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Shepard, Jewel 1 Review
Richter, Deborah 1 Review
Ling, Heather 1 Review
Holbrook, Tami 1 Review
Gannes, Gayle 1 Review
Gabrielle, Monique 2 Reviews

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Jewel Shepard
BushLeague was written on June 28, 2002

Not in this movie

The IMDB does not list her in this movie. Nor under her alternate name of "Bobby Beal".

Deborah Richter
BushLeague was written on December 20, 2001

Appears nude on a beach

Is lying fully nude on her back with other girls , also naked, as some teen age boys view her through some high tech binoculuars. You can see her completey from head to toe with large round breasts and extremely tight stomach, well clipped thick bush, and long shapely legs. There also is a scene of about 15 girls running in a group nude on the beach ala "Chariots of Fire". She also has a non-nude scene where she is talking on the phone and she admires her own great legs.

Heather Ling
Immy was written on April 4, 2005

Topless (1:09)

Of the four girls who help four horny teen guys lose their virginity, Heather is the only one who isn't a sexpot. But that doesn't stop her from showing some skin. She unhooks her bra and hops into bed with Jeff Fishman. Pretty nice boobs on this cute gal too. Note: The Bare Facts Guide has incorrectly credited this scene to Gayle Gannes.

Tami Holbrook
BushLeague was written on August 17, 2004

Brief tits shot

During a party she takes off her top and reveals her 33b torpedoes and quickly embraces a guy.

Gayle Gannes
Immy was written on April 4, 2005

Topless making out (0:22)

Gayle is topless in bed making out with Michael Zorek. At first we see only her left boob, then Michael's buddies barge in with a hose, dousing both of them (a bumped candle has caused the curtains to catch fire) and both hooters are briefly seen. Gayle's got a slim, athletic body. Watch the end credits for a repeat of this scene.

Monique Gabrielle
curzon was written on May 11, 2003

nude on beach

There is also another Monique nude scene where she and her two friends lie nude on a beach while these loser guys peep them from a distance. Shes lying on her side so you see her tits and some bush, but it is not a very clear scene and is some distance away. Love her in that red hair tho'.

DBW was written on March 15, 2000

stripping and having sex

She takes off her top and makes love to the hero's sidekick. It's a fairly long scene, but the cutting back and forth (the hero is getting it from a different woman at the same time) and the breasts-only nudity make this one of Monique's less exciting scenes.

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