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Dyanne Thorne
soulman was written on December 8, 2005

One Scene.

This may be the weakest scene of all the Ilsa series from Thorne where she's stripped and her tits are fondled by a leper. Nice scene but weak in comparison to her other Ilsa films.

johnnysmokes was written on March 25, 2002

Breasts fondled by leper

Ilsa (Dyanne Thorne) has ticked off the head sheik, so he decides to punish her. She is tied by the wrists between two pillars and a filthy leper is allowed to fondle her enormous breasts. We see the leper crawl towards her, and then he rips open her thin robe and allows those two bad boys to swing free. You can even see a flash of her dark brown bush. Her breasts are mashed and groped while the leper buries his face in her muff ,and her nipple even gets thumbed. Some nice bouncing, too, along with great screams from Dyanne. A good scene for humiliation enthusiasts.

dwightfy was written on July 1, 2000

one sex scene

this ilsa movie has the least nudity from dyanne thorne in it.she has one good sex scene where we get mostly breast shots.

Tanya Boyd
BushLeague was written on August 9, 2003

Oiled up and ready for action

Her glistening bod has not a stitch of clothing on and she has her hands on her hips above a really round, firm jutting butt. Very nice pointy 34b's to boot.

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