plus, she's so beautiful, such an absolute doll, that this is a must-see.

Bootydaddy was written on May 25, 2003

She is smokin

but the nudity from her is ok....I dont recall and ass shot or a good bush shot, some decent tit shots but thats it, she is freakin hot though and I would love to see more of her.

Susan Featherly
Chicago was written on August 20, 2002

4 wild sex scenes in "Sleepless Nights"

She screams, flails and bangs guy around...breasts fly everywhere.... At :07.5-:08.75, Susan is going nuts in bed as her boyfriend simu-orals her...her natural breasts flop around as she rolls on bed yelling "Danny!" At :10.5-:11.5 she's on top of the guy thrusting and screaming--views of her breasts, however, are less than the time indicates with shots being 5 sec. at a time with cutaways. At :12.5, Susan bends over looking in the fridge as her shirt slides up, revealing her ass in the other guy's face for 10 sec. At :15.5-:16.75 the following night, she's again on top of the guy, banging his head on the mattress with her breasts going crazy. If you like to see breasts flail to the extreme, this is your episode.

Vanessa A. Dorian
Chicago was written on September 25, 2002

3 scenes in "The Sitter"

Vanessa is the very attractive, curvy, dark brunette love interest in this episode. At :10.25-:12.25 after asking the guy to close his eyes in the bathroom, she gets out of her black silk nightie to take a shower (and she leaves her thong bottoms ON until she gets in the shower??)...plenty of great close-ups of her inviting large breasts and ass as she's showering before exiting and somewhat wrapping in a towel in front of him. At :17.75-:19.25, Vanessa is waiting in the doorway for the guy wearing a white nightie; she tells him to close his eyes, takes down her top and takes his hand to touch her face and chest before he stops because he's afraid of her father. At :21.75-:23.25, the guy catches her in the hallway and finally goes the distance...taking off her shirt revealing her full breasts and kissing down her chest. The scene then cuts to her walking in the room (seen from outside the window) and straddling and mounting him on the couch...breasts and ass as she then slowly thrusts him with some nice bends backward over his knees.

Mimi Cochran
Chazz was written on October 13, 2002

"Brunch Club"

She starts off the episode by fantasizing about the grocery boy. The scene is a weird blue and they don't do anything but fondle. At the end of the episode she has sex with her husband while thinking of the grocery guy again. She should have just done the grocery guy in a better scene. She has a great body, but two very bad sex scenes. And I hate to repeat myself, but why is that crusty old broad in the damn episode other than to make the male members of the viewing audience lose their erections?

WLoomis was written on May 7, 2002

Lose the panties!

Mimi is a suburban housewife in the Brunch Club episode. She imagines sex with the delivery boy. This scene (which is repeated at the end of the show) is truly bad, cause he keeps flinging her around over and over like he's going to murder her, not screw her. She also lifts her arms too many times and shows her ribs, which isn't sexy. Breast shots here, with panties. Next she gets naked and ready for her bath (again with the panties on). Finally at the end, she surprises her husband as she wears nothing but those damn black panties again. She's alright, average breasts (the nipples get puffy when she rubs them at the end) no one you would kill yourself to sleep with.

Chicago was written on June 24, 2002

5 scenes in “Brunch Club”

At :01.5-:02.25 in this episode, Mimi has some quick flash fantasy shots of doing the grocery delivery dude…breasts in blue lighting. At :03-:04, more but longer fantasy shots and her breasts with hard nips as her arms are overhead and ass in thong can be better appreciated but again in blue light. At :04.75-:06.25, Mimi goes to draw a bath by herself; as she undresses (breasts), while she’s attractive you can see better how almost unattractively thin she is. Her hubby comes home, takes off her robe and feels her breasts from behind; the scene jumps to the two of them in a bubble bath talking…breasts above suds. At :23.25, Mimi is topless putting on lotion…25 total sec. with clear but brief breast shots. At :24.25-:26.5, Mimi goes sensual for her husband, he tosses her to the bed, breasts viewable while she’s on her back and he goes to simu-oral her, then side ass as she’s wrapped up front. Overall, the sex is sensual and slow but only ‘ok.’

