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Hot Spot, The's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

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Virginia Madsen
Brokencake was written on December 4, 1999

Sexy Without Being Too Revealing

She is hot as hell in this movie, and her scenes are highly erotic. You see a decent amount of her ass and feet (if you're so inclined). The best shots are the one from behind which give you a side shot of her boobs, then in the lake where you get brief glimpses of head on frontal, and one when she gets up from the bed and her left tit falls out. Fantastic body.

tazzie was written on March 7, 2000

several scenes...

Could have been so much better with the additionof some decent lighting, but I guess we shouldbe grateful that Virginia showed her stuff at all,when she has to compete with Jen Connelly.

Tunsa was written on January 7, 2002

some sensual scenes

Hate to add another but there are a bunch of SEXY scenes here. One of the best is when she lures Johnson into a truck to go down on her. She has a bra on, but the shots of her moaning and her breasts slipping out are very exciting! Another great view of her back, hips, and side of her breast when she is trying to tempt Johnson back into bed. It's obvious that he's having some trouble standing up after she holds him from behind and rubs her great round breasts all over his back. This woman exudes sex in this movie.

TheFan was written on December 28, 2000

Great nudity by a beautiful actress

She has several nude scenes in this movie, including a classic where she's running around in an open shirt and nothing else. Pay attention and you'll have many glimpses of her breasts as the shirt keeps slipping away from them, and some great ass shots. In my humble opinion, she even outclasses Jennifer Connelly in this one.

thewraith was written on May 21, 2001

poor quality scenes

Virginia Madsen is a gorgeous woman but I have to agree with tazzie on this one. All of her nude scenes are of very poor quality, we can't see all of her beautiful body if the lighting is so bad and the camera is that far away. The nudity is just that...nudity, without being erotic at all.

GeeSpot was written on September 8, 1999

Very brief lower frontal nudity and breasts

She shows her breasts breasts breiefly a couple of times, with the best shot being when she is hanging on a rope in the lake.Very brief lower frontal nudity when she climbs back up the hill.

axl was written on October 7, 1999

nude a lot

Virginia appears nude in this movie so much that it's hard to pinpoint one scene that is good.It's all good.

BouncyTits was written on June 6, 2001

not just the nudity, the sheer sexiness

There's only a couple of times in the whole movie when we see Virginia Madsen's good parts (bush and tits) but she eminates sexiness throughout, whether she goes down and suck's Don Johnson's cock or has her legs sticking out a car door having Don Johnson put his head between her legs. She is hot, and she has an excellent brief nude performance in the 1983 comedy "Class." With all the sex scenes and eroticism in this movie, watch the two hot stars simmer.

Cyclone was written on December 11, 1999

Topless glimpes, and some butt

I'm not much of a Virginia fan, but even people who love her will likely be disappointed with this movie. We get a side view of her breasts, and we get a bit of a frontal look at her chest later on, but it's from very far away. We do get a decent look at her butt, but the lighting isn't particularly good. Not much to see here.

Mikey69 was written on October 25, 2006

Climbing Up the Hill

Other reviewers have pretty much covered Virginia's nude scenes and as usual the opinions are all over the map. I just want to add that the wide screen version cuts off about half of her bush as her robe falls open while starting to climb back up the hill. The full screen version shows the complete bush. If you're into bushes try to see the full screen version.

moviestuff was written on July 25, 2003

full frontal

way better than candy man!!!

TwatDidYouSayiCuntHairyou was written on July 16, 2002

Self Aware Nudity

Virginia Madsen was nude in this movie, but the viewer only sees her in obscured shots. She either is hiding her parts, turned away from the camera, or the lighting is low. She must have been self-conscious or had an attack of morality. But if she was moral, then why do nudity at all. I mean if you are going to show your body, then show it. I think actress should be fined for doing such bulls#@t performances. If you sign on for nudity, then give a good performancce. This is a bad performance for this woman, as she seems to have a nice body. Again, I must be a pundit for the GNPA (Good Nudity Performance Association). Nudity is just nudity. It is not prudish or teasing bitches who give shame to an otherwise good movie, whether due to a good plot or other good nude performance.

Omni was written on October 26, 2001

Aims to please

We are at no shortage of looks at her body, sprinkled thoughout the movie. Her character isn't that appealing and she has a whiny, bad-southern accent. So though she tries, I'll pass.

Xeyes was written on April 13, 2008

Breast and Ass

Ms Madsen exudes sex in this movie.Dirt Virginia !!!

