Hotel Erotica Cabo's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Rae, Divini 4 Reviews
Pink, Ashely 1 Review
Petty, Danielle 1 Review
Patrick, Christy 2 Reviews
Oring, Nicole 2 Reviews
Nova, Nikki 1 Review
Nicholas, Angela 1 Review
Montgomery, Melissa 1 Review
Lynne, Beverly 1 Review
Lea, Nikita 1 Review
Kira 1 Review
Jaymes, Jessica 1 Review
Hall, Reamy 0 Reviews
Green, Molinee 2 Reviews
Gonzalez, Carrie 1 Review
Fisher, Kimberly 6 Reviews
Elizabeth, Rachel 2 Reviews
Day, Kat 1 Review
Brown, Kelli 2 Reviews

Hotel Erotica Cabo's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Wilde, Matt 1 Review
Vincent, Michael 1 Review
rios, serrano 0 Reviews
Mans, Kevin 1 Review
Frank, Noah 1 Review
Fleischauer, Mark 1 Review
Cullen, Frankie 0 Reviews
Copeland, Bret 1 Review
Cannon, Clayton 1 Review
Ammons, Tate 1 Review

nudity reviews for Hotel Erotica Cabo member submitted

Divini Rae
McKinnon was written on June 8, 2011

Breasts, butt; episode: Addicted to Love

Credited as Micah Moore, Divini has a strangely truncated sex scene where she is on top of Mark Guillion, and then they cut away. In another flashback, set on the beach, you get a shot of breasts and of her very nice ass.

McKinnon was written on July 25, 2011

Sex with Boudreaux; ep: Stolen Kisses

Divini has two sex scenes with Douglas Boudreaux. One a fantasy and one a reality. While they both avoid full frontal nudity, they have a raw intensity that is rare for this show and is especially rare for Divini Rae in this role (she is usually very low-key). The second scene is especially wild and full of energy.

McKinnon was written on July 25, 2011


Watching again, I think the first sex scene is actually a flashback to some of her encounters in previous episodes.

McKinnon was written on June 25, 2011

Breasts; ep: Chocolate Covered Cherries

After eating a candy that releases sexual urges, Divini fantasizes about being on a bed, lowering her dress, touching her breasts, then being taken from behind (while laying down flat on the bed) by Clayton Cannon. Good scene, but short.

Ashely Pink
McKinnon was written on June 28, 2011

Bed gyrations; ep: Wild Cards

Ashely (that's how she was credited) is one of the leads in this episode, and at the end she gets naked for Glen Meadows. It's an odd scene, as she sort of awkwardly strips, then gets on the bed, pretends to touch herself, and he joins her, but you barely see anything of him - just some overhead shots of her close up, like she is having sex with an invisible person. She has large and I think somewhat poorly done implants, and a bare pussy.

Danielle Petty
McKinnon was written on July 25, 2011

Various; ep: El Fiero

Danielle, as Kennedy Johnston, has 3 sex scenes in this episode. One she stays in her bra, but the first one, Nick Kalash slowly removes her bikini top, then there are some shots of her standing up as he goes down on her, followed by doggy style, then she's sitting up, playing with herself. The other sex scene is more forgettable, just intertwined with another man on the beach, both sitting. She is also naked at night when she answers a phone, which provides breasts and some dark glimpse of lower nudity. The best scene is the brightly lit, extended full frontal where she wakes up, sees a strange man outside, and then hurriedly puts a sheet on when a hotel employee comes in.

Christy Patrick
McKinnon was written on June 25, 2011

Beach sex; ep: Chocolate Covered Cherries

Christy is a pretty blonde who has sex with Clayton Cannon in a beach flashback. She's first seen naked on the rocks, laying down, just her hand covering her crotch. Then she's leaning against the rocks as Cannon starts in on her. Most of the camera angle focuses on his back/ass, and not so much on her, but at the end she's in front of him and there are some glimpses at her lower half as well as her breasts (which look different from scene to scene). Most notable about her, besides the strange blue eyeshadow, is her very large, pink aereola.

