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Wyote, Kylie 1 Review
West, Jenna 2 Reviews
Wells, Julian 1 Review
Webster, Emily 2 Reviews
Valmont, Jewel 1 Review
Swift, Stephanie 1 Review
Starkey, Tiffany 1 Review
St. James, Ananda 1 Review
Shaw, Cynthia 1 Review
Russell, Regina 1 Review
Rodriguez, Anixia 2 Reviews
Petty, Danielle 2 Reviews
Parent, Monique 3 Reviews
Page, Ander 2 Reviews
Oring, Nicole 1 Review
Nicholas, Angela 3 Reviews
Michelle, Candice 5 Reviews
Mayhem, Monica 1 Review
Lynne, Beverly 4 Reviews
Lutker, Lauren 1 Review
Leshelle, Nicole 1 Review
Leiu, Tina 3 Reviews
Lee, Sunny 3 Reviews
Lawrence, Jennifer 1 Review
Lavik, Zophia 1 Review
Kelsey 2 Reviews
Kelle, Mara 5 Reviews
Kaylynn 1 Review
Kai, Teanara 1 Review
James, Tanya 1 Review
Hollywood, Holly 1 Review
Hays, Lauren 8 Reviews
Hart, T.J. 1 Review
Hall, Roxanne 1 Review
Green, Jill 1 Review
Gibson, Sandra 1 Review
Flowers, April 1 Review
Dolan, Greta 1 Review
Collins, Amanda 1 Review
Berrymore, Dru 3 Reviews
Beres, Juliet 1 Review
Bedford, Toby 2 Reviews
Ayala, Elena 1 Review
Alexander, Monique 1 Review

Hotel Erotica's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Urquhart, Rafe 2 Reviews
Tin, Jim 1 Review
Taylor, Brett 1 Review
Stargell, Dino 1 Review
Rogers, Justin 1 Review
Reynolds, Sean 1 Review
Rau, Janie 2 Reviews
Pape, Danny 3 Reviews
Mercuri, Frank 1 Review
Meadows, Glen 2 Reviews
Luke, Anthony 1 Review
Keys, Gian 2 Reviews
Kane, Justin 1 Review
Jay, Eddie 1 Review
Harding, Zak 1 Review
Dion, Christian 0 Reviews
Dahlberg, Lee 1 Review
Cullen, Frankie 1 Review
Cullen, Christian 1 Review
Cooper, Cy 1 Review
Cleveland, Daryl 1 Review
Brienza, Fabrizio 2 Reviews
Biamonte, Jordan 1 Review
Bartram, Brad 1 Review

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Kylie Wyote
Chicago was written on November 22, 2002

2 shared scenes in "Blue Plate Special"

At :05.25-:08 in this episode, Kylie has a shared cutaway nude scene with Toby Bedford; the set-up is Toby is watching Kylie and a guy go at it in a hot tub below. Kylie's bikini top is removed, as the guy then kisses her champagne glass-sized breasts with brown areola...a couple of decent close-ups of the guy running his hands over her breasts before she's seen lying back on him while having sex in the hot tub. At :18.25-:21.5 after Toby and a guy have been going at it for a while, Kylie's bra is removed by a guy in the groves while she's on her back on the ground. He simu-orals her before she is seen grinding him on top...small dark pubes patch and small hand-cup sized natural breasts.

Jenna West
McKinnon was written on June 12, 2011

Breasts; episode: Opposites Attract

Adult film actress Jenna has a quick role in this episode, as she takes a drunk Kelly Couch to his room and has sex with him. Her natural and firm B cups are shown in dark lighting as she rides him for a few minutes.

McKinnon was written on June 13, 2011

Various; episode: The Hookup

Jenna "accidentally" loses her top in the water, and tamely play-fights with Kaylynn. Then she is shown full frontal, very briefly, as she gets into a jacuzzi with Kaylnn. Finally she and Kaylynn have a threesome with Sean Reynolds. This scene is really hot, as both actresses make it seem believable - and Jenna has quite a long tongue (although she keeps it to kissing Kaylynn's mouth and breasts). There are breast shots as she's riding Sean, as she and Kaylynn hold each other and kiss, then a quick overhead full frontal when we see Kaylynn positioned above/almost on top of her while Sean's behind Kaylynn.

Julian Wells
McKinnon was written on June 12, 2011

Sex and skinny dip; episode: Opposites Attract

In the first few minutes of the episode, Julian and Frankie Cullen have sex in a doorway - mostly her breasts can be seen. Later, she and Cullen are knocked overboard and swim to a deserted area. She goes skinny dipping and in one of the more erotic and frank scenes on the show, Cullen watches her rear end, then when she realizes he's there, she turns around, with full frontal nudity. She asks for some clothes and he doesn't move, leading her to walk towards him and get them. She then walks out of shot, with the camera still showing her fully naked. This is a great scene. A bit later they have sex on the beach; mostly breasts. Their last encounter is in her hotel bed, as the sun goes down - this is a hot scene but she's mostly just on her back.

Emily Webster
McKinnon was written on June 10, 2011

Breasts, sex; episode: Heart's Desire

Emily has one scene, that's about 3-4 minutes long. She's on a massage table (her lower half is covered) and her breasts are massaged by Daryl Cleveland. Then she offers to teach him about how to please a woman. He kisses her breasts, then simulates oral, as she tells him to go slower. Finally the wrapping is off, as he picks her lower half off the table to really pound into her, but you still can't see anything. The scene ends with a good, extended upper body shot of her breasts that lasts for what seems like about 30 seconds.

Chicago was written on November 22, 2002

1 brief scene in "Blue Plate Special"

At :13-:13.5 in this episode, Emily is seen naked, getting into the shower ahead of the guy she's with...full ass with tattoo and side breasts from a medium distance.

Jewel Valmont
McKinnon was written on May 15, 2011

Various; episode: Lisa Comes Out

Credited as Ava Vincent, Jewel has two sex scenes. She gives a very sensual performance and has a nice natural body, with small but firm breasts. In her first sex scene, lovemaking with her girlfriend (who is for some reason uncredited even though she has a major role in the episode!), you see her breasts, and an overhead view of her shaven pussy. She and her girflriend are in several positions. Then you see the two of them touching each other, talking, still naked, but mostly a topless view. Finally she, the girlfriend, and Eddie Jay have sex, and there are several more looks at her from the front as she sits on Eddie's lap.

Stephanie Swift
Chicago was written on November 12, 2002

1 f/f in "Chasing Jamie"

At :10.5-:14.5 in this episode, Stephanie hooks up with her old but ne'er forgotten girl flame from college. Stephanie drops her towel in a sauna giving a full frontal view from a medium distance as she sits next to Angela and tries putting moves on her, reminding her of their college days...nice tight body. Stephanie then opens Angela's towel and simu-orals her bent over in her lap and on a ledge in a sauna...nice hanging breasts and pointy nipples as well as side ass views.

Tiffany Starkey
Chicago was written on October 30, 2002

1 scene in “Chatroom”

At :13.5-:16 after a light workout along a lagoon, blonde, tan Tiffany doffs her top while on top of a guy; she then stands and seductively strips off her bottoms in the sunlight, revealing her thin pubes and nice ass. He does her doggie-style on the beach, then she’s seen on top of him while Dru watches and masturbates from the trees. Overall, Tiffany has a very nice bod.

Ananda St. James
McKinnon was written on June 10, 2011

Various; episode: Heart's Desire

At first Ananda looks a bit rough but she has a certain unique appeal, and a very lean, sexy figure. She shows her B cups and pointy red nips and shapely yet slender ass several times - early on when she's in bed you can see her breasts. Then she's on a massage table she's on her back, and turns over, showing a partially obscured frontal. She fantasizes about sex (an extended version of this is shown at the end of the episode); breasts in candlelight. Then she tries to take a shower, and has to go to Daryl Cleveland's shower - boobs and butt but the decision to obscure her lower half is very distracting. Finally she has the extended sex scene with Cleveland, on massage table.

Cynthia Shaw
Chicago was written on December 14, 2002

3 scenes in "The Competition"

At :07:15-:08:30 in this episode, Cynthia, Diana Espen, and Jennifer Lawrence are sitting topless talking in an outdoor hottub; Cynthia's larger breasts are on display along with the other gals' chests. At :17:50-:21:15 after dancing at dinner, Cynthia and Diana take off their tops on the bed, caress each other and start a f/f/m with a guy as there are bad overlays of crashing surf...ass and breasts as the guy does Cynthia from behind while she eats Diana. There are decent shots of Cynthia's breasts, ass and lower abdomen while on top of the guy as she takes primary stage in the scene. At :21:40-:22, naked Cynthia and Diana join the guy on the couch...ass and breasts before he leaves them sitting there.

Regina Russell
McKinnon was written on June 13, 2011

Bed and bath; episode: Bewitched and Bewildered

Regina plays the bitchy boss who after hypnosis (and after heavy script reminders that she's not doing this because of the hypnosis!) has sex with a co-worker she feuds with. She climbs on top of him on the bed, and he takes off her bra. There are some shots of her breasts and butt as she rides him but the scene is cut short. In the last 3-5 minutes of the episode she and the guy are in the bathtub. Initially just some topless shots but then there are a number of lingering glimpses at her shaven pubis as she is standing up and being taken from behind.

