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2000 Naked News 2 Reviews

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Naked News (2000)
PubicHairandNipples was written on June 13, 2008

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Jack was one of the stars of Naked News Daily Male - sadly missed! As the other reviewer said, a very handsome matinee idol type. Dark smouldering eyes, and muscly. You watch thinking - surely he won't be taking EVERYTHING off? But it's Naked News, so of course he will! Handsome as Jack is, and good as his body is, he isn't my favourite anchor. Reason - his style is a little bit staid sometimes, and thus his body and penis don't move about. Also, although we watch thrilled as Jack holds the side of his underwear ready to take it off, I'm not sure it quite lives up to expectations. Sure, penis size doesn't really matter, but a slightly larger one does swing and bounce better, and Jack is a bit small. On the other hand, he has lovely balls - very compact and smooth. He also has a decent bush. He looks particularly sexy in the shows where his haircut is short. A sexy-faced nude anchor.

Ozzie700 was written on January 15, 2006


Jack was a guest anchor in 2004 and was popular with viewers, so now he's there on a regular basis. He seems to shave most of his body hair, and he has a small, uncut penis. He is extremely handsome, matinee idol - easily the best-looking man on the show. He is the definition of tall, dark and handsome. He also has an extremely muscular, perfect ass. And a fantastic sense of humor. No complaints here.

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