McKinnon was written on June 28, 2011

Various; ep: Wild Cards

Christy has a scene with Dino Bravo, a flashback, in a hotel room bed at a casino. Then she has two scenes with Danny Pape. Mostly just a full frontal, somewhat obscured, as Danny is behind her. The scene with Dino is the one to watch - very hot, and they genuinely seem to be into what they're doing. He keeps kissing and licking her breasts.

Nicole Oring
McKinnon was written on May 24, 2011

Pool sex; episode: Amazing Woody

Nicole has had better nudity elsewhere. She takes off her bikini top and then has sex with her bandmate in the jacuzzi. Mostly just breast shots, from bad angles, on her back or the guy pounding her against the edge of the jacuzzi.

jake135 was written on March 13, 2014

sex by the poolside

This is an interesting scene from cabo as nicole oring is removes her bra, the guy sinks his lips on to her perfectly rounded nipple as she feels the warmth. He then starts sexing her, by fingering her as her arse is directed at his face, he slowly applying pressure going faster as she enjoys it. He then begins thrusting her from behind as we see she seems to be moaning. The beauty of the last few minutes relies in her lying on her back, and thrusts deeply, making her reach orgasm, he continues to thrust, her mouth widens she says her famous words 'oh god' as she then orgasms sealed with a nice kiss

Nikki Nova
McKinnon was written on July 28, 2011

Various; ep: Summer Lovers

Nikki may have the most full frontal nudity of any woman in the Hotel Erotica series. She walks around fully naked in two different scenes, mostly seen from the front. She has large implants (although not excessive) and very close cropped dark pubic hair. She's sitting down, again with a quick frontal, when Kevin Mans fantasizes about sex with her. She has an f/f scene with Molinee Green, feigning cunnilingus, then straddling/scissoring as Molinee is stretched out on a deck chair.

Angela Nicholas
McKinnon was written on June 25, 2011

Breasts; ep: Chocolate Covered Cherries

Angela has sex with a man, first he's behind her, as her top is removed, then she's riding him. She mostly just shows her chest. She's done much more nudity elsewhere.

Melissa Montgomery
McKinnon was written on May 24, 2011

Shower, bed; episode: Whole Lotto Love

A slightly generic blonde, she has a natural body, small-ish but firm breasts and a slim shape. She's shown near the end of the episode, in a shower with her boyfriend, then he's on top of her in bed. Mostly breast shots.

Beverly Lynne
McKinnon was written on June 8, 2011

Breasts; episode: Mighty Mike Returns

Beverly has a flashback sex scene and then one with Matt Wilde. This is mostly topless shots.

Nikita Lea
McKinnon was written on June 8, 2011

Toweling and sex; episode: Mighty Mike Returns

Nikita reminds me of the vixen on the Playboy show Eden. She shows a bit more nudity than you usually get on the Cabo episodes. She shows her landing strip once, after toweling off in her room, and she shows her perky breasts during a sex scene and when toweling off.

McKinnon was written on May 24, 2011

Various; episode: Whole Lotto Love

Kira is or was an adult film actress but she doesn't have that plastic look about her - natural-looking C cups, and a lot of personality and sexual energy. She has several sex scenes - first she pushes a man down on the bed and strips out of her bathing suit, showing her breasts and her dark landing strip, before they are in various positions. In a later bed scene, he's leaning over her as he does her doggy style. It's a very intense, hot scene.

Jessica Jaymes
McKinnon was written on June 25, 2011

Fantasy threesome; ep: Skin Deep

Jessica briefly appears when Rachel Elizabeth fantasizes about a beach threesome with Jessica and a man. Jessica is in her bikini for most of the scene but towards the end there is an extended sequence of Jessica on top of Rachel (the man is doing Jessica from behind), the two of them thrusting into each other and Jessica fingering her. This is mostly just some breast shots of Jessica, but the scene goes on for about a minute and the actresses put a lot of effort in.