Anixia Rodriguez
Chicago was written on November 16, 2002

4 scenes in "Falling in Lust Again"

At :05.75-:08 in this episode, long dark curly-haired, attractive Anixia is seen naked in bed (hair covering her left breast) as her boyfriend walks in the room. He nuzzles her side ass and buries his head in her crotch, giving good views of her natural breasts with some sweet jiggles as she's pleasured; she rolls on top and goes at it with short, quick thrusts...ass and more jiggling twins. At :12.75-:14.75, Anixia shares a cutaway scene with Sunny Lee as each sexes different guys. Anixia is seen reverse-seated on her boyfriend (Sunny's ex)...breasts but covered pubes. There are nice jiggling and sweaty breasts as she again gives short, quick thrusts and he grabs her breasts before she collapses, but he's unsatisfied. At :19.5-:19.75 and :21.25-:24.25, Anixia is seen by Sunny sexing Sunny's boyfriend outdoors on a tree limb...breasts and ass close-up with good facial expressions--her scene is shared in a cutaway scene with Sunny then hooking up outdoors with her boyfriend and Sunny's ex.

Chazz was written on November 16, 2002

"Back in Lust Again"

Anixia is the "natural" chick in the episode. That is to say: she's the one whose body doesn't seem to have gone through any surgical enhancements. When you first see her, you may think she has, but watch when the guy grabs them. Those are real, and they're gorgeous. Also FOR THE LADIES WHO WATCH THIS EPISODE: watch for the intercutting scene in the middle of the episode. When Anixia is on top of the guy, you can clearly see his package (balls only). Hell, maybe they were really going at it, but you can't help but notice.

Danielle Petty
McKinnon was written on June 13, 2011

Fantasy; bed; Episode: Kat & Mouse

Credited as Kennedy Johnston. Danielle/Kennedy is probably the most naturally beautiful woman I've seen on this show, but the nudity itself is very limited. She has a fantasy set in a barn or stable early in the episode, but most of it is from a distance and foggy - when they get closer it's mostly just some breast shots. At the end of the episode she strips everything for Rafe Urqhuart, breasts and landing in good lighting, but the frontal is very quick and partially obscured by her leg. There is a good shot of her rear as most of this is from the back. Then they get on the bed and there are some topless shots as she rides Rafe.

McKinnon was written on June 14, 2011

Bed; episode: Talking Dirty

Danielle, again credited as Kennedy Johnston, has one scene, with Glen Meadows. She's on her back, topless, as he feigns giving her head. Then she rides him. She's shown a lot more elsewhere I'm sure.

Monique Parent
Chicago was written on December 2, 2002

3 scenes in "Legally Yours"

At :11-:12.25 in this episode after aggressively putting moves on a lawyer at the table, now long blonde-haired Monique leads him to the restaurant's bathroom; the top of her dress comes partially down to give some mediocre shots of her breasts as he does her on the sink. At :16.75-:17.75, Monique is seen doing a guy on the sand; the scene opens with a cut to her on top of him with her bottoms off and her top doffed shortly after...breasts, clean shaven pubis (from a distance only), and top of her ass (as she's done doggie-style). At :18, Monique is seen lying naked on a massage table with a towel over her butt; as she props up on her elbows to talk to Janie Rau, there are some views of her breasts partially obstructed by her hanging hair before she eventually jumps up from the table, giving 2 sec. of shots of her ass.

Chicago was written on December 29, 2002

2 scenes in "Love Potion #10"

At :10:20-:10:30 in this episode, Monique is seen sleeping in bed naked when the geeky scientist comes to her bedside, says her name and she rolls over giving a decent view of her breasts with pencil eraser nipples amidst the blue moonlight. At :24, she and the guy get it on in bed as he aggressively grabs her skimpy bikini top, pulls it to the side exposing her breast and dives for it. As she moves to be on top of him, he gets a mouthful of breast before the remainder of her clothes come off and he simu-orals her. There are good shots of Monique's more-erect-than-normal nipples before the two sex it up.

McKinnon was written on May 2, 2011

Lesbian scene episode High School Crush

Monique credited under Scarlet Johansing wears a ridiculous black wig that makes her look like Serena from Bewitched She plays a high school teacher who when her student returns for a ten year reunion learns said student Nicole Oring had a crush on her At about 20 minutes into the episode Oring reads a note from Monique and goes into the bathroom Monique takes off her top then she and Nicole kiss and Monique explores Nicole on the couch Monique's ass in panties is close to the camera through this and soon the panties come off She sits on the couch and Nicole simulates eating her out then they both kneel and cling to each other as they put their fingers to good use No full frontal in this although it comes close The actress do a good job of playing up some awkwardness and passion but it's not the best

Ander Page
McKinnon was written on June 13, 2011

Sex on the rocks; episode: Kat & Mouse

Ander has one scene, with Rafe Urqhuart, on a mountain or rock area. He takes off her top and then they lower her shorts and finally her panties, with a quick flash of a slightly hairer than normal bush for these shows. Then most of the scene is shown with her on her back, Rafe on top of her. She's done much more elsewhere.

McKinnon was written on May 2, 2011

Various episode High School Crush

Ander has 3-4 scenes in this episode although they all seem to work hard to avoid her pubis and the same goes for most of the other women in the episode In an early scene she flashes back to high school sex in a limo showing her breasts as her dress is hiked down to her waist Then she masturbates in the shower while fantasizing of a fourway Finally she has sex with Cy Cooper with her upper body shown in various positions as she is pounded by and rides Cooper

Nicole Oring
McKinnon was written on May 2, 2011

Lesbian scene episode High School Crush

Nicole is a Korean-American actress who has a striking unique look even with the implants Her only sex scene is with Monique Parent about 20 minutes in after she reveals she had a crush on Monique when Monique was her high school teacher She is stripped out of her top to reveal her C cups then a few side rear views and very close but not quite glimpses of her lower half as she simulates various sexual positions with Monique

Angela Nicholas
soulman was written on November 10, 2002

3 Scenes.

In the episode CHASING JAMIE, Nicholas plays a woman persued by 3 ex-lovers (2 guys, 1 gal). The 2 scenes with the guys were fine, but the lesbo scene in the suana is the real stand-out. She's very attractive with a nice body and average-sized natural tits. There's some good ass and patch shots too. She even looks good in her blue undies near the end of the episode. Overall, not bad.

Chicago was written on November 12, 2002

3 scenes

soulman does a good job of describing Angela's scenes, so I'll add some times and a few details. At :05-:08.25 after hooking up with an old flame at the hotel, the two go back to a room, he takes down her dress top (hand-cup sized breasts), the two exchange dry kisses, and he takes down her panties revealing her dark pubes before simu-oraling her in the chair. The two then go at it reverse-seated (breasts and top pubes) and doggie-style while standing (nice hanging breasts) before a guy walks in on the two of them. At :12.75-:14.5 in a f/f, already naked Stephanie Swift opens Angela's towel and simu-orals her bent over in her lap and on a ledge in a sauna...breasts and side ass. At :20-:23.25, the camera cuts to a naked Angela and a guy in a hot tub with her breasts above the water line; he does her from behind (good breast close-ups) and from the front.

McKinnon was written on June 27, 2011

Various; ep: Layover

Angela is sharing a bed (platonically) with Brad Bartram and she changes - ass and some side shots of her breasts. She then decides to have sex with him while he's sleeping - not really sure how else to describe it - and this is an odd shot as you see some shots of her chest, but since she's riding him throughout, they choose to focus more on her back and on Bartram's unconscious face. Anyway...she later has sex with him when he's actually awake, and he's sitting on the couch, with her sitting on his lap. She sits reverse cowgirl style several times, showing her breasts and her dark landing strip.

Candice Michelle
Know-it-all was written on November 18, 2002

Episode "Model Behavior"

Candice is a frequent Playboy Newsstand Specials model. In this episode she plays the younger of two models who come to the hotel for a shoot. Her nudity is extensive and of very high quality. She has an almost impossibly voluptuous body, with big round hips and huge breasts. They defy gravity in a way that marks them as likely enhanced, but she would be sporting a huge pair even w/o the (probable)implants. She's got smooth skin, dark brown hair and blueish eyes. She reminds me a lot of Yasmine Bleeth when she was still in good shape.

Her first scene is a topless one from fairly close up, at the :10 minute mark. She's changing in the tent on the beach, putting on her bikini top. The exposure is for several seconds and it's quite good. About a minute later, she's seen briefly splashing around in the surf topless.

At the :15 minute mark, she goes back to the photographer's hotel room, and they have a sex scene of about two minutes. He peels her dress down to expose her breasts and show that she's wearing panties. After some sensual caressing, she slips those off and we get a brief look at her bush. They get onto the bed and have a good softcore scene, with her riding him cowgirl style for most of it. We get closeups of him squeezing her juicy butt and then of her, full frontal as she slides back and forth on him. (She has a nicely trimmed bush. Not a landing strip, just trimmed close, very beautiful.) She's very energetic and her actions are wildly arousing.