Michelle Clunie
Chicago was written on November 16, 2002

4 scenes in "The Homecoming"

The views of the main woman here are brief (except the last one) and often dimly lit or obstructed in this episode. At :00.5-:00.75, Michelle is seen having sex with a guy during the opening credits...breasts while on her back and ass while seated facing him. At :07.25-:07.5 and :08.5 (2 sec.), Michelle is in the bathtub reading a letter, breasts below the bubbles with her nipples made out below the suds. At :24.5-:26 in a lengthier play of the first scene and her best here, Michelle is laid back on a desk...hand-cup breasts with darkish, slightly puffy areola in dim lighting. The view cuts to her seated on him in a chair (mostly ass). A lot of embraces as they are hungry for each other, but the views are less satisfying due to the lighting and obstructions.

WLoomis was written on February 19, 2002

Homecoming Episode

Michelle is the butchy lesbian on Queer As Folk now. Here (1994), she's more feminine, curlier hair, and less unique. Nipples protruding from suds when she's in the bathtub, and two or three shots of her natural, perfect breasts. Only one of her butt, and that's blocked.

Cha Cha
Chicago was written on November 16, 2002

1 stripper scene in "The Homecoming"

At :19.5-:20.5 in this episode, large-breasted stripper "Cha Cha" is topless in a circle of beer drinkin' guys in a bar; she takes turns sitting in different guys' laps and grinding while they hoot and holler, and then sits in one guy's lap and smacks him in the face with her her fake ta-ta's...breasts and ass in a thong seen.

Karen Byers
Chazz was written on October 13, 2002

"Brunch Club"--lesbian flashback

This has got to be the single most un-arousing lesbian scene ever filmed. And what the hell is the point of the old lady in the episode ?

WLoomis was written on May 7, 2002


In the brunch club episode, she flashes back to a lesbian encounter. Her bra goes off, and then I got completely confused, because her and the other girl start spinning around and around. They had the same color hair and type of hair, and I couldn't tell them apart.

Chicago was written on June 24, 2002

1 horribly lit f/f scene in “Brunch Club”

At :20.75-:21.75, Karen has a fantasy scene with a woman while dancing in the dark with her; both have breast shots as they dance. Horrible lighting and shadows make this a horrible scene for nudity viewing.

Bari Buckner
WLoomis was written on May 14, 2002

Babymaking episode

Bari and her husband are trying to have a baby, but keep being interrupted. Five or six tit shots (not bad hangage, but nothing to remember), and a few butt shots. When her and her husband are naked, locked out of the house, she covers her snatch with a wicker bowl while running. If you look close enough, you might be able to see some pussy hair underneath the basket.

Chicago was written on September 14, 2002

4 scenes in "Where Were We?"

Bari's naked nearly this entire episode, giving plenty of breast views, as she and her hubby are trying to get her pregnant. At :02-:02.5 when Bari and her hubby wake up in the morning, he pulls up her night shirt revealing her natural twins...before he can get started, she sticks a thermometer in her mouth, leaves the bed and walks around the house (breasts poking through and jiggling in her near see-through outfit). At :06-5-:11.75, she and her hubby prep to have sex, but they're continually interrupted by phone calls...nice breast views with erect nipples and some good jiggles when adjusting pillows, and some ass. At :13.25-:14.75, Bari goes into the back yard, drops her robe (breasts, ass) teasing her hubby which sends him rushing after her; before they can get it going on the lawn chair, they're interrupted by the leaf blower and the two run around behind trees covering themselves. At :23.5-:25.5, the two finally get the timing right, having sex on the living room floor later that night...breasts as he kisses them, he's on top then she's on top (nice hanging breasts and ass shots here).