DBW was written on March 25, 1999

running around outdoors at night

Disappointing, barely lit nudity (breasts) and an annoying, unsympathetic character make thisone of the lesser movies for Madsen-watchers. There are a couple scenes of her shaving her legs, though, if that's your thing.

nudity_elitist was written on May 22, 2002


One can't help but assume that there must be something a little wrong with Virginia's breasts since she goes out of her way time and again to obscure our view of them. It doesn't exactly speak for her overwhelming confidence.

Jennifer Connelly
Gordon was written on February 21, 2001

Topless at the beach

Jennifer looks sexy throughout this film, but the best scene is when she's topless sitting on the beach. The scene is pretty long, so you get a good, long look at those large, luscious breasts of hers. Jennifer must have one of the best racks in hollywood.

thewraith was written on May 28, 2001

Jennifer's sun bathing breasts

This scene only gets 2 star because she didn't do anything she was just laying there. No sun tan lotion rubbing, no touching just for the sake of touching, her nipples weren't even hard. But, because they're nice and she's cute she gets two. Too bad her topless scene wasn't more sexual in nature.

Brokencake was written on December 4, 1999

Top Boobs

Alright, you guys are exagerating. The shot is about five minutes long, and her boobs are fantastic. Sadly, however, the shot is a bit too well lighted, which kind of blurs the light nipples. The scene could have and should have been hotter with such assets to work with. Still, everyone who's attracted to women should see this tits.

brack28 was written on December 13, 1999

Maybe it's just me, but I don't get it.

Is it just me, or are the other guys seriously overrating this breif shot of some rather large breast? Maybe they have a thing about Jennifer that I am missing. Anyway, I only give it a two.

moviestuff was written on July 25, 2003

hot girl gets topless

you get to see her topless by the lake!!

babon was written on January 17, 2000

Looks like a still photo

Shes on the riverside talking to a girl both topless.

BushLeague was written on October 3, 2002

DVD confirms possible pussy lips

A girl by the lake is shown totally naked from the rear from a great distance, she kneels down on all fours an shows us her heart shaped ass from the rear, before lying in the sand. VHS was always too blurry to reveal if lips were shown, but the DVD makes it very clear that at least her right pussy lip showed through. If this was not a body double, this is Jennifer showing us her twat, if not, her double was just as hot!

PhilmPhreak was written on August 22, 2008

Jennifer Connelly and another girl are sunbathing near a secluded lake.

We get a beautiful shot of Jennifer's perfect natural breasts. At one point she gets on her hands and knees to adjust her towel and we see her outstanding ass and legs. It is from a distance but she still looks mighty fine.

The other girl in the scene is nude also but Jennifer kind of steals the show.

TwatDidYouSayiCuntHairyou was written on July 15, 2002

Short View of Tremendous Breasts

Teh scene is Jennifer and another actress sitting on a beach topless conversing. Jennifer is sitting on the beach with her immensly beautiful tits on display, consoling the other actress. There is no eroticism to the scene but you get a great view. A little bit before the topless part of the scene begins, Jennifer(might be double)leaves the water and you see a decent ass shot and a fuzzy bush and a little pink. There are better movies to see her naked in try Waking The Dead.

mistermartin was written on July 23, 2005

Bottomless Scene on beach of Hamilton Pool

The bottomless beach scene was done by a hand picked body double. Dennis Hopper had several local strippers pose with Jennifer to find a perfect match for this scene. I know the girl that did this scene at Hamilton Pool near Dripping Spring, TX. All the beach, river, lake scenes were shot at Hamilton Pool. This is a State Park and the security was near post 9-11 presidential quality.

tazzie was written on March 7, 2000

The Jennifer Connelly topless scene

This has got to be one of the most vidcapped scenesin moviedom. Not surprising really, when you seethe actual scene, though it's a shame Jen didn'trun around or something.

gringo69 was written on December 3, 2000

Not Much to Add Here

Doesn't everyone love her breasts? Then again when you look at them you know that everyone is right.

supermanboy1 was written on November 18, 2002



Serna was written on December 3, 2000

the best chest in the movies?

Fantastic shot of tits while she is sitting on the beach. Too darn hot…

Cysione was written on March 9, 2001

Topless after taking a bath in the lake

Oh, i love this girl. Wonderful, large breasts ...and a nice face too. Good long frontal shot on her rack. When she is leaving the lake, you get some shots from her buns, but only from a long distance.
Watch it, you should`nt miss her!

Warlokc was written on March 21, 2002

Topless scene

Jennifer Connelly in indeed beautiful, but this is the most over-rated nude scene of all time. Her breasts can be seen only from a distance, she barely moves, and there is less than no chemistry between jennifer and her supposed lesbian lover.

Jed was written on October 20, 1998

Beautiful Breasts

We get a lingering shot of Jennifers fantastic breasts, plus a shot of her arse from a distance. There's also an extended sequence with her hot body in a skimpy bikini.