At the :18 minute mark, we get more toplessness in the tent. (This time her hair is up in giant curlers which, while kind of goofy and distracting, doesn't detract from her beauty.) This is followed by a long (@ two minutes) scene of her and the other model posing on the beach. They start out topless and quickly progress to fully nude. Candice rolls back and forth on the wet sand very seductively, not leaving very much of her body unseen. She shows the plump ass, the big breasts and the nice fur, over and over.

Finally, there is a two minute sex scene at the :25 minute mark when she goes to the guy's hotel room again, and finds him w/ the other model. Instead of storming out, she blithely reaches back, undoes her top, doffs it (we get a fairly close look at her big tits again), then slips out of the skirt. Of course, she's not wearing panties and we get another good look at her pubic bush. She climbs onto the bed and shares kisses with both of them. She takes up a place in between them as they all come up on their knees. This is shot from the front, so we get a full view of both ladies. The other model kisses one side of her face and caresses that same side up and down and the photographer takes care of the other. Finally, they maneuver her onto her back and he climbs between her thighs and goes to work. She's bent back and she moans in a really erotic way. She's pretty convincing.

A beautiful girl who spends nealy the whole half hour topless or nude. The best episode of the series, for my money.

b00bfan was written on May 24, 2006


I thought i should give Candice a better reveiw that i did before. First you get to see her nude body on a beach as she poses for a model shoot with Tina. Its sexy but she gets better. She gets Fabrizio into a bed room and she stands in front of him and lets him feels her body as she slowly undresses her enormous boobs. Once the dress is off she slowly takes off her thong as she backs her round butt into his waist. Once she is completely naked, she gets him on the bed and starts kissing him as she lets her incredible boobs press onto his chest. Then they begin to have sex. Fabrizio has both hands on Candice's nice butt as he pulls it into him as she humps him. She rides him by moving her body in a wave-like motion and she allows her huge boobs to hang over his face as she grinds into him. She makes the sexiest noises as she humps him. Then he reaches up a few times to grab her left breast and give it a nice squeeze. Then, this is the best part, she takes his hands and puts one on each boob and she makes him squeeze them very hard and press them together in an upward motion. Then she puts her arms on the bed over his shoulders to keep her body up as she begins to thrust into him alot, letting her breasts bounce in his face. The scene ends with her pressing her boobs on his chest as they kiss. Next you see another model shoot and this one is better than the first. She lays on the beach naked as she rubs sand all over her big juicy melons. She also presses them on the sand while laying on her stomache. Her last nude clip is another classic sex scene. She walks into the bedroom and Fabrizio is having sex with Tina, but he doesnt see her because he is doing her from behind and facing the other direction. So Candice gets naked and decided to join in. She places her right breast on Fabrizios should and feels his naked body until he finishes with Tina. Then he and Tina kneel on each side of Candice and feel her naked body by squeezing her boobs and butt. Then she is on her back as Fabrizio is thrusting into her missionary style real hard and deep. Tina stays to the side and occasionally feels up Candice. Candice's boobs bounce alot from all the thrusting and they are occaionally squeezed by the guy. I absolutely love Candice Michelle and if anyone else does also then email me to chat about her and see some cool stuff.

b00bfan was written on March 29, 2006


Candice is my favorite nude celebrity. In this episode her first nude clips is when she models on a beach bearing her very large and juicy boobs. Then her sex scene starts with Fabrizio near a bed when he slowly undresses her while she backs her butt into his croch and showing off her breasts. Then they get to the bed when she is on top the whole time doing all the work for Fabrizio. He enjoys squeezing her awesome butt and then he pushes her absolutely incredible boobs upward while she moans and rides him in a wave motion. Her last sex clips is her walking in on Fabrizio having sex with Tina and her takes off her top(BOOBS AGAIN! and jions in from behind him and she pushes her right breast on his shoulder and feels him all over until he finishes up with Tina. Then its her turn, She lays down while Fabrizio drills into her missionary while her big boobs bouce alot. Girls will also enjoy this because Fabrizio lets his butt be exposed during this very hot clip. ANY OTHER CANDICE FANS OUT THERE THEN EMAIL ME!

000 was written on December 19, 2011

Playboy TV (Totally Busted, Ep-2)

This is one of Candice’s many Totally Busted episodes, where she and other girls make fool of 3 plumbers. In the first shot, she is found sitting in the tub with her mates. Candice is wearing a pony-tail & she is completely naked. She puts one of her hands on her left thigh above the water line. She rubs her thigh with her hand and nods her head a bit towards right. She talks as she introduces us with the episode theme. She smiles after she has finished talking and suddenly one of the 3 bare body girls sprinkles water, Candice looks at her. The episode starts and we find her sitting in tub. She spreads both her hands behind (we can also see her left thigh under the water) and looks when a plumber comes in. She gets prepared. Now she has her left knee over the water table and moves it back & forth. She again holds that knee with her left hand and puts it under water. She talks angrily to one plumber and slightly moves in this process. While talking, we get to see a full view of her left breast and a partial view of her right breast just above the water. She again talks and now we see another plumber arrives at. Candice has now raised up her right knee above water and has her right hand touching it. She pours some water on her knee with the hand. Now she shows with her left hand the drain where there occurred a problem under the water. She has put black eye-shadow, which looks great and also wears a black rubber band to tie her hair into a pony tail. She briefly looks at the water and again starts talking to the man. The camera angle then shows her fro the back and we find her sitting under water spreading her legs (she is the only girl who is sitting in that style). She rubs her left thigh again, this time with right hand while talking to mechanic. She keeps on talking, the camera angle changes and we get another full view of her twins. All the time she keeps on rubbing her bottom thigh. Next she talks to another mechanic and we see her butt cleavage at the top of water level. Then she looks on at the plumber’s reaction. She listens to what they are saying and the camera angle focuses on her bare back. One technician says something funny and Candice starts laughing turning her face away. After that, she clubs both her fists and looks at the girl sitting beside her. Next, she rotates her head behind to see a plumber stripping. But the view was not clear and she slightly adjusts her position. While another plumber strips his cloth, she keeps on smiling and says something to him. She then shouts at him. Other plumbers were taking off their cloths simultaneously as we can see. Now at the 2:02 minute mark, one man goes to strip down his pant and we see Candice feeling a bit shy and takes her eye away from him. She rubs her nose thinking what-to-do but again decides to take a sneak peek at him. She begins to enjoy herself and keeps on rubbing the tip of her nose with right hand. She stops rubbing and smiles a little to see the man without cloths. She holds the edge of the tub with her left hand. She moves forward a bit as the plumber approaches to make room for him. As one plumber enters the tub, she feels a bit uncomfortable and decides to set her eyes on the water. When the third plumber goes under the water, she takes his shirt in her hand, puts it beside her and sits on the side of the tub. She looks on as the work progresses. One of the plumbers faces problem to locate the drain and Candice so sitting so close to him that she felt little perplexed – as such, she decides to just keep on looking at him. As that man dives under water, Candice again felt uncomfortable and opened her mouth a bit to show some expression. She really is quite uncomfortable as the man is so closely places. Then she tries to break that uncomfort by talking to the other girls and making some suggestions. Two plumbers found it difficult to identify the ring and Candice looks at one of them angrily. Next she tries to help the last worker and points him something with her left hand. She then smiles and rises her right leg up from water and makes hi five with the man. After that she also tries to help the other two plumber as she lifts her right leg up in front of one and gives some advice to the other. Later, she talks to all of them and shares a smile with the girls. At last Jared came and Candice looks at him. Now she has changed her position from left to thee right of the tub. While Jared is talking, she crosses her right leg and rubs her right toe with right hand. Another man comes and she looks at him while smiling. The man talks, she listens and at one point, she slaps her left knee with her hand. When that man is done talking, she fondles both her breasts and later gives them a moderate squeeze. At the end of the episode, she takes part in a photo-shoot sitting beside the plumber while smiling and talking and pointing.

jake135 was written on March 13, 2014

hotel erotica model behaviour

The best episode in the series definitely, the episode starts of as Candice arriving as an immature model who is greeted by fabrizio. In the beginning Tina begins to have sex with her boyfriend, she rides him then he gently bends her over and thrusts her as she is constantly moaning. In the beginning scenes, she finds candice extremely immature and they are modelling but candice seems to make her slightly jealous with her youth and beauty. In the nightclub everyone is dancing so candice and fabrizio decide to leave and go to the hotel where the fun begins.

She kisses Fabrizio then strips for him by the bed exposing her busty breasts, then slowing removing her bikini to reveal everything. At this point she starts riding him, thrusting back and forth on his cock, as shes moving back and forth she bends down he starts rubbing all over her beautiful body touching her butt, then as she begins to go towards orgasm, he puts his hands on her breasts squeezing them showing her erect nipples, as she enjoys it. He continues to rub between her breasts as she is now riding him hard, she erotically moans his hands goes on to her stomach then she reaches that orgasm. He then turns her over and gives her a kiss as shes enjoyed it.