Chazz was written on September 14, 2002

Not bad

The whole episode is one big tease with the two of them having to suddenly stop every time they get hot, but she is a smokin' hottie. Their sex scene is so-so.

Catherine Bell
skynyrd1 was written on April 11, 2001

sex on a chair

Catherine is such a very well built woman!! The scene is pretty sexy, you get to see one of her breast's and her butt. She is ridin' a much smaller man on a chair. What a babe this woman is.

Chazz was written on October 13, 2002

"Brunch Club"--office scene

Not bad, coulda been better. I've never watched "JAG", but something tells me I should start. As far as the episode as a whole: there's nothing wrong with a bunch of hot chicks getting together to talk about sex....but WHAT-THE-HELL was the old broad doin' there? She just put morality and downers into a show about sexual fantasy.

Serna was written on August 23, 2002

Arse lovers

It's worth pointing out that although this is not a great sex scene she is astride this guy on the chair and her arse looks AMAZING. Really sexy, curved back..Mmm

xuxu was written on June 27, 2008

Naked sex

Catherine is seen getting screwed up against a wall and you get a nice look at her firm titties. She is then riding a guy in a chair with more tit shots and a good shot of her round smooth ass being groped by the dude giving it to her.

Dionysus was written on July 9, 1999

Sex Scene

Catherine has sex at the office with a man much shorter than herself. A frontal shot of her up against a door showing her breasts and then a nude shot of her sitting on top of the guy on a chair in the middle of the room. That shot is from the side rear so you get to see her breast and butt. This Showtime cable network viginette is available on video under the Hot Line 3 title. If you like this lady then I recommend you see this it.

damn_crazy_bastard was written on October 25, 2001

Against a wall and sex on a chair

And the scene where the guy works his hand up her skirt while she's on the phone is pretty good too, despite the fact she's still dressed. In the first shot, Catherine is standing against a wall while her lover undresses her. This gives us a wonderful shot of her incredible breasts. From there, they make love. She rides him while he sits in a chair. This gives us more boobs and a nice shot or two of her wonderful ass.

NuderyDude was written on July 12, 2005

Breast Shot and Sex Scene

Sexy Catherine shows her lovely breasts as she gets fondled and gets nude to straddle the guy as he sits in a chair. The sex is seen from behind but is otherwise quite excellent as her smooth behind rocks back and forth.

nudeceleb was written on September 8, 1999

Sex Scene

Catherine is having sex with what looks like a midget, he undresses her while leaning on the door and theybegin having sex on the office chair. The sex sceneis fairly dark, but you can clearly see her breaston at least 3 occasions

Gordon was written on January 31, 2000

Riding a guy on a chair

Catherine is an attractive lady, and you get to see her ride a guy in nothing but her stockings. It's kind of dark, but you still get a decent look at her tight butt and shapely legs, as well as one lovely breast.

Chicago was written on June 24, 2002

1 scene

Catherine recounts a fantasy to the other gals at the ‘Brunch Club’ where she’s imagining herself working late when a co-worker walks into her dark office. There are some fair shots of her average breasts as the nudity first starts while she’s against a wall topless with the camera panning up, and then some ass shots as she’s seated facing doing him in a rickety chair, but the overall quality gets only 2*.

texrednk was written on March 18, 2002

against the wall with her shirt off

could be better shot

icecube was written on June 25, 2000

Riding a guy on a chair

Catherine is an attractive lady, and you get to see her ride a guy in nothing but her stockings. It's kind of dark, but you still get a decent look at her tight butt and shapely legs, as well as one lovely breast.

jeank was written on March 4, 2006

good sex scene

catherine is beautiful in this scene

WLoomis was written on May 7, 2002

Great for a JAG-off session

I'm happy for Catherine's success, but she would have been such a great porn actress. She has true pizzazz and fire; the camera loves her. Few men wouldn't envy the man who fondles her breasts. They are perfect, whether or not they're natural. She could probably sell out Madison Square Garden just by appearing topless. By the way, if you have Cinemax and want to look out for this episode, it's named THE BRUNCH CLUB.

gramps001 was written on January 9, 2002

against the wall with here shirt off

her feet up on the desk when he slides his hand up her skirt then up against the wall with her shirt off

atlantabraves was written on August 9, 2003

up against the wall

I love her. she is a very sexy woman. I would like to see her in more things. she has a beautiful body with no clothes on. please send me a copy of the movie to my email.

