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Miranda Otto
ff was written on October 19, 2004

body double?

There`s a fantasy scene where Miranda is breast feeding her baby while wearing a bikini. There`s a close up of one breasts but no nipple since the baby is blocking it. there`s a sex scene where you see a bit of the side of her breast but I don`t think it qualifies as a "nude" scene.She`s also in her underwear or sexy negligee throughout the whole movie at one scene she is in a black bra and sheer white panties where you kinda see some bush.

veghead74 was written on December 22, 2004

Looks Like A Body Double

I agree with the review above, as it looks like there is a stand-in for Miranda Otto during the closeup of the breast-feeding scene at about 47:32 into the film.
Around 1:16:10, Miranda Otto is in bed with Tim Robbins, on top of him having sex, but the most visible is her bare back and the side of her right breast.

sonic007 was written on April 17, 2002

Side view sex

Otto plays Gabrielle, the faux french lab assistant. During a sex scene with Nathan (Tim Robbins), she's on top of him. Although her arm obscures her nipple, you get a good view of the side and underside of her right breast.

davemcdaveIII was written on November 5, 2004

sex with tim robbins

Otto is making love to robbins, and you see a large portion of her breast, there is no nipple however. The film isn't great but otto's performance is fab. Don' t rent it specicifically for the nudity.

TranslucentShield was written on December 18, 2002


The above reviewer is correct, however the nudity is so quick you hardly notice.

Laura Grady
OneMoreReviewer was written on September 4, 2004

Aversion Therapy Model

This is an odd one to add. She is the one in the photos, being projected onto a screen. Rhys Ifans keeps jumping up and trying to hump her, her image on the screen that is. So she only appears in the movie as a sequence of four photos. The first, she's clothed. Then two of her displaying her breasts. Then the last one that set Rhys off is of her fully naked from the rear. Great body, and a very funny scene. Shame this is her only appearance in this movie.

Deborah Ferrari
Patricia Arquette
dav345 was written on April 11, 2002

rear and breasteses

I haven't seen this movie yet, but, according to screenit.com, Patricia shows her breasts and butt a few times.

dav345 was written on March 15, 2003

most of her nudity is obscured

Patricia spends about half her time in this movie fully nude, but her nudity is nearly always obscured in some way. You should not watch this movie for the nudity unless you are a huge Patricia Arquette fan. Two scenes are noteworthy. In one, she is gathering food with her apeman lover and she bends over to pick something up. We see this from a side angle at medium distance, and it could be a body double. Also, there is a scene near the end after she climbs out of a tree to confront Tim Robbins' character in which her hair hangs over her large, shapely breasts. You can't see her nipples, but you can see her breasts and they are very nice, even with the nipples covered. Later in the same scene, you get a couple of very brief looks at her butt, the best one being just before Tim Robbins grabs her.

dav345 was written on March 15, 2003

bush, too

I forgot to mention this - in the scene near the end in which Tim Robbins is confronting the two ape-people, Patricia stands with her hand covering her bush. You can see a little bit of what looks like dirty blonde pubic hair peeking up over her hand. It's not great nudity, but it's something if Patricia Arquette really makes you drool.

sonic007 was written on April 17, 2002

Very Hairy

Arquette plays Lila who is exceptionally hirsute. Although she frequently runs nude through the forest, her hair hides much of her body.

Rhys Ifans
thor68 was written on October 1, 2004

stripper scene

Notice how Rhys was not interested in the stripper? I understand the reason you cannot see her (the stripper) face is because she is pretty homely. Her body was about a 7 on a scale of 1-10 though.

sonic007 was written on January 23, 2002

Running through the forest

Rhys plays a feral man who lives in the forest without clothes. There are countless shots of his backside. While I found his ass somewhat scrawny and too boney, the women I saw the film with didn't seem to mind. The shadowy outline of his penis can also vaguely be made out in some scenes - particularly near the end as he returns to the forest.

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