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House of Sand and Fog's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Connelly, Jennifer 7 Reviews

House of Sand and Fog's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

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Jennifer Connelly
Petep623 was written on March 10, 2005

Beautiful Woman

Jennifer only has three nude or semi-nude apperances in this movie. The first comes at 41 minutes into the movie. She has a scene where she is washing up and she takes off her shirt. We get to see her upper body with a see-thru bra. The second scene comes at 49 minutes into the movie. Here she is having a love affair with some lucky guy. The scene is cut but there is a glipse of her chest and the rest of her body. It also has good cut scenes of her buttocks. The next seen comes 72 minutes into the movie. She puts on her shirt and you could see a sillolette of her body in the doorway while she puts it on. There is also a good sillolette of her buttocks and a possible glipmse of her vagina from behind. The last scene come at about 90 minutes into the movie. She is in a tub and glimpses of her nipples are viewable off the reflection of the water.

Psuedo_Saint was written on December 18, 2003

Would you drink Jennifer Connelly's bathwater?

How much would you pay for her to clean your house? What's the best way to commit suicide? (Jennifer's first choice is self-immolation!)
House of Sand & Fog raises these and other trenchant philosophical questions. It's a sad, sad movie, but the greatest sadness of all is that we get only hints of the grandeur that is Jennifer Connelly's tits without getting a good look at 'em. Plenty of hints (a see through bra, an breathtaking silhouette, and in-your face, well-lit aadvarking) but no clear shots. There's enough promise here though to give me hope that Ms. Connelly's future appearances will be more fruitful. A+ acting, but C+ nudity.

celebsoops was written on October 14, 2013


Jennifer Connelly standing in front of a mirror in a bathroom while wearing a see-through red bra, through which we can see her nipples. Then, we see her walking out of a house while putting on a shirt, her bare left breast seen in silhouette.

lattara was written on March 4, 2004

Only flashes of greatness

Jennifer has two nude scenes. The first is during a sex scene, which is annoyingly shot in a cut-cut-cut style of body-part close-ups which seems to be the current cliché for shooting sex scenes in Hollywood movies. The scene is also a little dark. Jennifer's buttocks can be seen as can the side of her full breast while she is on top, though the nipple is hidden as her breasts are pressed slightly against her lucky co-star's chest. The second wel-lit scene has Jennifer in the bath - for much of the scene the surface of the bathwater acts as a mirror (artfully stopping us from seeing the full monty) - but there are several head shots that include her fairly dark left nipple beneath the water's surface. In some ways the most revealing scene is not technically nude. Jennifer strips down to a sheer red bra to wash in a restroom and her darkish nipples are clearly visible in medium shot.

mcjw2011 was written on March 30, 2005

Noyce, but brief

We get to see Jennifer's magnificent butt and one side of her breast as she has sex with her on-screen husband. Later on, in the bathtub, when she tries to kill herself by overdosing on painkillers, you get to see a blurred view of one of her nipples in the bathwater. Good movie, but so-so nudity.

dav345 was written on December 4, 2003

I can't wait.


DustinFed was written on July 23, 2015


It was nice

Ben Kingsley
Psuedo_Saint was written on December 18, 2003


I think I saw Ben's butt in the bedroom scene. At the end of the scene he says "God has blessed us" [with Viagra]

flighty678 was written on July 11, 2008

No nudity

I re-watched this recently. There is no Ben rear nudity in the movie, unfortunately. Too bad, because he looks hot in it. The most we get is a quick shirtless shot when he's changing in the bathroom.

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