Jennifer Behr
Chicago was written on October 21, 2002

3 scenes in "Hannah's Surprise"

At :03-:04.25 in this episode, Jennifer's breasts are exposed when her white lingerie top is taken down, revealing her quarter-sized areola as she and her hubby talk. At :07.25-:08.5, the two have sex...the scene is shot from the ceiling as he's on her breasts as they're talking...not great views of her. At :17.25-:22.25, Jennifer and Aleksandra Kaniak have a f/f in the bed while Jennifer's hubby is in the bathroom...breasts on both and Alek's ass are seen. Alek slides ice on Jen's chest and the two touch, exchange body kisses and a few dry kisses as Jen's body's higlighted before Alek's body is caressed by Jen from behind; before the hubby enters, the two rap up with some more caressing and kissing. The nudity is pretty decent but the eroticism factor here is somewhat lower.

Ben Sullivan
GDH was written on October 5, 2002


Episode: 'The Sitter'. Blond college boy gives us a good view of his backside as he bends over his lover during a sex scene.

Al Sapienza
GDH was written on July 4, 2000

Backside in sex scenes

Episode: 'Double Exposure' and a double exposure it is, as Sapienza (who bears a faint resemblance to Kevin Costner) features in two sex scenes with Kehli O'Byrne - first on a sofa, then on a desk. Although they mainly concentrate on O'Byrne, both scenes feature shots of Sapienza's bum, which is a little on the hairy side.

Ozzie700 was written on September 13, 2002

Private Eye's Parts: Episode: Double Exposure

I don't see a resemblance to Kevin Costner, but Al is that rare combination of actors - sexy, talented, and hairy. And he certainly looks nice in suspenders. His first sex scene takes place on a couch and most of his meaty cheeks are blocked by the woman's leg. The second sex scene, near the end of the episode, gives a few unobstructed glimpses. He lifts the drab script quite a bit, and I wish he'd done a few more of these skin movies.

Sal Rendino
GDH was written on March 9, 2000

Frequent shots of gorgeous backside

Episode: Hung Jury. Handsome chap favours us with several very good views (from the side, from above, and 'facing' the camera) of his gorgeous smooth backside during two sex scenes with Nicola Kelly - in a closet, on bed and in the shower.

Marc S. Porro
Ozzie700 was written on May 9, 2002

Buns; Episode: Where Were We?

Lightly muscled brunette, who isn't afraid to have chest hair. When he and his wife are locked out of the house while naked, and running from the gardener, his firm, round buttocks can be seen in motion for a moment or so. Near the end of the episode, he's having sex with his wife, and there's 1 or 2 decent angles of his rear.

Larry Poindexter
Derek was written on November 24, 1998

Shoer, love scene

Great scene where a woman has broken into his apartment, holds him at gunpoint, and forces him to strip and shower in front of her. Later they have sex. Many nice shots of his supple ass. Great context of woman in control and embarassment.

Ozzie700 was written on December 20, 2002

Episode: Payback

Derek is right on. Larry looks his best here (perfect ass, broad shoulders and hairy chest) and his embarrassment and sex scenes are truly erotic. When the woman is riding him, you can see his low-hangers under her. A pleasant surprise.

