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Jennifer Connelly
FilmCritic was written on July 14, 2003

Very Short Scene But Very Sensual

At 17:37, while Connelly is on top of Crudup, having sex behind a partial horizontal wall that obstructs our view, she rises up and thus exposes her upper left breast and nipple (1 second) to Phoenix, who happened to come in to get some ice cream from a freezer. At 17:41, she rises twice, each time showing more of her left breast (4 seconds), the last showing it in its entirety. At 17:49, a brief glimpse of her entire left breast and a small portion of her left breast is seen as Crudup gets up to yell at Doug (Phoenix) to get out. Although this is the only scene (she opens her legs up to Phoenix at 19:15, thus exposing her panties, but there isn’t any nudity here) in the movie, if you are a fan of Connelly, it is definitely worth seeing. I'm giving the very short scene three stars because Connelly exudes sensuality in every facet of that scene - in her facial expression, the slowness of her body movement, her voice, and what little nudity is shown (she was one of the more attractive and sexiest women in the movies in my lifetime).

Gordon was written on February 21, 2001

Riding a guy in the garage

Jennifer is making love with a guy in the garage while another guy watches. You get a look at one of her breasts, but that's all. Too bad, because Jennifer has one heck of a body with an incredible rack.

Cyclone was written on April 21, 2003

Sex scene

Jennifer's brief exposure comes 17 minutes into the film, when she's riding a guy during sex. We get a few quick peeks at her left breast, and before you know it, it's over. Jennifer unquestionably was beautiful in this movie, and she definitely has an excellent rack, but her nude scene here was WAY too brief, and not nearly revealing enough. A disappointing scene.

wazza2222 was written on May 14, 2002

Library upskirt

Whilst this is not an upskirt database...
My god I would love to re-enact this scene with Jen! A schoolboy fantasy brought to film with Jen showing plenty of white cotton panty under the library table and then spreading her thighs even wider to give the boy a bigger flash... beautiful.

[email protected] was written on January 10, 1999

Jen on top, nice left boob shot

Jen plays the middle sister of three ina very well-to-do family, and she is also the one trying to drive daddy crasy by sleeping with anything attractive on two legs.She also has a very sexy intercourse scene but all you actually see are the contours of her voluptuous body.

The Cleric was written on January 14, 1999

Discovered in Garage

All that you can see is Jennifer's left breast, but it is Jennifer's breast and that beats most full-nude.

Elyk-Agee was written on May 5, 1999

Garage Job

What i wouldn't give to be under her there. We see her left breast which is just as good as the right one and better than both on other females.

calebtemple was written on May 6, 2001

Jen on top

You get a few seconds of Jen's perfect left breast as she humps some guy in his garage. I like the sly smile Jen gives Joaquin Phoenix as he makes eye contact with her. Certainly far from her best nude scene but it is a pretty nice shot of her lefty in all it's glory.

Supertapeguy was written on June 19, 2002

Ah, Jennifer

The nudity, while brief is very erotic. Jennifer's character appears to be having a great time in the garage with her boyfriend when "Doug" walks in. Without missing a stroke, she slyly smiles at him and simply says his name, causing his BROTHER to yell at him to get out... Uh, Dr. Freud?! There's alot going on in that scene and the voyeurist nature makes it that much more exciting and interesting...Jennifer is simply SULTRY... a girl next door that you get a sense likes to take risks now and again...

umathurmanfan2 was written on March 5, 2005

A quick glimpse

About 50 mins into this movie, Jennifer is having sex with some guy. Another guy comes in and watches her for a few moments. We only gets fleeting views of her left breast, but as others have pointed out – this is Jennifer Connelly and one breast is more spectacular than most other actresses breasts. It is interesting because she taunts the guy watching by acknowledging he’s there, making it very erotic.

Concise was written on December 3, 1999

Yeah and...'s worth noting that by this time Jennifers breasts have grown substantially since her Hot Spot nude scene.

LeroyBrown was written on March 9, 2006

brief left boob

As described by others she was riding Billy Crudup and you see only her left boob the rest of her was hidden by a desk and bottles. The nipple pop out about 3 times. It was perfectly round and pink. Her breast was also wonderfully round. Later in the movie there was a scene with Billy Crudup on top of her but we don't see anything much except her side and some breast but no nipple.

Omni was written on July 16, 2000

Caught in the garage

Jennifer Connelly is amazing, but not here.
She shows only one breast as she's riding a guy. The scene is brief and interrupted by Joaquin Phoenix looking at her. I'll give it another two stars when we see the other melon.

hybridtheory1872003 was written on January 9, 2005


you only see one breast but it's jennifer connelly's breast so it's good

The_hollywood_hustler was written on February 17, 2003

Shes hot all the way through this thing!!

Shes walked in on while doing a guy in the garage and we get a good view of those breasts with a sultry smile that says "I know no shame". Her father catches her out in the woods with a guy where she tells him exactly what she was doing this guy as casual as can be. this is an awesome flick just for Jenifer connelly being in gotta see it or at least the sexy parts.

Pervect was written on July 22, 2001

Less than stellar tits

Ms. Connelly is stunning, but her nude scene is rather brief. You get to see her rack, but they don't look quite as stunning as in her previous performance.

celebsoops was written on October 14, 2013


Jennifer Connelly topless as she has sex on top of a guy in a garage as another guy encounters them while looking in a freezer. Jennifer shows her left breast and some of her right while riding the first guy and looking at the other.

Billy Crudup
Samuel was written on October 1, 1998

Having sex in back of car

Very disappointing scene which has a breif shot of Crudup's muscular butt. It's while he's making love on top of Jennifer Connelly in back of car. It's dark and brief!

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