MF Luder was written on October 22, 1998

Lingering Breast shot

The real-life Jessica Rabbit is absolutely stunning in this film. In one delightfully extended scene, we see a glimpse of the most beautiful breasts out there today. Connelly looks absolutely delicious and it's worth it to pause that VCR and just sit there gazing at them for an hour. If this actress ever did erotic films, I would buy them all.

Teri was written on November 2, 1998


These are four star breasts if ever I've seen them. We see Jennifer topless by a lake.

gayatriparivar was written on May 24, 2002

nude at pond

its amazing

Bevan was written on May 25, 2008

One for the ages.

This is the longest sustained nudity from the actress with the best body in Hollywood history. I'd give this five stars if I could. Amazing and clear topless, and if only the ass shot was closer so we'd get a clear snatch snot ... Well, until and unless Jenn gives us a DP scene in a Vivid video, this is about the top of the mountain.

curzon was written on June 30, 2002

nude by a lake with her friend

If you're a fan of Jennifer Connelly's nice big luscious rack, then this movie is one you must see. This is the best view of her boobs that i have seen out of all of her movies, and now that she is 12+ years older, no doubt they aren't as firm and pert now compared to how they once were. (Although i'd still love to get a good look again)

axl was written on February 5, 2000

sunbathing by lake

Even though you don't see Jennifer full frontal this is a hot scene. She is truly beautiful and has some of the best breasts in hollywood.

mistermartin was written on January 19, 2005

Hamilton Pool Nude scene

I really only bought the DVD for this sequence. When this was shot in Austin at Hamilton Pool, the security was something out of a presidential appearance. I have friends that worked on the film and the scene of Jennifer's nude butt was done by a body double hand selected by Dennis Hopper. She was picked because her ass looked most like Jennifer's. How did Dennis know what Jennifer's ass looked like up close is anyone's guess. Dennis went to all the Yellow Rose and Red Rose topless bars to recruit the dancers in the movie.

Elyk-Agee was written on May 5, 1999

Very, VERY Nice

You See, this is the kind of Girl that should do a nude scene in every movie. We see her beautiful breasts while sitting on the beach, it just makes you want to reach into the screen and grab them.

USAMovieLover was written on July 18, 2003

Tanning Beauties

Jennifer and her friend are tanning by a small lake. The shot is set up to look like you are observing them from across the lake. It is hot. You get to see Jennifer's enormous firm tits. The best part however is when she rolls over. She kind of gets on all fours for a second before she lays on her stomach and her ass looks fantastic. If you look very carefully you can even see a hint of what is between her legs from behind. It is dark but slightly visible. Jennifer Connelly gives new meaning to the word hot in this film.

juantamad was written on April 19, 2009

Topless at the Lake and Sex with ugly guy

Great shot of those awesome breasts while sunbathing at the lake.

But why does she have to have sex with that ugly guy?

haroldg48 was written on March 10, 2002

Jennifer sits on the beach topless with her firend

A beautiful view of some of the most beautiful breasts on film. This is a short part of an otherwise dull film, but Jennifer makes it worthwhile. This is what freeze frame is made for!

Xeyes was written on April 13, 2008

Breast and Ass

the best naked scene Ms Connelly !!!

freezeframe was written on September 7, 1999

The greatest breast scene ever !!!!

First she is seen in a nice black two piece bikini getting out water. Although no nudity here, it is a breathtaking look at Jennifer's hot body.Then there is the unforgettable lake scene. An awsome sight. If only I could see this scene on an IMAX theater in an endless loop !!!

Omni was written on July 16, 2000

Sitting topless at the beach

Yes, this scene has been "over-reviewed" but this woman has "THE" perfect body. And despite Jennifer being very still and overly lighted, she can never receive enough praise for this head on frontal shot of her awesome chest.

BigWoody was written on October 14, 2004

Sun-bathing topless at the beach. WOW!!!

Jennifer has done many nude scenes throughout her career. Jennifer’s best nude scene (and the best nude scene ever recorded on film) occurs at about 87 minutes into this movie. Jennifer is sitting topless on the beach. The lighting is very good, and the scene lasts for several seconds. We get to see a clear view of Jennifer’s big, beautiful, shapely tits for several seconds. Very nice!!!

Four stars isn’t a high-enough rating for Jennifer. Jennifer has the best tits ever seen on film. An absolutely perfect pair of tits that could put Viagra out of business. One look at Jennifer’s perfect tits will give anybody a huge woody for sure.

