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Isabelle Adjani's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
1996 Diabolique 6 Reviews
1994 Queen Margot 6 Reviews
1987 Ishtar 1 Review
1983 Été meurtrier, L' 5 Reviews
1981 Quartet 2 Reviews
1981 Possession 1 Review
1981 Année prochaine... si tout va bien, L' 0 Reviews
1977 Violette et François 0 Reviews
1974 Gifle, La 0 Reviews

nudity reviews for Isabelle Adjani member submitted

Diabolique (1996)
sirspread was written on May 23, 2004


just a few minutes in we can hardly see her breasts as her hair covers them as she goes all strange in the bathroom.there is a side shot however where they can be seen a little better and we can also make out her pubes which look quite thick

DBW was written on January 25, 1999

just the opening bath scene

You see her breasts, and then her whole body (side view), but since she's having a nervous attack at the time it's not terribly erotic.

SkyC was written on October 14, 1999

Body Double

That's not even close to her body

oldbabe was written on January 8, 2002


The version that I saw of the film, some breasts with nipples were shown but it happened in such a flash that body double or not, it doesn't quite matter. Sigh! Isabelle is just gettin into an interesting age to be seen nude once again.

nudity_elitist was written on July 20, 2002

way way quick

This almost doesn't even qualify as nudity based on the lighting quick shutter speed displayed. Even though I could tell there were boobs showing it was simply too quick to soak in. It is nearly impossible to believe that the incredibly youthful (and sexy) Isabelle was actually 41 years old when she shot this!

7th_Victim was written on March 28, 1999

Not even worth your time

True, we get a glimpse at all of the goods on this body - only the body does not belong to Adjani. Body-doublage is afoot.

Queen Margot (1994)
BMac was written on April 29, 2009

Beautiful body

The beautiful Isabelle Adjani has a lengthy lovemaking scene in an alley with Vincent Perez beginning at 33:08. Unfortunately, they're both clothed, but there are several shadowy views of her nips and a clearer one toward the end, roughly 34:02-6. There's a very brief flash of her pubes as she's assaulted in a later scene, and an extensive, well-lit bedroom scene with Perez beginning at 1:42.19, There's more of him than her, but Isabelle shos partial buns and a good look at her medium-sized, very attractive boobs.

Guru69 was written on October 3, 2002

Two nudes scenes - "R" rated version

Beautiful Isabelle has two nude scenes in the film - In the first, her and Vincent Perez are sitting nude together but nothing is seen. He turns around and lays on top of her and we get quick glimpses of her pink-nippled breats and the outer egde of her pubes with him on top. Sexy scene and she's gorgeous but it's too quickly edited together. The second scene comes as she's being thrown around by a group of men and they raise up her dress and we see a closeup of her crotch - pubes (more closely shaved than Asia) and the outline of her lips but it's only a handful of frames so you'll have to pause.

Magion was written on November 24, 2001

Love making scene

The gorgeous Isabelle Adjani has a fairly explicit love scene with her body on full display. I have heard that there are a few different versions of this movie in terms of what is shown, so be on the lookout if renting this movie.

grong was written on June 24, 1999

Love making scene

The gorgeous Isabelle Adjani has a fairly explicit love scene with her body on full display. I have heard that there are a few different versions of this movie in terms of what is shown, so be on the lookout if renting this movie.

pawn was written on December 9, 2001

she´s makig love to his loved one

well she just look beautifull and helpless, and white and blue

oldbabe was written on December 11, 2001

Different versions

There is definitely different versions to the movie. What I saw shows nothing, nothing at all.

Ishtar (1987)
Immy was written on May 2, 2005

Brief left breast (0:27)

Isabelle meets Dustin Hoffman in an airport and to prove she's a woman she lifts up her jacket, momentarily baring her left boob. He's convinced!

Été meurtrier, L' (1983)
Tiger Flux was written on January 10, 1999

Excellent for Adjani fans.

Full frontal nudity and a strange scene where she sucks an olders woman's nipple.

SkyC was written on October 14, 1999

Very young and very nude.

If I am not mistaken, this is Adjani's film debut, so she is quite different from today. She's topless several times, but the best scenes are when she's walking around the barn fully naked, and later when she's bathing and we get to see her ass and tits: in both cases she likes to be watched by her lover's mother.

scanman was written on June 30, 2001

About 5 nudescenes .... 2 pretty long ones!

Isabelle Adjani is just gorgeous in this movie. 4 of the 5 nudescenes are between 30 and 45 minutes into the movie. 3 are short... A 1 second glimpse of her breasts when she's changing clothes... another 1 second glimpse of her left breast when she's in bed with her boyfriend... and a couple of second later in the movie when she shows her breasts to an older guy. The long scenes are: first after sex with her boyfriend. Isabelle walks in a dark barn completely naked. You see her breasts and pubes. When she walks out into the sunlight we get a great view on her breasts and a distant shot of her complete body naked. The second scene is when she's taking a bath in the livingroom in front of some older woman. She shows pubes, breasts and some really great close ups of her butt ... and what a fine butt it is! Don't miss this movie!!

Winchester was written on December 22, 1999

This one is a good one, kids...

I saw this movie a many years ago... when Isabelle was not so known as now is. Well, the movie has good nude scenes, but the most enjoyable is the long full frontal shot when she walks around a barn after having sex with her boyfriend, you can appreciate her nipples and pubes for a while and a few later she sucks her mother's nipple; there is a shower scene and many breast shots (when she attempts to seduce her supposed father by let him to caressing her breasts). Close to end, the scene of her mother's rape is very explicit (includig a brief but very clearly and high-detailed close up of her vagina, don't know who is the actress but bravo by the effort...); for women, there also are some male nudes.

melicora was written on March 26, 2001

isabelle undressing

isabelle taking off her dress

Quartet (1981)
soulman was written on May 31, 2002

Tit Shot.

You get a fair look at her tits during a bedroom scene with Bates. Her tits are nice but they rate a **1/2 at best.

sophiesman was written on September 11, 1999

Nice bedroom scene

The beautiful Isabelle has a topless bedroom scene with Alan Bates. Good camera shots of herlovely pert breasts with nice pink nipples.

Possession (1981)
duckem was written on August 16, 2000

more gore than sex

Isabelle has a number topless scenes
in this movie but the only scene of note
is when she was having sex with some sort
of demonic creature which still did not
show much. However there is alot of blood and
gore in the unrated version.

Année prochaine... si tout va bien, L' (1981)
Violette et François (1977)
Gifle, La (1974)

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