After that scene they reach the beach, she confesses to tina that she had sex with fabrizio, Tinas jealously emerges, flabbergasted and confused. As the next part of the photography begins, Tina and candice fully enjoy each others company as they strip fully nude and start putting sand on each others breasts and butts, both excited by the shoot and loving every minute.

The final scene is the main event and the best scene in the series, a genius move. As Tina arrives to Fabrizio's hotel she has on a sexy dress and starts talking about how 'candice is a kid and she ll have to learn' and tina then invites Fabrizio to have sex with her as she commences to removing her dress we see her hard nipples. She allows fabrizio to go down her and she moans and then rides him, they swap positions as he's thrusting her sideways, candice approaches the hallway intrigued by the moaning, so she prepares herself and walks down. As tina is being thrusted, fabrizio firmly grabs her stomach, squeezing the sides twice she as he smiles. As tina is throughly enjoying, candice opens the door to enter to view tina in her final stages as tina is now about to orgasm, as candice removes her slutty dress to show her beautiful breasts we hears tinas moans in the background as she has reached orgasm.

Now candice mounts on the bed to have her innocence devoured by both of them, she goes in to kiss tina twice once touching on her erect nipple then squeezes her breast up against fabrizio. Now begins the best part as shes on her knees they both are feeling her up and tina is rubbing on her breasts and butt and fabrizio is watching and occasionally feeling as well. Tina kisses again on the lips signifying her wanting to see candice pleasured, as she feels her up, she goes below slips her finger twice under her vagina as fabrizio rubs her stomach we see her beautiful face as she feels it, we tina's happiness in this. She then lies on her back knowing her innocence is about to be taken away as they are taking pleasure from it. fabrizio begins to gently thrust as she pleasantly moans, we see tina feeling her up, sliding her hand around her body as she watches intensely with pleasure. We see candice pull the sheets back symbolising how good it is, as she grips on to it, fabrizio is going harder and harder making a her breasts go back and forth by making her knee touch those petite nipples. We then see tina slip in for a cheeky hot kiss, we see the continuous thrusting, then candice reaches breaking point. As Tina watches passionately with that dirty sex look on her face in the final seconds put her arm over her erect nipples. we see candice is eyes flutter twice from reaching, as she is moaning desperately craving that orgasm as if he is teasing. Tinas mouth is wide open taking pleasure in the fact candice michelle is struggling for it, enjoying her in such a vulnerable position. As Fabrizio gives that final push, we see candice is mouth wide open as she reaches her peak grabbing both his arms, with a nice orgasm. Afterwards they finish knowing they have mission accomplished of taking candice is innocence, this is a perfect scene hope you enjoyed it.

Monica Mayhem
McKinnon was written on June 30, 2011

Cowgirl on cowboy; ep: Secret Admirer

Monica hits it off with a hunky ranchhand and then they go to his room. She quickly strips naked and starts stripping him, with a close look at her dark blonde landing strip while she's taking off his jeans. She goes reverse cowgirl, then she gets on all fours as he drives into her. The scene has a fun sensation, aside from some loud background music.

Beverly Lynne
McKinnon was written on June 10, 2011

Everything; episode: X-Treme Sports

Beverly has multiple nude scenes, with full nudity, throughout the episode. She has a bed scene with Gian Keys which is mostly her breasts. Then she's in the shower and teases Gian - this has full frontal, and her ass, in good lighting. She goes out skinny dipping with a man and you can see her ass again, then her breasts as she straddles him back on land. You see her on all fours as he pounds her from behind, and then when they're standing up, a pan of her fully naked, head to legs. Finally she has sex with Gian in their bedroom - there's a closeup of her dark and very close shaved landing strip as he pulls her panties down.

McKinnon was written on June 10, 2011

Various; episode: Lust Takes a Holiday

Beverly spends most of the episode in terrible wigs. In a mermaid type wig, she has a sex scene with Glen Meadows, mostly just her breasts when she's riding him. There's another scene in his room where they're standing up and you get a slightly obscured full frontal view of her. Then on the bed, in the last sex scene there are some breast shots as she's on her back eating her out, and then she's on her side, with another obscured full frontal shot as he's behind her.

McKinnon was written on June 14, 2011

Narration gyration; episode: Talking Dirty

Beverly and Danny Pape are at a book conference and as we hear Kennedy Johnston reading from her smut book, Beverly and Danny are inspired and go off to what looks like a large laundry room. The scene is fairly tame even by softcore standards - you see him take off her bra, and touch her breasts as he stands behind her. Then she feigns giving him head (she's still in her panties) and then he takes her from behind, with only a side view. Throughout Kennedy continues to read.

McKinnon was written on June 30, 2011

Various; ep: Hot and Bothered

Beverly begins to lower her top and touch her breasts when she overhears Kelsey and Danny Pape having sex in the room on the other side of the wall. In a "trip" sequence in a hut, Glen Meadows repeatedly hallucinates her fully naked, laying down, Tina Lieu overseeing her. She's shown full frontal several times in lagoon sequences, with Pape, later Meadows, groping her, and Kelsey kissing her and licking her breasts. Later they all end up in a hot tub and Kelsey encourages her to stand up and show herself. Kelsey marvels over her "great ass" and they kiss and touch and both simulate cunnilingus (one sits on the edge...then in the next scene, the other does). Finally she and Glean Meadows have sex in their bed, mostly with her on top.

Lauren Lutker
Chicago was written on October 21, 2002

1 scene in "The Fast and the Furious"

At :06.75-:08.75, Lauren and Amanda Collins play two race car fans that seemingly want to get it on with the injured race driver only to get into each other much more. The two simultaneously strip for the guy before moing to the couch for a f/f...Lauren's smaller breasts and ass are viewable. Not particularly great views of either of them.

Nicole Leshelle
McKinnon was written on May 2, 2011

Skinny dip Episode High School Crush

Nicole is a brunette who has a natural body and a little weight on her instead of the usual routine where you get a rib cage and baseball implants At about 17 minutes into the episode she starts to take off her bikini top showing her small breasts then as this is cut with a conversation between the main characters we see bits of her stripping off her white shorts a few glimpses of her ass then several more looks at her breasts and her dark and fairly full bush while she's asking Cy Cooper to join her

Tina Leiu
b00bfan was written on March 29, 2006

Model Behavior

Tina has alot of nude appearences in this episode. First she has sex with a guy on a bed. She rides him while he occassionally grabs her boobs(which are nicely sized). Its a pretty hot scene and an average length. Next she poses nude for the camera a couple of times on the beach with CANDICE MICHELLE(best girl on the show). Then at the end she is apart of the very hot threesome with her, Candice and Fabrizio. Tina is mostly off to the side while Candice and fabrizio go at it which is a very hot scene. Candice bears her large melons and Fabrizio shows off his muscular naked body for the ladys.

McKinnon was written on June 30, 2011

Various; ep: Secret Admirer

Tina has 2 sex scenes with Rafe. In the first they're in her room, he undoes her dress, they show her firm stomach and her panties, then she's riding him, with close shots of her breasts. This scene seems to end abruptly. A scene at the end of the episode, where they have sex in a cavern, is slightly longer. She rides him, then gets up and turns around (with a careful avoidance of a full frontal shot) and begins riding him reverse cowgirl. Both scenes lack some energy.

McKinnon was written on June 30, 2011

Breasts; ep: Hot and Bothered

Enthralling her guests as some type of ancient warrior guru, Tina reminds me of an X-rated vampire slayer. She shows some breast shots in the "trip" sequences. They used these images of her in some promotional material and in the production credit, I think.

Sunny Lee
Chicago was written on November 16, 2002

4 scenes in "Falling in Lust"

soulman does a good job of describing Sunny's scenes in this episode, so I'll add some times and a few details. The show opens with a cut to long blonde (and sweaty) Sunny on top of her boyfriend at :00.75-:03.25...the guy quickly switches on top, pushing her head over the edge of the bed. While she feels and squeezes her own breasts, he keeps the bed rocking with thrusts; afterward she moves to the shower and he joins her, coming up behind her and squeezing her twins as the two start to get wet before the scene ends. At :09-:09.75, Sunny is lying out topless, she rolls over with breasts pointing up as her fmr. hubby walks up...she covers herself with her hands and leisurely ties on her suit top. At :12.75-:14.75, Sunny shares a cutaway scene with Anixia Rodriquez as each sex different guys. Sunny is seen getting it doggie-style (breasts and top ass) with big full thrusts, but looks bored with her boyfriend. At :21.5-:24.75, Sunny again shares a cutaway scene with Anixia, as Sunny hooks up with her fmr. husband outdoors on a mat covering the ground...he simu-orals her and she gets on top giving some good breast close-ups and some clean-shaven views from a medium distance. As soulman describes, Sunny's face is just 'ok'...the body's a notch or two better.

Chazz was written on November 16, 2002

"Back in Lust Again"

USUALLY....fake breasts are a turn-off for me. I have yet to see an adequately arousing or convincing pair to make me think otherwise. Until now. This girl has a great store-bought rack and knows just how to show it off. Bravo !

soulman was written on November 15, 2002


I hope that I'm listing the correct actress. Lee (who has a OK face, has a nice, tight ass and fake, nice tits with a nice set of nips) runs into her ex-husband while on vacation with her boyfriend in the episode FALLING IN LUST AGAIN. In the 1st scene she's hanging over the side of the bed while getting nailed by her boyfriend. The 2nd shows her tits briefly while sunbathing. The 3rd shows her getting nailed doggy-style by her boyfriend again and in the 4th she's gets it in various positions by her ex. Not bad.

