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1993 Eden 2 Reviews

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Eden (1993)
GDH was written on July 31, 2000

Bare bum and tighty-whities!

There's a terrific scene early in the film where the lean-limbed Armstrong is dressed in a skimpy pair of tight swimming trunks (no Bermuda shorts nonsense for this boy!); they offset his gorgeous tanned body perfectly. Later on we see him without them (fans of tanlines will be pleased) as he kneels nude on the bed kissing his girlfriend; we get a couple of good looks at his lovely small bottom.

Chris was written on November 1, 1998

skinny dipping at beach/love scene

This guy is beautiful. He is one of the most attractive guys in Hollywood. The Eden series is dumb but have the best looking guys in them and they all do nude scenes(very long and detailed nude scenes!!!) Jack does many nude scenes in this one. The first one has him stripping to go skinny dipping. You see him strip and run into the water. Long scene. He also plays around in the water with his date. He has a perfect body and butt. Later in the video, he is making love. You see a nice shot of his butt close up(nice tan lines). Then you see his butt running out of the room. Very nice long shots of his butt. If you got it, flaunt it and he does in this video!!!!

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