Suresnes, France

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Irène Jacob's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2002 Nés de la mère du monde 1 Review
2002 Mille millièmes 1 Review
2000 Affaire Marcorelle, L' 2 Reviews
1999 History Is Made at Night 8 Reviews
1999 Big Brass Ring, The 3 Reviews
1998 Cuisine américaine 1 Review
1997 Incognito 6 Reviews
1995 Victory 3 Reviews
1995 Othello 4 Reviews
1995 Beyond the Clouds 1 Review
1994 Prediction, The 1 Review
1991 Secret de Sarah Tombelaine, Le 1 Review
1991 Double vie de Véronique, La 5 Reviews

nudity reviews for Irène Jacob member submitted

Nés de la mère du monde (2002)
fargalaxy was written on September 17, 2003


she is lying on the floor with her baby on top of her, and her bra is unclasped and rides up exposing her breasts

Mille millièmes (2002)
Winchester was written on October 22, 2002

At least we'll have a good ass-shot for sure!

Just saw the trailer, buddies, but the nude scene is good enough to rate it with three of these *, as it shows Irène standing up from her bed totally naked in some awesome rear shot, and giving a great look of her nicely shaped butt.
Miss Jacob, just like Kate Winslet, still continues making a great labor for nudity-in-film fans despite the fact she is a mainstream star.

Affaire Marcorelle, L' (2000)
lpz89 was written on April 9, 2003

Bedroom scene with Jean-Pierre Leaud

The ageing and somewhat raddled Leaud (alter-ego of Truffaut in his Antoine Doinel series) is picked up by Irene in a restaurant, taken back to her place and very nearly indecently assaulted. It's far-fetched, but we do get a great look at la Jacob's fantastic mammaries. They are full (D-cup?) and firm, and sit wonderfully above her tight waist. First-class viewing from an otherwise abysmal movie.

Anarkin was written on September 11, 2002

Irene's nice pair are back

I'm gonna be honest: i haven't see the movie yet, just the trailer and a good capture fo some topless scene. Lovely french lady Irène, a sexy franchise by her propension to do nude scenes in her films appears this time in some glorious, clear and nice topless scene, as she scream hysterically and taking off her bra to show her beautiful tits with small, pink nipples. Awesome (better than Incognito's topless... Are her tits bigger since then? seemed like that, to me), ever herself looks pretty hot with some wild look with messy (and slightly blonde) hair, far from her usual "intellectual" outfit.

History Is Made at Night (1999)
No99 was written on February 10, 2002

Full frontal

2 nice and clear scenes. In the first she is nude in a spa talking with Pullman. Complete full frontal nudity for about 30 seconds or so followed by the two of them running and jumping in the icey lake. You get a nice view of everything, decently lit. The second she is on her back wearing sexy red lingerie and she takes her bra off and procedes to start making out. Very nice coverage of a very beautiful Swiss actress.

Winchester was written on February 18, 2000

Full nudity... (but i'm not sure yet!)

The truth is: i've not seen the movie yet, but i've seen some pictures from the movie site, where you can see Irene naked from head to toes running to an icy lake (nice ass) or sitting in bed with Bill Pullman (i don't know if there are some good sex scenes, but... to hell with it!). Seems like good full nudes will come, but the evidence is too much poor to confirm any suspiction... The movie seems to be good,too (Damn! I can't wait!)

Buttcher was written on May 24, 2002

Totally naked and exposed

The old trick of the unnecesary nude scene still works. In any case i would have seen this very unatractive movie if weren't by the chance to see the french (swiss?) cutie naked on screen. Early on the film comes this (by many enjoyed) sauna scene when this babe reveals her nice shaped belly, small erect breasts and these private hair between her legs. It's a shame the scene is too short but she is sexy as usual along the movie.

Way was written on June 28, 2000

Full Frontal and more

Full frontal nudity laying in a spa with Bill Pullman. She and Pullman get up and run out of the spa and there is a fairly long full frontal and rear shot of her running and jumping in the lake. Later she is in bed with Pullman and you see her breasts. A good film if you like her and she sheds her clothes a lot and is in a number of awkward positions, (handcuffed, carried over a brutes shoulders, etc.)

