In Praise of Older Women's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Watson, Alberta 1 Review
Strasberg, Susan 1 Review
Stewart, Alexandra 1 Review
Shaver, Helen 2 Reviews
McIssac, Marianne 1 Review
Lightstone, Marilyn 1 Review
Lepage, Monique 1 Review
Black, Karen 2 Reviews

In Praise of Older Women's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Berenger, Tom 4 Reviews

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Alberta Watson
duckem was written on August 11, 2000

ooh la la

Alberta plays a French cabaret singer who
takes Berenger to her apartment.
She takes her blouse off revealing her breasts.
Berenger takes her panties off while she keeps
on her black skirt. Once in bed still wearing the skirt she refuses to have sex because of her fear of getting pregnant. Very well lit scene.

Susan Strasberg
duckem was written on August 11, 2000

dark love scene

Susan plays one of Berenger's older conquests being 40 years old at the time of the role.
She is in good shape for her age but the love
scene is so dark you could barely see her breasts.

Alexandra Stewart
duckem was written on August 11, 2000

dark love scene

Alexandra plays Berenger's first Canadian conquest
being 39 years old at the time of the role. She is in good shape for her age but the love scene is so dark you could barely see her breasts.

Helen Shaver
duckem was written on August 11, 2000

best left for last

Her nude scene was at the tail end but what a scene. Her scene is quite explicit and is the
only time that I know that a respected Canadian
actress did an open leg shot exposing her crotch.
Unfortunately most of her crotch shots are cropped
out on the pan-and-scan video version but full
pictures are available on the internet. However
it seem she is wearing a fur piece between her legs as the texture is too dark as her vagina should have been visible.

eaglespyharry was written on November 20, 2006

Yep, everything...

Well, there's good news and bad news about the DVD release of "In Praise of Older Women." Helen's full on beaver shot with partially open legs is gone due to idiotically bad "pan and scannning." However, her nude scene at the end of the movie is very well lit and gives excellent views of her wonderful firm breasts. The other good news is that if you look closely as she gets onto the bed - at the bottom of the screen - is a brief but clean look at her pussy, including lips. Very nice to see so much of this beautiful and talented actress.

Marianne McIssac
duckem was written on August 11, 2000

nightie nite

In her first time movie role Marianne plays
Berengers first teenage conquest. On
her 17th birthday she gets in nightie
which Berenger quickly tkes off revealing
her breasts and butt. She lies impassively
on the bed and Berenger makes a clumsy attempt
to deflower her.

Marilyn Lightstone
duckem was written on August 11, 2000

roll on the carpet

Marilyn plays Karen Black's older colleague
and looks like a librarian with her hair tied
up in a bun. She and Berenger have a love scene
on the carpet and she takes her bra off
revealing her breasts. She is not the most attractive actress in this movie but she gave
the best vocal performance sounding like a dolphin in heat.

Monique Lepage
duckem was written on August 11, 2000

shower scene

Monique plays a countess who services
the American troops for canteen rations.
In the first five minutes of the movie
she is shown taking a shower and then steps out
without putting on a towel. You can see her
breasts and butt but she is an older actress.
She then initiates the boy into manhood but
nothing is shown.

Karen Black
Matt was written on January 7, 1999

Equal Opportunity For Nudity In This Film

Karen has a few topless scenes here...but almost every single cast member has a scene involving nudity of some degree.

Curmudgeon was written on November 30, 2003

Having tea with Tom Berenger

Karen Black is one of the older women that Tom Berenger finds praise-worthy. She's naked in bed with him, but a sheet is pulled across her crotch. There's frontal exposure except from her pubes to mid-thigh. There's also a love-making scene, but it's dark and he's above her, with his arms hiding her breasts.

Tom Berenger
rachwil was written on September 16, 2005

couple of good scenes!

Tom is 29 when the movie came out and is definitely at his prime(atleast in the looks department)
If i counted correctly we see him frontal twice and his butt,a couple of more times.
he looks great here!

tungtung was written on September 7, 2002

4 to 6 nude scenes

if you want to see tom berenger nude, this is a must see. through-out the movie he has 4 to 6 nude scenes, each lasting 2-8 minutes, when he was making love to different older women. in two of the scenes you can see his frontal. he was quite skinny in this movie. must have 50 lbs weight difference between now and then.

murray was written on September 22, 1998

love scenes

Berenger was at his prime here. It would've been nice to see more, but you can see his backside and, very briefly, his penis.

peplumen was written on March 1, 2005

Lots of sex scenes

Lots of sex scens in this drama which also stars helen shaver ( now a director in her own right). His butt and physique are trim and beautiful in this movie, which was another early exposure (for me) to male nudity in the cinema. This is my favoritve berenger nude scene, and one that holds up well over the years.

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