Jennifer Lawrence
Chicago was written on December 14, 2002

3 scenes

At :03:05-:05:45 in this episode, brown-skinned Jennifer takes off her robe for a relaxing shower in dim full breasts and ass viewable as she soaps herself and the camera pans down her body. She then sits and daydreams about showering with a guy...pubes from a medium distance as he runs his hands on her and simu-orals her. "Waking" from the dream, she then stands and finishes the shower giving more shots of her breasts, ass and partial pubes. At :07:15-:08:30, Jennifer, Cynthia Shaw and Diana Espen are sitting topless talking in an outdoor hottub...breasts seen above the waterline along with the other gals' chests. At :23:45-:26:20, the guy gets Jennifer in bed, takes off her top and camouflage panties, but leaving her leather belt on...breasts and some pubes. Jen then simu-orals him before getting on top of him--breasts, some pubes, and ass. He then gets on top of her giving the best view of her pencil-width pubes as he pulls her up by her belt while thrusting into her.

Zophia Lavik
McKinnon was written on June 27, 2011

Various; ep: Layover

This is Zophia's only IMDB credit, although she may have done other work under another name. She has a withdrawn, rare type of prettiness for these shows. For some reason the woman she shares her story and sex scenes with is not credited, and I'm blanking on her name at the moment (she's Asian-American). Another actress, who appears in the first scene (a fake movie), shows her breasts, but also isn't credited. Anyway, Zophia first shows her small breasts and shapely ass when she's fantasizing about a soapy session with the other woman. She stands behind the other woman, soaping her, the other woman stands behind her, with Zophia bent over. Then fantasy becomes reality and they kiss and Zophia's bathing suit top is removed, and she kisses the other woman's breasts, the other woman fingers her through her bikini bottoms. She asks to stop. They go outside, and kiss, naked (nothing shown below the waist - just bare legs). Finally they go back inside for a bath. The other woman shows full frontal and they go into the tub, kissing, touching, each simulating cunnilingus. This is a very hot scene. They are careful to avoid full frontal or any frontal glimpse for Zophia, so I docked a star.

McKinnon was written on June 30, 2011

Various; ep: Hot and Bothered

Early in the episode Beverly Lynne and Glen Meadows overhear Kelsey and Danny Pape having sex. Doggy style, Kelsey on top, Kelsey on her back with Danny holding her legs. This scene is OK but is marred by one of the early shots that makes it look like she has a really bad implant. The four of them go to a hut and have hallucinations - Kelsey is shown in the hut, below Pape, then outdoors, in a lagoon, kissing Lynne and licking her breasts. This has several full frontal shots, breasts and bare lower lips. After they wake up, they eventually find themselves sharing a hot tub, and Kelsey stands up (more full frontal) and encourages Lynne to also "show off her body." They begin kissing and touching, and they each simulate eating out, as the men watch. This is a pretty hot scene, at least when they're both standing up and beginning to touch each other.

McKinnon was written on June 30, 2011

Bathtub; ep: Secret Admirer

Rafe quickly realizes she and her boyfriend are in what is supposed to be his hotel room. They're enjoying the bath. She's sitting on the tub as the man simulates cunnilingus, then she's on top of him. Quick shots.

Mara Kelle
Chazz was written on October 13, 2002

"X-treme Sports"--massage

There are two things wrong with this scene to me: 1) it's pretty lackluster on its own; 2) it intercuts with another scene which is ANNOYING AS HELL ! She has an "OK" surgically-enhanced frame. I guess I just expected more.

Chicago was written on December 2, 2002

1 scene in "Legally Yours"

At :02-:03.5 in this episode, honey-haired Mara is wearing a silver body outfit, light-heartedly whipping a guy. He takes off her clothes on the bed revealing her hand-cup sized breasts, and the two go at it with her flailing around on top of him...going from laughable to over-the-top--decent views of her breasts and ass as she's mostly on top of him. No doubt her performance surprised the guy as he's caught laughing a couple of times.

soulman was written on December 14, 2002

1 Scene.

Kelle has 1 scene. She starts out giving a massage to Lynne's boyfriend. The scene continues with intercuts scenes of Lynne gettinmg it on with another guy during which you see Kelle in a great frontal shot. She appear to have a nice ass but it's shown only briefly. See dpph's review for details.

dpph was written on October 6, 2002

As Mara in X-Treme Sports

She only has one scene, but it contains a doozy of a full-frontal shot. At about hte 18-19 minute mark she's giving a full-body massage. She takes off her top revealing her smallish but quite respectable breasts. Her sex scene is spliced between another one, so the shots cut back and forth which is annoying. The guy licks her breasts and she licks down his body traveling down his chest. When the scene cuts back from the other sex scene, she's now on the massage table, totally naked, facing up. She's coated in a shiny massage oil and her trimmed but spread pubic hair is very visible. The guy rubs her legs just around her crotch and we really get a very very good view of her pubes. Thigns cut back to her again and she's now on the end of the table, and hes licking her, blocking our view of anything but her breasts. He starts to simu-oral her but the scene cuts away. When it comes back, she's riding him cowgirl style. We really don't see anything more of intersting.

I would've liked to have given this a 2.5 because it's short and cut up and so not quite worth a three, but the shot of her crotch is so good that I didn't quite feel it deserved to be considered an average dose of nudity.

Chicago was written on October 6, 2002

1 scene in "X-treme Sports"

dpph does a good job of describing Mara's scene which comes at :18.5-:21.25, but in my opinion a clear full frontal generally gets you a 4th *.

McKinnon was written on June 13, 2011

Various; episode: The Hookup

Hardcore Kaylynn is one of the few redheaded beauties to be on the show. She's topless and tamely play-fighting with Jenna West when they're in the water. She later goes into the "bachelor" wannabe's tent and seduces him, but the lighting is dark and you mostly just see her breasts, if you can see anything. A bit later there's a fast full frontal as she and Jenna get into a jacuzzi. Finally she and Jenna West have a threesome with Sean Reynolds after initially mistaking him for the bachelor. The lighting is also dark here but the scene is very hot, as the actors put some work into it. You can see some side glimpses of her as she kisses Sean while Jenna is riding him. Then you see her breasts and a few full frontal gimpses as Sean gives it to her on all fours, Jenna is underneath her and they kiss passionately and touch each other and Jenna tongues Kaylynn's nipples.

Teanara Kai
McKinnon was written on June 14, 2011

Bathttime fun; episode: Talking Dirty

Teanara and Christian Dion are in the bathtub - he feigns cunnilingus with her legs on the sides of the tub, she's sitting on his lap and then doing reverse cowgirl. This is a fairly short scene. The best part is the closeup, in glistening suds and sunlight, of her fantastic ass.

Tanya James
McKinnon was written on May 2, 2011

Fantasy episode High School Crush

Blonde Tanya plays a girlfriend to the Justin Rogers character When Ander Page fantasizes about him at about 11 minutes into the episode Tanya soon joins This is a very hot concept but the camera angles are too close and the scene won't stay for long You can see her B cups and a few glimpses of her tight buns

Holly Hollywood
McKinnon was written on June 13, 2011

Solo bath fun; couch sex

Holly gets in the bathtub (quick side full frontal) and as suds cover her lower half, simulates masturbation. She walks back into the living room, a nicely lit full frontal shot before she gets her robe together. She later has a couch sex scene, ass as she's crouched feigning fellatio on the guy and then breasts as he's kissing down her and when she's riding him. Unfortunately this scene is marred by background music that sounds like an evil ringtone.

Lauren Hays
Chazz was written on October 13, 2002

"X-treme Sports"

dpph, brings up a good question: why does sit down to read the letter (which, if the length of the episode is any indication) is a half-hour long read? I guess some people just don't care about high water bills. But she is worth watching.

dpph was written on December 13, 2002

Episode: The Competition

In nearly every episode of this series, we've seen Ms. Hays go completely nude for a moment or two before reading a letter, but we only see her in a skimpy bikini in this ep.

PS: The beginning to this episode is hilarious, however, because she begins to read the "letter" that is supposed to be narrating this 22-minute episode, and it's nothing but a tiny postcard. Hell, the opening 30 seconds of narration wouldn't even fit on that postcard.

Chicago was written on November 7, 2002

2 scenes in “She’s the Boss”

At :01.5-:02.5 in this episode, Lauren delivers a clear, good full frontal view of herself as she doffs her rob and crawls into the hot tub, grabs a glass of champagne and settles in to read a letter (breasts then above the water line). At :the end of the episode at 26.25, Lauren’s again seen back in the hot tub…breasts above water line for 20 sec.

soulman was written on November 9, 2002

The Beginning Of Every Episode.