Anarkin was written on October 29, 2001

Showing everything

Exploitative sex performance for some once supposed good actress, boring movie, brief nudity. Irène still looks pretty fine in sexy underwear showing her nicely shaped butt, the french cutie has also done a good frontal with a nice view of her pubes, then we see her running naked and jumping into an icy lake. her tits are not that amazing but worth to see. I can fairly bet she will make more good pointless nudity in the future... european actresses often do that.

Chicago was written on January 17, 2001

2 scenes

The previous descriptions are pretty accurate but 4 *'s is WAY over-rated and 1 * sells it short. The shots are fairly brief but clear of both her breasts and bush. Plus, in 2 scenes, you get to see her arse in a thong.

ginopaolis was written on February 9, 2001

In a cottage with Bill Pullmann

She and Bill are completely naked in a cottage.
We can see her beatiful body for a few seconds: a little black bush and little wonderful tits.
Then they run out of the cottage towards and ice lake.
Now we can see her buttocks (nothing special.
What a wonderful woman!!!!

jokeman23 was written on November 13, 2000

entire movie

The previous reviewer must be on crack to give this flick 4 stars. The girl is very cute- no doubt about it, unfortunately she has 2 short nude scenes and a small chest. In the first scene, you do see her bush and tits but for like a second or 2 - that's it. You then see her running into a lake but you see her from behind. In the second scene she's making out and you see her small tits for 2 seconds

Big Brass Ring, The (1999)
Winchester was written on July 19, 2000

Full nudity, but nothing to see...

She has a pillow talk with William Hurt after making love with him, suddenly Mr.Hurt takes away the bed sheet leaving Celia (Miss Jacob's role) fully nude in bed. O.K... Is a quick scene and a rear nude shot so you only can see very briefly her nipple and butt, nothing to die for. Even the movie is not so good as many think, but Irène looks really sexy in her role and worth to see it just for appreciate her.

dav345 was written on September 17, 2003

breast, side of butt

You get a good look at her left breast, but you don't see her butt at all....it is a side shot with no crack. I watched the whole damn movie to see her butt, and this is what I got, so I can only give the scene 1 star. Check it out if you are into boobs. I am more of a vagina and butt guy.

Chicago was written on December 5, 2001

1 scene

Winchester's basically right on Irene's scene. At 1:21, Irene is resting on her elbows above her stomach when Hurt goes to kiss her after sitting on the side of the bed...hanging left breast. She then moves to one elbow...but the scene is dimly lit. Hurt, a politician, then says, "You take me public, I take you public," and rips down the bed sheet revealing Irene's naked body, great ass 'up.' She then slumps back onto her side on the bed giving a good clear shot of her left breast. The viewable nudity lasts for 35 sec., with the best nudity the last 15 sec., making an already short scene shorter. Still, she's got a great ass and nice chest.

Cuisine américaine (1998)
fargalaxy was written on December 19, 2003

in the kitchen

she has sex with the lead actor all we can see is a brief shot of her left breast as the camera moving from down to her head

Incognito (1997)
Know-it-all was written on August 22, 2000

Putting on her bra (takes her a while...)

Hey, I'll do it. Four stars from me. I absolutely adore Irene, and a nice, long, well lit look at both of her nice, naturally pert little tits? That's four-star material for my money. Kind of an interesting film, too. I learned a lot of art forgery techniques.

Winchester was written on November 22, 1999


Well, the other reviewer said it all... There is a scene of Irene and mr. Patrick having sex, and the next morning, Irene walks around the bedroom showing her nipples while she's dressing. it could been better... but good enough for her.

Brokencake was written on December 28, 1999

Irene Is A Goddess

What a pity she doesn't do more nudity. You get a few nipple peeks in the voyeuristic sex scene, but you get a nice view of her adorable little tits for about six seconds as she dresses. Absolutely fantastic, barely not 4 stars.

deleuze was written on April 17, 1999


great topless scene of fantastic Irene Jacob...