BouncyTits was written on June 6, 2001

outstanding, incredible, amazing knockers

The HUGE HOOTERS and the fact that she was only 18 when they made this are the two things that make this brief, static scene a celebrity nude classic. We also see her butt and if you look closely you see where her vagina would be (but you have to look really close and it's from a distance). YOu can't really make out the snatch, but the titties are terrific. I really wish I could see footage from the making of this scene, with hours of those beautiful young tits all over the place. What a hottie and a slightly underused hottie at that.

Cyclone was written on December 11, 1999

Topless by the lake

This woman is flat-out stunning, and this movie gives us a glorious view of her beautiful breasts. However, I did have one minor problem with her topless scene. Unfortunately for us, she barely moves while topless. She's so still, the scene is little more than a photograph. This is still a great scene, and Jennifer is truly gorgeous, but this is only a 3-star view of her 4-star tits.

nudity_elitist was written on May 22, 2002

what about the ass?

As I skim these reviews all I see are comments about how incredible her tits are when the real star of this scene is Jen's nice bare ass just before we see jugs as she turns over on her towel. Near-Charlize Theron quality bum. By the way, no, her tits are NOT perfect by any stretch. Nice shape, but her areolas are lacking pigment. They are almost transparent and hard to see.

jonga was written on March 11, 2006


Jennifer Connelly has an amazing, large rack. There's also a very distant shot of her ass... but it's difficult to see (to far away).

hybridtheory1872003 was written on January 9, 2005


one of the greatest cause it shows her sweet breast for an extended period and it's just plain awesome

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on June 30, 2003

flat out awesome

you great a great shot of her perfect tits when some guy is spying on them by the lake when her friend is telling her a story

Pervect was written on July 22, 2001

The Greatest Pair of Knockers ever scene!

This is Ms. Connelly's first nude scene, and it is stunning--or rather she is! The film is slow and utterly boring, but worth seeing for the scene at the beach. Ms. Connelly shows off her perfect breasts close up. And when I say perfect I mean it. There aren't a better pair ever recorded on film! She removes her top while on the beach with another girl. The two are lesbians in the film, but you really don't get to see much of that. She is wearing a black bikini, and when the top comes off you get to see her incredible pair! WOW! She doesn't move much so you don't get to see them giggle. But they are just great to look at regardless. There is also a scene from a distance where she has taken off her bikini bottom, and is bending over. You get to see her amazingly tight ass. The scenes with her in a black bikini with Don Johnson are also notable. She is by far the most beautiful woman to ever grace the big screen. A must see!

celebsoops was written on October 14, 2013


Jennifer Connelly in her very first nude scene as we see her fully nude as she kneels down on a picnic blanket, offering a view between her legs on a sandy beach beside a lake. Debra Cole sits next to her, also naked. We then get a close view of the two girls sitting beside each other, showing their bare breasts.

watcher000 was written on May 11, 2015

Nice Boobs

She is sitting on a beach topless beside another girl who is topless. Nice view of her young boobs.

Debra Cole
Gordon was written on February 21, 2001

Topless at the beach

She's completely topless, but her breasts just look boring because she's sitting next to the topless Jennifer Connely, whose breasts are close to perfect.

tazzie was written on March 7, 2000

topless with Jen

Having Jennifer Connelly sharing a nude scenewith you is probably not a good move for mostactresses, but Debra has a nice pair and wouldhave been favourably commented on in any othersituation.

Omni was written on October 26, 2001

Sad but true

She is merely background to contrast how wonderful Jennifer Connelly looks. However, she is obviously in good shape and her breats, though not full and rounded, are fairly decent.

Cyclone was written on December 11, 1999

Topless on the beach

This is the other topless woman during Jennifer Connelly's topless scene. We get a very good look at Debra, but with Jennifer on the screen, who's going to bother looking at Debra? She wasn't very appealing anyway, but with Jennifer in the very same shot, her nudity is easy to forget.

nudity_elitist was written on May 22, 2002


While other reveiwers may refer to these as "breasts" they are really a lot more like "flaps." She must have felt quite upstaged.

Don Johnson
luvbutt was written on October 13, 2001

Two Scenes

Such a great rear but if you blink you'll miss it the first time (hope you have a good vcr). The second time it is awfully dark, but nonetheless visible.

Samuel was written on January 26, 1999

Pulling boxers on as he gets out of bed; then getting out of river at night

Dissapointing scenes really although at the time I was really surprised to see Johnson' great buns - if you're a fan of this actor you won't want to miss these two scenes - the first is the best as his ass is seen quite closely but a little too briefly. You see them again when he climbs out of water at night, but the scene is a very distant one and it's a bit too dark. But I would still recommend this film for the fans of Johnson's very nice ass!!

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