At the beginning of every episode Hays drops her robe giving a frontal shot of her getting into the hottub. You see her fake, but beautiful tits and nicely trimmed patch. Every episode also end with a shot of her tits once again seen above the water of the hottub. Though I haven't reviewed her in the past I just love that gorgeous body of hers.

dpph was written on October 6, 2002

As Chloe; In episode X-Treme Sports

She's basically the main character of the overall show in that she runs the hotel and reads the letters that make up the show's story.

A few minutes in she starts up a shower and we get to see her breasts and pubic hair from afar. Nice chest, though fake, and we do get a pretty good look at the pubic hair. Then right at the end of the episode we see her breasts as she embraces a man. Not very interesting or great nudity, but I wanted to give more than a one because she did go full frontal in front of the shower.

Upon reflection: It's odd that she starts a shower at the top of the episode and then sits down to read a half-hour story. Talk about a waste of city water!

Chicago was written on October 6, 2002

2 scenes in "X-treme Sports"

dpph does a good job of describing Lauren's scenes...the first comes at :02-:02.25, the second at :27.25-:27.5 (dropping tow).

Chicago was written on October 24, 2002

5 scenes in "The Fast and the Curious"

At :10-:12 in this episode, Lauren strips with a guy...breasts, dark pubes, and ass as she's sensually done from behind, bent over in the shower...nice. At :15, Lauren undresses for a solo bath and naked for 10 sec. At :17.75-:20, the guy undresses her from behind...breasts and pubes as he does her slowly from behind while she's bent over; she then does him from on top before she's seen lying down in front of him on her side...good full frontal shots throughout. At :21.75-:22, Lauren is in the bathtub, gets out wet and sudsy and puts on a robe. At :25-:26.5, Lauren is sexing a guy on the beach as water laps in on them...she's on top before being done from behind on her knees and then doggie-style; good full frontal and ass shots throughout. Lauren's rarely going to give a wild sex performance, but she'll not hold back full, solid nudity and she's got a decently hot body consistenly making her a great watch.

b00bfan was written on March 30, 2006

Episode: Chasing Jamie

Lauren has very nice boobs shots in this episode but the best clip of all is at the end. She and a very muscular guy do it on a beach. The guy first does her missionary and they both make moaning sounds while he thrusts into her. Theres also a very nice part when Lauren sits up on her knees with the guy doing her from behind while he holds onto her big boobs and gives em a few squeezes. Then she gets on top of him and rides him nice and easy while he grabs her breasts and squeezes them together real nice. Good quality clip.

T.J. Hart
Chicago was written on November 7, 2002

2 scenes in “She’s the Boss”

At :13.5-:16 in this episode, TJ hooks up with Greta Dolen’s geeky, professionally-abused personal assistant. TJ comes out of her pink nightie outdoors in daylight by a hot tub while Greta looks on and masturbates from the hotel room above…large breasts close-up and tan body (absent bikini bottom area) as the guy kisses her and down her body on the edge of the hot-tub. The camera pans down on her lower abdomen (likely clean shaven, but no lips seen) just above the water line before he does her briefly. At :18-:18.75, she and the guy try to go at it again on the beach while Greta again spies on them from behind the trees…her left breast is exposed above her bikini top while he’s behind her on their sides. The scene is interrupted by a telephone call, and TJ puts herself back in her top and leaves.

Roxanne Hall
McKinnon was written on June 15, 2011

Bed and changing room; episode: Maid Service

Hardcore porn star Roxanne Hall has a few good scenes as the support for the lead (Monique Alexander). She sneaks some hotel room sex with the pool guy. She's flat on her back, with the camera sort of letting you see her panties lowered, but even when she stands up to take off the guy's pants, they keep the angles away from full frontal. She rides him. Later she is topless while changing out of her maid's uniform and there's a closer look at her 36Cs.

Jill Green
McKinnon was written on June 13, 2011

Couch sex; episode: Bewitched and Bewildered

Jill Green AKA Sandy Wasko is a blonde with a nice, quiet type of beauty, and a very nice body. It's slightly marred by what I assume are large implants. Early in the episode she and Anthony Luke have sex on a sofa - she takes off her bikini top, then lowers her bottoms, letting us see her dark blonde landing strip. Luke feigns oral, then turns her around, letting us see her very nice ass before he fakes backdoor. Then she's turned around again and it's a few breast glimpses while he pounds into her. Later in the episode, she and Luke again get busy on the sofa, sitting on Luke's lap, reverse cowgirl, as she holds and cups her breasts and keeps her hands in front of her pussy (darkly lit) and occasionally feigns playing with herself.

Sandra Gibson
McKinnon was written on May 15, 2011

Breasts; bit more; ep: Lisa Comes Out

Sandra is an attractive woman but also has an everyday appeal about her, a body that isn't too overdone and decent looks. She plays a tabloid reporter who has two sex scenes with Drake Dorado. Both are handled bizarrely - in the first, on a canyon floor, you just see her breasts and then the scene is over. Her second scene with Dorado, on a bed, has more lingering views of her breasts, and quick glimpses at her ass and landing strip, but again they cut in with flashbacks to the previous scenes between the two in the episode. Odd.

April Flowers
Chicago was written on December 14, 2002

4 scenes in "The Competition"

At :07:15-:08:30 in this episode, Diana, Cynthia Shaw, and Jennifer Lawrence are sitting topless talking in an outdoor hottub; Diana's small breasts and very small areola are on display along with the other gals' chests. At :10:20-:11:20, Diana pulls the curtain closed to an outdoor cafe, doffs her bathing suit top revealing her A-cups for the guy and comes onto him; she grasps at his clothes before he denies her and leaves. At :17:50-:21:15 after dancing at dinner, Diana and Cynthia take off their tops on the bed, caress each other and start a f/f/m with a guy as there are bad overlays of crashing surf...ass and breasts as the guy does Cynthia from behind while eating Diana. When Cynthia gets on top of the guy, Diana's pubes are somewhat viewable from a distance as she tries to straddle the guy's leg behind Cynthia...Diana plays 2nd fiddle in the scene. At :21:40-:22, naked Diana and Cynthia join the guy on the couch...ass and breasts before he leaves them sitting there.

Greta Dolan
Chicago was written on November 7, 2002

4 scenes in "She's the Boss"

At :04.5 in this episode, presumptuous and abusive boss Greta takes advantage of her geeky personal assistant, telling him to unzip and take off her dress for a shower...nice breasts with good nipples for 20 sec. as she doffs her red dress. The scene then cuts to her standing in the bathroom with a full frontal shot of her getting ready to get in the shower...20 sec. breasts and pubes. At :08-:10.25, the assistant walks in on her while she's on top of another guy sexing him...decent shots of her breasts and pubes in shadows with baaaad rocking sex. At :14-:16 while TJ Hart hooks up with the assistant down by the hot tub, Greta looks on and masturbates from the hotel room above…breasts close-up as her top comes off, the camera pans up and down her body, and her bottoms come off and she masturbates (but with hand covering her pubis). At :24.25-:25.75, Greta and the assistant finally get it on...after she simu-orals him, he pushes her onto her back giving clear shots of her breasts...dark pubes too as she's under him and raised up onto his thighs getting thrusted.

Amanda Collins
Chicago was written on October 21, 2002

1 scene in "The Fast and the Curious"

At :06.75-:08.75, Amanda and Lauren Lutker play two race car fans that seemingly want to get it on with the injured race driver only to get into each other much more. The two simultaneously strip for the guy before moing to the couch for a f/f...Amanda's larger fake breasts, ass and thin mohawk are viewable. Not particularly great views of either of them.

Dru Berrymore
Chicago was written on October 30, 2002

7 scenes in “Chatroom”

At :01.25-:03.25 in this episode, Dru is having cybersex, imagining she’s on her back being simu-oraled and loving it…arched back and wrapping her legs around her cybersex man. Her tight body, tan breasts with dime-sized areola and erect nips, ass and mohawk pubes (briefly) are viewable as she’s on top, gets in doggie-style, is reverse-seated, then on top of him…and she really wants it! At :06.25-:07.5, Dru is stripping while talking to a guy over her computer…breasts in front of the mirror while touching herself as well as her ass in thong panties. At :07.75-:09.25, she doffs her bathing suit top and gets into the lagoon…breasts, ass and thong as she sticks her hand down her suit bottoms to masturbate and splash water on her chest while a guy is looking on. At :13.75-:16, Dru watches Tiffany and a guy from behind a tree, opening her top a little (breasts) and masturbating with her hand down her shorts. At :16.25-:17.25, Dru is seen coming out of the bathroom after a shower…breasts and pubes from a medium distance, then breasts while talking on a computer with a guy. At :19-:21.25, Dru gets a rubdown while naked after a workout…ass and breasts getting on the table, ass as her covering towel is taken off, and breasts & pubes as she flips onto her back. At :25.5-:28.25, Dru and her cybersex guy finally hook up…he removes her clothes (breasts and pubes, heels stay on) as he does her on his knees with her butt hiked up off the bed and she’s on top, each with great clear full frontal shots of her. Very nice body on her!! and a well-shot episode.

Chazz was written on November 12, 2002


Ahh, Chicago. You know how to review skin, don'tcha ?
I'll just add my two cents by asking what type of accent that is she has? And saying that she has one of the best tight, ALL NATURAL bods on a young nude actress today !