Madison500 was written on September 19, 1999

irene's breasts!

This is the best Irene Nude scene I have come across, and believe me I've looked. There is a scene with her having sex with Jason Patrick. You see both breasts from the side, and later, the next morning there is a glorious topless (about 8 seconds long)while she is getting dressed.

BigWoody was written on October 14, 2004


Irene has done many nude scenes throughout her career. Irene’s best nude scene occurs about 29 minutes into this movie when Irene is putting on her bra and getting dressed after making love to Jason Patric. The lighting is very good, and the scene lasts for several seconds. We get to see a clear view of Irene’s tits. Irene has nice tits, with perky nipples.

Victory (1995)
Winchester was written on August 5, 2003

Frontal exposure for a second of two.

The other reviewer was rather accurate with his good description. My favorite Irène's nude scenes are (in order from the top) "Spy Games", "The Double Life..." and "Victory", these ones have in common some tasty ingredient: frontal nudity.

Yes, Irène looks sexy along the movie and we already see some brief glimpses of her body, carefully filmed as they did in "Othello", but the sequence with Rufus Sewell is the best one indeed. He surprises her nude (as she is taking a bath) and catch her from the back, so then she kicks him to get rid of him, quickly turns back and tries to cover herself with some towel she grabbed; at this move is when she does some brief frontal exposure and her pubic hair is clearly visible for a second of two. (as she sits over the bed, tries to cover herself, but her pubes remain exposed for a while) I wonder how anybody has made good captures of this scene.

Too bad the scene is that short, but is nice to see her in that sort of erotic role. Good movie too... Irène rules.

Schramm was written on August 13, 2001

brief glimpses, but then at 58mins...

we see the odd exposed breast thigh or lower back from Irene throughout the first hour , but the real treat occurs at the 58th minute of this thoughtful, menacing drama. Rufus Sewell, while attempting to rob her home, peers through some curtains and spies upon Irene bathing, standing naked in a basin, glistening wet. we see her from behind, and what a behind! also we see the side of her right breast, the arch of her back accentuates her sensual form, and she stands with her legs apart. there are two well lit shots of this, both lasting several seconds.

after another short scene, she is sitting naked, drying herself, facing a dresser, we see her full back, the side of her left breast, and her partially obscured bottom. the camera lingers upon her for a good 30 seconds as Sewell slowly creeps up behind her. he grabs her from behind, lifting her out of the seat, her legs flailing, and gropes her all over as they struggle. we see everything now, but fleetingly. During this sequence the best frontal views actually occur in the mirror behind them, as she struggles, pushes her bottom out, and kicks her legs wide apart (one for the freeze-frame/zoom DVD brigade there).

we cut to another scene for a moment, then back to Irene. Sewell has her up against a wall, and is covering her mouth. she knees him in the groin (ouch!!!) at which point we see her naked lower body again, from behind. she runs to the bed turning as she grabs something to cover herself (damn!!) and as she turns we see mer nether regions and her bottom well as well as her jiggling breasts (lower body cut off in pan&scan version). after this she is mostly covered as they talk, but as he wins her over, the garment slips, and we see her round left breast again. then Wilem Dafoe comes along and ruins everything.

later on, we see her back, lowerback and breasts as she changes clothes, but that's it.

I give this only *** because we could have been afforded longer, better views (generally more common in European features of ths type), but I give it as much as *** because of the erotic intensity of the scene with Irene & Rufus Sewell, and because, hey, this is 'Veronique'*, a girl of whom even two is not enough!

* check out 'The Double Life of Veronique' for some of Irene's most raw, mature, and also innocent nudity.

European productions always deliver, and are also always better written, acted and directed.

dav345 was written on December 12, 2003

butt mainly

You get a long look at her GREAT ass from medium distance (could be a body double), then a second of breast exposure (maybe 1 frame of pubic hair at the bottom of the screen, not much there). Great for butt lovers, though.