Jay Pickett
Ozzie700 was written on April 6, 2002

Muscled Buns of Soapy Hunk

Jay, who has been an underrated slab of beefcake on ABC's "Port Charles" for nearly 5 years, appeared with other past and present soap stars (Lesli Kay and Gordon Thomson) in this 1994 episode. He's the gardener, and has several trysts with Lesli. The first is blacked out below the waist, and has that horrible fast-cut editing which makes the sex too frenetic. The second, in a greenhouse, has the same horrible choppiness, but no darkness this time. If you use slo-mo you can see a full close shots of his muscled cheeks. Finally, they have sex on his bed, and this time the pace is much slower. There are some great side shots of his meaty buttocks. All these years I've been drawn to his broad, sweaty torso, and now I finally know what some of the lower half looks like.

Martin Mullen
GDH was written on March 5, 2000

Brief backside

Episode: Mistaken Identity. Boyish-faced, muscular chap features in a love scene with Nia James. With the camera facing him, he lowers his shorts - James' leg blocks the view, but there's a hint of pubic hair. Then we see his bum as he lays on top of James. Very attractive young man (and he's got an identical twin brother!!!).

G. Eric Miles
Ozzie700 was written on September 18, 2002

Partial Rear; Episode: E-Mail

Dark-skinned, very muscular Eric shows 2 partial views of what seems to be a cute behind. First in a fantasy, and later in an elevator screwing. The first is ruined by blocking, and in the second, this is only a glimpse as his boxers are half-lowered. I must say that the elevator sequence has no chemistry or passion, and that I've seen hotter rutting in a barnyard.

Christopher Maleki
Ozzie700 was written on April 6, 2002

"Shutterbugs" Episode; His End at the End

You have to sit through tons of the same old female nudity and girl-on-girl sessions to see the backside of this curly-tressed hunk (he was born for romance novel covers). In the final scenes, his hard, muscled mounds are glimpsed, after a tease in early scenes where he's in tightie whities.

Bailey Luetgert
Ozzie700 was written on May 17, 2002

Kitchen Slam

GDH explains everything well. Bailey has a nice ass, which we see, but not for a long enough time. After changing his surname to Chase, he went on to have a recurring role on "Buffy". Hotline has had more than one famous alumni.

GDH was written on March 15, 2000

Backside in the blue

Episode: The Brunch Club. Big blond chap appears in a dream sequence, servicing a bored housewife. We see his narrow bum three times - very quick shots, but well worth using the freeze frame function for! Interestingly, Bailey appears to have a scrap of cloth glued over his crotch!

Robert Lee Jacobs
GDH was written on October 12, 2002


Episode: "Hannah's Surprise". Good, lengthy look at slim chap's backside as he shags his wife.

Johnny Gardella
GDH was written on October 5, 2002


Episode: 'Sexual Chemistry'. Gardella, whose body is slightly going to seed, provides a side view of his bum a few times during a sex scene.

James Garde
GDH was written on July 3, 2000

Bum during sex scene

Episode: 'Highest Bidder'. Handsome, lithe, tanned blond features in a well-lit sex scene with Wendi Westbrook. There's a couple of shots of his bare hips, then a very nice one of his delightfully dimpled buttocks. Definitely a backside that should grace our screens more often!

Steven Anthony Espinosa
GDH was written on October 5, 2002


Episode: 'The Sitter'. In a good example of 'casual' nudity, Espinosa shows his on-the-large-side bum while standing in front of the mirror shaving.

Kyle Cody
GDH was written on July 2, 2000

Bum during sex scene

We get a brief, shadowy view of this beefy young chap's bum as he enjoys a spot of nude bed-wrestling with Rachel Wagner. It would have been a better view but, as ever, the woman's leg gets in the way.

Justin Carroll
Ozzie700 was written on February 27, 2002

Brief Rear; Episode: Voyeur

A younger, 1994 Justin is the super/next-door-neighbor Sandra Ferguson spies on. Near the end of the show, they're having sex and she pulls his boxers down a few inches, exposing the upper half of his toned buttocks. The rest of their encounter is blocked by her coat.

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