Know-it-all was written on November 13, 2002

Dru info.

She also goes by the name of "Nicole Hilbig", and several variations of spelling for the last name, (like "Berrymore"). Like Chloe, the fabulous Tera Patrick and several other women, she's active in both hardcoree AND softcore.

I think she's German.

Juliet Beres
Chicago was written on January 1, 2003

1 scene in “Love Potion #10”

At :06:40-:08:35 in this episode, platinum blonde Juliet doesn’t say a word as Monique Parent and a geeky scientist watch her and a guy go at it in wooded clearing. The guy kisses down her clothed body as she’s pressed up against a tree, then moves her underwear to the side to kiss around her pubis. The scene cuts to the two of them naked…large, horribly enhanced breasts with large areola viewed close up and a quick labia slit from a medium distance before he does her doggie-style and from the front while standing (ass too). The silicone in her breasts look like they were put in on the outside of her breasts, pushing her areola in to her sternum turning an attractive girl into somewhat of a disappointment…while she otherwise has a nice body, her oddly shaped breasts grab attention.

Toby Bedford
Chicago was written on November 22, 2002

2 shared scenes in "Blue Plate Special"

At :06-:08 in this episode, Toby has a shared cutaway nude scene with Kylie Wyote; the set-up is Toby is watching Kylie and a guy go at it in a hot tub below. Toby doffs her blue bikini top revealing her breasts, slides her hands down her bottoms, licks her finger (somewhat) and weakly circles her areola, and removes her bottoms and rubs the top of her thick-ish dark pubes...decently but not terribly erotic and just an ok light-skinned body. At :16-25-:22, Toby has a longer shared scene (with Kylie) where she gets it on with a guy in the grove trees...her breasts are revealed as her top comes down...her bottoms come off revealing some bush before he simu-orals her and she does him seated facing each other. Toby is a natural-breasted with largish areola (for the size of her breasts). 3 1/2 *'s rounded up.

3finger was written on November 22, 2002

Three very nice scenes

I don't usually submit reviews here, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to introduce viewers to an actress named Toby Bedford, one of the sexiest women to appear in this subgenre of softcore in a while. Her eroticism comes mainly from her natural allure - early 30s, pretty tall, reddish-blond hair, blue eyes, real medium-sized breasts, and a great Southern accent (at least for this role; I suspect it's real). In this episode she plays June Bell, a student who works at a hotel restaurant for extra money. She has three main scenes. Five minutes in she spies on (by invitation) a pair of coworkers making love in the hot tub and pleasures herself in the process, slowly removing her clothes to reveal first a blue bikini and then full frontal nudity, including a uncommonly lush pubic mound that she slowly rubs, along with her pink-nippled breasts. At around the 10 minute mark there a non-nude but still sexy scene of June Bell coming on to the guy she has a crush on by the pool. She wears a bikini top as she seductively sips from a glass and lets some ice drip down on her breasts. Her hair blowing in the wind is a nice touch. Finally, at the 16:30 mark she meets with her intended in a grove and they start a very long, very erotic love scene, with Toby ending up fully nude and great views of her breasts and pubes, along with a too-brief glimpse of her butt. Overall, an excellent display of nudity (along with maybe the best acting in this series, for what it's worth) from Toby. Hope this is the first of many roles for her.

Elena Ayala
Chicago was written on January 1, 2003

1 scene in “Love Potion #10”

At :15-:17:35 in this episode after drinking the potion, brown-skinned Elena is seen naked in the hot tub with a guy at night, him behind her feeling her breasts (short cutaways to Monique Parent getting turned on by the potion-filled test tube). The two go at it reverse-seated and then seated facing with Elena’s pubis just below the bubbling water…several good breast close-up shots of her breasts as well as her lower abdomen (ass in dark).

Monique Alexander
McKinnon was written on June 15, 2011

In and outdoors; episode: Maid Service

Pretty, blonde Monique is the lead in this episode. In an outdoor scene, she fantasizes about her love interest; she's fully naked, but is kneeling in a way that somewhat obscures her lower half. Then she's riding him. Later in the episode they are on a bed; she's seen from the side, still in her panties, as he plays with her small, firm breasts. Then she rides him again. Not the best shots.

Rafe Urquhart
McKinnon was written on June 13, 2011

Fantasy; bed; Episode: Kat & Mouse

Lean, smooth Rafe shows his tight ass more often than most of the actors in these episodes - first in a fantasy sequence in a barn or stable, then some side nudity when he's on top of Ander Page, and finally Rafe with Kennedy Johnston, in her room. She pulls down his jeans, with a rare close up view of his buns. You then see more of them as he's on top of her on the bed.

GDH was written on October 26, 2002

Side only, sadly

Episode: 'The Fast and the Curious'. Slim, seedy-looking fella provides side nudity in a shower sex scene with Lauren Hays, and more side nudity in a beach-set sex scene, again with Hays.

Jim Tin
Ozzie700 was written on November 1, 2002

Beautiful Buns; Episode: She's the Boss

Jim isn't your typical hunk-masking-as-nerd, although that is the plotline for this episode. He actually looks like a regular person, and is not ripped to the gills (not that there's anything wrong with that). Anyway, there's a scene of him getting into the shower, and he asks his female boss to get him a bar of soap. She walks in and gets a look at his backside. She is impressed, and so was I. It's perfect! Round, firm, ample, perfect to squeeze and carress. You can see her flawless ass for at least 5-10 seconds - the camera seems to be as enraptured as we are. This is the type of casual-but-hot nudity you rarely see on the soft-core series now. More, please.

Brett Taylor
GDH was written on October 12, 2002


Episode: 'Model Behaviour'. Tall chap provides a couple of views of his backside - shot from his head - and some rear side nudity in a sex scene.

Dino Stargell
Ozzie700 was written on December 22, 2002

Shower Fantasy Man; Episode: The Competition

Dino isn't really seen from the front, only the back, but what a great back. During one of the female's fantasy scenes, he joins her in the shower, letting us see his muscled, meaty cheeks.

Justin Rogers
McKinnon was written on May 2, 2011

Fantasy episode High School Crush

Justin plays a jockpreppy type of guy and Ander Page had sex with him in high school and wants to do the same at the reunion The flashback scene shows nothing but Ander's fantasy which is a threeway with Justin and Tanya James shows a very tantalizing glimpse of his muscular ass in bright lighting Shame about the briefness and the angle

Sean Reynolds
McKinnon was written on June 13, 2011

Side; episode: The Hookup

Sean has a certain scruffy/stoner/laidback vibe, and a nice toned body. He has a threeway scene with Jenna West and Kaylynn. He's mostly obscured but there's one overhead view of his nice ass while he's doggy style with Kaylynn.

Janie Rau
Know-it-all was written on December 1, 2002

Episode: "Legally Yours"

Much like Candace Michelle, Janie bears a resemblence to Yasmine Bleeth during her glory days. She's got dark hair and sparkling eyes. She has two nude scenes in her episode. There were bungled opportunities for several more, which is irritating because she's really gorgeous. Her first scene happens about 7 minutes in. She's dreaming about one of the other lawyers. In her dream, she's on the beach, wearing a fetching black bikini and shades. The guy comes along and starts kissing her. She takes off her top, revealing perfect b-cup, natural breasts. We get some good closeups and a nice view. The guy also fondles her crotch, thru the bikini. As he stands up and starts to drop his trucks so she can fellate him, Monique Parent's character grabs him and Janie wakes up. Nice, but too brief. Later, at the 24 minute mark, she has a three minute scene with the same guy on the same beach. (In full view of the hotel. This place rocks!) He caresses her as they both stand and takes off her sweater. He removes her bikini top and we see the nice breasts again. She drops the bottoms down around her ankles. (This is all rather poorly cut, for my taste. Not enough continuity and smoothness to the undressing.) We get a lingering look at her round, firm ass as we pan up. They assume a doggie style position on the sand and go to it. Her hair gets in the way sometimes, unfortunately. She's either shaved or has very fine pubic hair (the latter, I think), because it's not very dark down there. We get only fleeting glimpses. This is mostly a breast angle. They switch after a while to a position where he's sitting and she's facing him in his lap. We get a lot of excellent views of her breasts from that angle. Good stuff, but (since she's such a honey), a little bit disappointing. Worth 3 stars, though.

Chicago was written on December 20, 2002

1 scene in “Lust Takes a Holiday”

I completely agree with K-i-a about Janie’s being gorgeous as she reappears in this episode, again on the beach with a guy. At :08:25-:09:25, Janie’s striped, earth-colored bathing suit is partially off as she’s sexing a guy from the front--top ass and breasts as she leans back. There are better views of her C-cups and pubes as he’s on top then does her from behind on their knees as she gets sandy. Janie needs more top billing in the furture.

Danny Pape
Ozzie700 was written on November 8, 2002

Brief Rear; Episode: Chasing Jamie

Danny looks as good as ever, but only shows a quick view of his nice ass when he turns around to get his robe after sex. There is also a pube shot as he quickly fastens the robe.