Reamy Hall
Molinee Green
McKinnon was written on July 28, 2011

Various; ep: Summer Lovers

Molinee has 3 sex scenes with Kevin Mans and one with Nikki Nova. The first two with Mans involve some role playing; the second has her with her hands tied up. The first 2 sex scenes have a different edge than the usual sex scenes where you can already guess all the positions, and they have some nice steam. The last is more generic. Her scene with Nikki has her laying in a deck chair as Nikki goes down on her and then they start scissoring. This has a quick frontal shot as her bikini bottoms are removed.

McKinnon was written on August 11, 2011

Various; episode: Primal Urge

Molinee has several scenes with Collier Landry, some in the room, others on the beach, in the usual manner on this show. The scene that is the most unique is when they're hallucinating and she's naked, sweaty, standing against and turning against the wall. They show a full frontal and some rear glimpses as well.

Carrie Gonzalez
McKinnon was written on May 24, 2011

Various; episode: The Amazing Woody

Carrie is first shown in her hotel room, toweling off, rubbing lotion on herself, and seducing her bandmate. Full frontal as she's standing up, then she sits on his lap, facing the camera, for about 20-30 seconds. When a man fantasizes of her, she takes off her bikini top topless, then her panties, in a fairly close shot, although her body is turned slightly to block the view. A few looks at her rear end as he turns her around, then mostly breast views as he eats her out and finally when she's riding him. She and this man have sex again in his hotel room, with more breast shots; when he's behind her on the bed, her legs are tight together, generally blocking her lower half.

Kimberly Fisher
McKinnon was written on June 8, 2011

Pool fantasy; episode: Mighty Mike Returns

Credited as Kimberly Kay, you can briefly see her breasts and buttocks as she is fantasizing about getting into a pool with a handsome man.

McKinnon was written on July 25, 2011

Raft rut; ep: El Fiero

She has a sex scene on a raft or small boat with a man. It's an awkwardly staged scene, as she's sitting in front of him the entire time, with her legs closed tight to avoid any glimpse of her lower half. There are some topless shots throughout.

McKinnon was written on July 25, 2011

Sex with ex; ep: Stolen Kisses

Kim has a sex scene on the beach, with an old boyfriend. He slowly lowers her bra, and enjoys her left breast. Then he's on top of her. It's more of a tender type of scene.

McKinnon was written on June 17, 2011

Bride breasts; ep: Last Tango in Cabo

She has a dream where she's in a wedding veil and white lingerie; the fantasy groom removes her lingerie and feigns cunnilingus. Her breasts are shown throughout this 2-3 minute scene.

McKinnon was written on June 25, 2011

Breasts; ep: Skin Deep

Kimberly has sex with a reality show producer. This is a short and oddly blocked scene, as much of the scene is shown from Kimberly's side/back.

McKinnon was written on June 25, 2011

Against wall; ep: Chocolate Covered Cherries

Kimberly has a hot dream where she's against a wall, in her bikini, and Clayton Cannon begins kissing and touching her, pulling off her bikini. She's shown from the rear, then when she turns around and he begins to have sex with her, there are some breast shots.

Rachel Elizabeth
McKinnon was written on August 11, 2011

Various; episode: Primal Urge

Wearing a bikini with a gold mesh pair of bottoms (the top is usually off, the bottoms sometimes), Rachel appears in a number of scenes, sometimes just standing around, others having sex with Collier Landry.

McKinnon was written on June 25, 2011

Various; ep: Skin Deep

Rachel plays an extreme makeover type of reality show contestant. She's a slightly exotic looking brunette. Early on she has a fantasy threesome on a beach, showing her large implants and barely there landing strip as she's against some rocks, with a man and a woman kissing and touching her. Then she's on her back, Jessica Jaymes on top of her, the two of them thrusting against each other and kissing. After the fantasy, she's shown full frontal in her bedroom, in front of a mirror (we don't see the mirror). Finally she and Noah Frank have sex, with more breast shots as she's against rocks and on the ground.

