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Joyce Van Patten
Immy was written on November 17, 2007


Joyce is held hostage in her Beverly Hills mansion by Yaphet Kotto while Andrew Duggan (playing her husband) goes to the bank to withdraw money for him. Yaphet gets frustrated and chases Joyce into the game room where he rips off her bikini and has her pinned down on the pool table. Quick but definite shots of her boobs as she thrashes around plus a view of her butt and even some brief vulva, but it has to be slowed down to be seen properly (0:46). Later she turns the tables and seduces him as he lays on a sofa (1:04, topless taking off a small robe both on top and beneath him on the floor).

Jeannie Berlin
Immy was written on November 17, 2007

Brief nude bits (0:56)

Jeannie is in bed with Andrew Duggan and as she takes off his pants her bush and left boob can be briefly seen in the upper left corner of the screen. Slo-mo helps. In the same scene some bare buttocks (we assume they're hers) are flashed a couple of times with a gold key stuck to them, a metaphoric reference to Andrew's auto dealership. Jeannie wears a great short sun dress most of the time she's on screen.

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