GDH was written on November 9, 2002

Side and backside

Episode: 'Chasing Jamie'. A rather grungy-looking Pape does several shots of side nudity and a quick flash of backside in a sex scene and its aftermath.

Ozzie700 was written on October 10, 2003

Rear; Episode: Dirty Talking

Danny has a very quick butt glimpse while having sex with a dead ringer for Body Double-era Melanie Griffith. Same cute ass as always, but much too short.

Frank Mercuri
Ozzie700 was written on October 25, 2002

Far more than usual for this show; Episode: Chatroom

"Hotel Erotica" usually has about as much male flesh as "Best Sex Ever" - which is to say, next to none. Frank bucks this trend with his hard body and sculpted backside (even if in the face he looks like an Elvis impersonator). There's a scene of him by a lake, getting his shorts pulled off for what seems to be a distant frontal shot. His final sex scene has a few good butt shots. The absolute best is his first sex scene (an Internet fantasy sequence), where not only are there great ceiling-level views of his backside, you see, in close shot, Frank climbing onto the lady and furiously thrusting and writhing on top of her. More of this, please, Hotel Erotica.

Glen Meadows
Purevil03 was written on January 21, 2004

Ass and dick

While he and Kennedy Johnston are having sex, you can clearly see his erection as he moves to put her in his lap. Lots of ass in this scene.

Ozzie700 was written on January 1, 2003

Brief Rear; Episode: Lust Takes a Holiday

Glen has a nice body and a very, very tight set of cheeks, but we see them only once, briefly, as he is laying on his stomach totally nude after fantasizing about sex with one of his characters. Then he gets up, with his crotch covered by clothes, and there's another side nudity shot.

Anthony Luke
McKinnon was written on June 13, 2011

Awesome ass; episode: Bewitched and Bewilderedwildered

This seems to be Anthony's only acting credit, and while he's not exactly an actor, he's a pure beefcake type (he looks a bit like Jesse from some of the recent Big Brother seasons). He has two sex scenes with Jill Green. He doesn't show anything in the second, but in the first scene there's a decent glimpse at his incredibly muscular, tanned ass when he's pounding Green doggy style.

Gian Keys
Ozzie700 was written on October 4, 2002

Butt; Episode: X-Treme Sports

This is yet ANOTHER series from the once-quality Cinemax that blocks male flesh as often as possible, in as many ways as possible. Attractive Gian shows his flat backside twice, briefly, during a sex scene.

GDH was written on October 12, 2002


Episode: 'X-treme Sports'. Nicely-muscled boy-next-door type gives two good views of his nice bum during a sex scene - including once when his girlfriend spanks it! A further sex scene provides us with bare hip and a quick flash of pubes.

Justin Kane
Ozzie700 was written on January 1, 2003

Nerdy backside; Episode: Love Potion No. 10

Justin plays yet another of that old standby -- the nerd who shows how hot he is in the last few minutes. Justin IS hot, and has an incredible, rock-hard backside that is difficult to even describe, although these shots are intercut for no good reason with blue-tinted shots of the beach.

Eddie Jay
Ozzie700 was written on October 27, 2003

Bath Buns; Episode: Lisa Comes Out

This interesting episode about a lesbian movie star struggling to come out (imagine a show doing this with a gay man struggling to come out...NEVER happen) has a brief nude moment from Eddie, who plays a tabloid photographer. When he and Lisa's girlfriend are interrupted by Lisa, who naturally joins in, Eddie's meaty cheeks are seen under the water for a few seconds.

Zak Harding
Ozzie700 was written on December 22, 2002

Brief Rear; Episode: The Competition

Zak plays a waiter 3 friends try to bed. He has a beautiful, lanky body that he shows off a few times, but only exposes his hot ass during the final sex scene.

Christian Dion
Lee Dahlberg
Ozzie700 was written on November 8, 2002

Upper Rear; Episode: Chasing Jamie

Long-haired Lee is gorgeous and in great shape, but all we get is way too close upper rear views while he's having sex in a hot tub.

Frankie Cullen
McKinnon was written on June 12, 2011

Door and bed; episode: Opposites Attract

Frankie shows his tanned, muscular backside early on, as he and Julian Wells have sex in a doorway. Her leg blocks the view but it's still an OK look. There's a 2-3 minute bed scene at the end where he is on top of Julian. The camera is overhead, and while the lighting is a bit low (it's supposed to be sundown) the scene is still very sensual and you can see what a fantastic butt he has.

Christian Cullen
misty_rose was written on November 23, 2005

Buns: episode "Opposites Attract"

Christian has two sex scenes in this episode. The first occurs against a doorway. We sadly do not see much; the most we see is his ass from the side, and that is often obstructed by the girl's leg. The second occurs on a bed, and we see it from a potentially great shot directly from above. The scene is very darkly lit but you can still see the shape of his fine cheeks in full view. While this is not one of Christian's best films for nudity, his body and sensuality in these scenes are almost enough to compensate and will still leave you turned on.

Cy Cooper
McKinnon was written on May 2, 2011

Bed scene Episode High School Crush

Cy plays the nerd-turned-hunk Ander Page falls for when returning for her high school reunion Cy has short dark hair and a certain average joe-ness that goes well with his hard body He only shows that body once aside from a brief fantasy where you only see his upper backhead in a sex scene near the end of the episode with Ander You can briefly see his tight ass in close view in OK lighting a little dark then a side view when he's on top of Ander I wish he'd made more of these appearances

Daryl Cleveland
McKinnon was written on June 10, 2011

Ass; episode: Heart's Desire

Daryl is a cute guy, average looks, probably taken down a few notches because of his facial scruff and shaggy blonde highlights. He has two sex scenes, first with Emily Webster, which gives a brief glimpse of his pleasantly plump, pale backside when he's thrusting on top of her. Later in candlelight, he is hunched over and thrusting into Ananda St. James, with a few looks at his buns. In both cases the energy and motion from him make him, and the scenes, much hotter.

Fabrizio Brienza
Ozzie700 was written on October 11, 2002

Butt; Episode: Model Behavior

Lanky Fabrizio wears an American flag jock pouch, and, in a later moment almost as memorable, shows off his great buns during the final sex scene.

000 was written on December 20, 2011

hotel erotica- model behaviour

Fabrizio enters the hotel room with Candice wearing a black coat, black pant and a open-chest white color shirt. He stands in front of her and holds her pelvis. He receives a kiss and looks at her face. He then helps her to low down a strap and holds her with other hand. He holds her both shoulder next and rubs her two arms. He assists her in a little dance , hugs her from behind by putting both of his hands on her navel. He watches her again and rubs the bottom of her thigh. After that, he touches her lower pelvis and clutches the side of her abdomen. He then moves back a little and watches her standing.
The next scene cuts to him laying on the bed in a white shirt, red belt, black pant and a silver color analogue watch. He hugs her on her upper back and receives a kiss and then another on the nose. He then grabs both of her bare ass with his hand. He rubs it at first and squeezes it a little. Later he grabs her left breast, then rubs her whole abdomen again. We can see his white shirt completely un-buttoned as he rubs the side of her abdomen. It seems like she is sitting on his navel zone. He rubs the side of her abdomen one more time before going completely naked just like Candice(although he does not remove his wrist watch). The next scene cuts to his diaphragm and top abdomen zone where we can get to see his nipple with a carpet of pubic hair. He puts his right hand on the center of her abdomen and gives a gentle rub. He rubs it a few times, then goes to touch the back of her abdomen followed by another rub on the back of her shoulder. Next, he hugs her by the lower back with both hands. He rubs her left ass a little and again goes to work on the back of her left shoulder. His right hand then focuses attention on her spine zone and receives an index finger from her as reward. In the next scene, we see him again feeling her entire left abdomen and in this process we discover his right leg being folded apart naked. Afterwards, he grabs her left arm socket and finishes the job with a rub on the lower spine. He fondles the top part of both her breasts, then focuses attention on the left breast by irritating it a several times with hand. He puts his hand on her chest – after that, goes to rub with hand between the breasts. He again rubs the left breast. Now he takes the bottom of both the breasts with hands and pushes them a bit upward. He continues the work by rubbing the side of both breasts and putting his thumb over her nipples. He rubs the side of her rib cage. After that, he gently presses her chest, mid-abdomen. Again he grabs her shoulder and afterwards, he places her on the bed and puts himself on her. While doing this, we see his naked back. He kisses her and she touches his nose with her index finger in return. The sequence ends with both of them sharing a smile.

Jordan Biamonte
McKinnon was written on April 21, 2011

Sex scene; episode: Love Potion #10

About ten minutes into the episode, Justin Kane and Monique Parent spy on Jordan and his girlfriend (Jessica Beres) in the woods. Initially this seems like another copout scene, as he is wearing a shirt, but soon the shirt is gone and there are several wonderful shots of his tanned, tight ass in motion as he thrusts and grinds into Beres.

Brad Bartram
Ozzie700 was written on November 23, 2002

Brief Rear; Episode: Falling in Lust Again

Brian looks better here than he did on that godawful Best Sex Ever show, but he shows less. During one of the later sex scenes, you can see a brief half-rear shot for a second or two.

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