Kat Day
McKinnon was written on June 8, 2011

Breasts; episode: Addicted to Love

Kat has a nice chemistry with Eddie Jay but the only nudity I remember in the episode from her is when she's on top of Eddie. She has a pale body and B cups, with rosy nipples.

Kelli Brown
McKinnon was written on July 25, 2011

Sex with Boudreaux; ep: Stolen Kisses

Kelli looks a lot like Vanessa Williams in this episode (not intentional, I assume). She has a very hot sex scene with Douglas Boudreaux fairly early in the episode. They seem to be into it and he kisses his way down her body, lifts her up from the waist and legs, slaps at her breasts. Very intense yet sensuous scene.

McKinnon was written on June 17, 2011

Bed, shower; episode: Last Tango in Cabo

Kelli has a shapely yet natural body, slender but not too much. She has 2 sex scenes with Noah Frank which blur together, as they both basically involved her riding Frank on the bed, her on her side, her from the back as Noah stands off the bed and she's on the edge of the bed. She also has a fantasy sequence on the beach where she and Frank begin to kiss and her bikini top is lowered slightly. After her first sex scene with Frank she's shown in the shower with a few full body side looks, including a glimpse of her trimmed, dark bush. Since she did show everything and had 4 different scenes, I gave this 4 stars, but some of the sex scenes seem to be cut too short.

Matt Wilde
McKinnon was written on June 8, 2011

Thrusting buns; episode: Mighty Mike Returns

Matt shows his smooth, firm buttocks in a hot scene where he's thrusting into Beverly Lynne. The first two episodes in this last season of Cabo have zero male nudity until this scene comes along.

Michael Vincent
Ozzie700 was written on May 2, 2009

Ass; Episode: The Amazing Woody

Beefy, broad-shouldered, dark-haired Michael plays a band member. His gloriously muscled buttocks are seen in closeup as his pants are pulled down before a sex scene.

serrano rios
Kevin Mans
McKinnon was written on July 28, 2011

Role playing; ep: Summer Lovers

A handsome man who tries to look more rugged with longer, shaggy hair, Kevin has multiple sex scenes that he gives energy and something unique. He shows his muscular, smooth, pale ass in two scenes, one when he quickly removes his shorts preparing for sex with Monilee Green, and another where he's laying on his stomach and she begins kissing her way down his back.

Noah Frank
Ozzie700 was written on May 2, 2009

Rear; Episode: Skin Deep

Noah falls for the insecure woman who gets a makeover on the show he helps produce. He's a handsome guy, slightly marred by the frosted tips in his hair. Near the end of the episode, he has sex with the woman, and she pulls his shorts down, revealing his firm, very pale buttocks.

Mark Fleischauer
Ozzie700 was written on May 2, 2009

Nude beach; ep: Chocolate Covered Cherries

Mark, who has a rugged face and a smooth, nicely developed body, plays a songwriter who charms a shy author. When she goes to get some sun, she's shocked to see him with nothing but a towel, and that's over his shoulder. She gets to see the goods, but we do get to see his cute backside.

Frankie Cullen
Bret Copeland
Ozzie700 was written on May 2, 2009

Ass; Episode: The Amazing Woody

Bret plays a struggling musician who falls for a sexy rock star. He has curly brown hair and a lean, smooth body, but a very shapely rear end which jiggles a bit when she pulls his shorts down in closeup.

Clayton Cannon
Ozzie700 was written on May 2, 2009

Ass; episode: Chocolate Covered Cherries

Clayton, sporting a ponytail and a tan, has what is probably the most explicit male nudity on this show, two sex scenes which feature his perfect muscle butt in great lighting.

Tate Ammons
Ozzie700 was written on April 17, 2009

Rear; Episode: Whole Lotto Love

This was a short-lived revival of the Hotel Erotica series. In this episode, Tate (somewhat shaggy, dark blonde hair) and his brother go to a resort. Tate is more of a liberal, while his brother is a conservative, and they meet women who are their opposites. Tate has one sex scene where you get to see his backside. Not as nice as you'd think.

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