Othello (1995)
BOD was written on October 20, 1999

Nice... though short

Well, the description says it all. The scene was nice but very short. Still, it's better than nothing.

deleuze was written on April 17, 1999


Irene is totally naked, but the scene is so brief and distant...

Anarkin was written on February 19, 2002

Watch it on DVD format

Two short scenes that are nothing else than another reviewer has just described. But the part of Othello's visions of Desdemona in bed with another man is for the pause-still button: A lot of skin and some hot tongue action, nice. Good for the (earlier) part when Irène is naked on bed, push the zoom on your remote and get a pretty decent view of her full body, but her bush still looks diffuse. See the movie.

Winchester was written on October 16, 1999

Brief but good

Basically,there are two sex secuences in this movie. In the first of them you can see Irene gets totally naked throught the curtains of her bed. the next is a hot sex scene between Desdemona and her lover that only happens in Othello's imagination; Both of them are diffuse and brief, so you only can see her skin and nipples. May be the best nude scene of ever done by Irene is the full frontal in The Double Life..., but in Othello the images are plenty of erotism and makes this movie exciting... After all, she is a very good actress.

Beyond the Clouds (1995)
bilfic was written on December 19, 1999

No nudity!

Irene Jacob's name should NOT be listed under this movie. She does NOT appear nude in this film, even partially.

Prediction, The (1994)
lpz89 was written on August 22, 2007

Hairy bush in dacha

Irene slips off a pair of knickers to reveal a lovely dark tangle of hairy pussy in a wood shack somewhere in the back of beyond in this Russian movie. Nice slim figure and cute tits too. First rate.

Secret de Sarah Tombelaine, Le (1991)
Winchester was written on December 7, 1999

Breast (EXTREMELY brief... )

At this movie, a young Irene Jacob plays the main role as some kind of witch, and she really looks sweet as a tormented and melancholic girl, but still sensual; there is an erotic dream scene, when she appears making love with the hero of the story: she is supposed to be riding her guy in bed, unfortunately, we can only see'em in a close up of her head kissing softly her lover's chest (Man! It's too much to ask?)... but a few later, at the same secuence, the camera focuses in her breasts, so we can see, too much briefly, one of her nipples. The entire secuence is very brief and diffuse by shadows and high contrast, but the * is for the effort... This one is a good movie too, and worth to see it.

Double vie de Véronique, La (1991)
Winchester was written on October 20, 1999

Important advice

Pay attention Irene fans: A widescreen edition of The Doble Life of Veronique is available for sale at U.K. (search at Black Star Video U.K. by the english title of this movie(not French) or go directly to BlackStar). At least! God saves the Queen (Queen Irene, of course... and saves a copy of this video edition for me, too!)

Winchester was written on October 16, 1999

The best of Irene

The guy who said see this one in a theatre... was right. If you' re an Irene fan you will love this movie because you can appreciate her naked beauty in a full frontal shot when she is in bed with her boyfriend, and see very clearly her breasts and pubes for a while; unfortunately, the video format cuts the image enough to deprive us of her nice temple of feminality (What a waste...). I think she is wonderful and only hope she will give us again a gift like this one.

Anarkin was written on December 20, 1999

Full frontal

Irène Jacob appears nude in this movie in the following scenes. I will be as descriptive as possible.As Veronika, Irène is in bed with her boyfriend, exposing her breasts.Later, Veronika is walking around her bedroom only wearing lingerie (not nude, but nice).As Veronique, she is lying in bed with the camera showing partially her body through a lens with diffuse edges and following her lover's hand, which begins caressing her bush (cropped off by format), belly, breasts and finishes putting his fingers in her mouth. Then, the camera focuses her distant to show her entire body, but as many have said, only her breast are exposed and her bush is cropped off again by the video format.

wabby was written on November 28, 1998

bedroom scene

great closeup of her breasts, and some fur too, as she's lying in bed with her boyfriend

7th_Victim was written on March 28, 1999

100% Irene

See this one in a theatre if you can - you will be well rewarded. What you can't see on the video because the sides of the image are cropped off is a magnificent long take of Irene in the altogether - full frontal nudity. A case for letterboxing if ever there was one.

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