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year title
2001 Te wu mi cheng 4 Reviews
2001 Rush Hour 2 1 Review
1996 Jackie Chan's First Strike 3 Reviews
1985 Jackie Chan's Police Story 1 Review
1983 Fearless Hyena Part II, The 2 Reviews
1980 Young Master, The 0 Reviews

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Te wu mi cheng (2001)
demonluver was written on March 8, 2005

Naked in public market

A great Jackie scene. After running away from some bad guys in a bath house, he runs into a public market and looses his towel as he jumps over a fence. There is a lenghty scene of him running through the market, fighting off the guys following him and covering his going with various objects. Its all played out for laughs, but there are many good shots of his naked butt. However as mentioned by other reviewers he is wearing a sock on his penis so even when he slips up and dosent cover himself you dont see anything, but great rear nudity.

Christoph was written on August 16, 2002

Nude in public; fight scenes

Chan is chased by villains out of a Turkish bath clad in a towel and into a bazaar, where he loses the towel. A lengthy fight scene ensues with the nude Chan trying to protect his modesty while evading his captors. Played for laughs and well-choreographed enough to avoid any frontal exposure. However, this is a hot scene for embarrassment enthusiasts, with lots of rare exposure, and Chan's body is still admirably toned. A must-see for any Chan fans.

moviestuff was written on October 6, 2003

funny ass scene

you see his ass as he loses his towel

culero was written on September 17, 2002

losing towel in market while being chased by bad guys

This scene ranks way up there for embarassment enthusiasts. Jackie has been chased out of a Turkish bath by thugs. When he jumps over a fence he loses his towel and then proceeds to fight everybody completely bare-assed. The scene is played for laughs but is erotic if you like Jackie. Lots of butt shots and creative ways to hide the frontal. (On DVD it can be slowed down and you see he is wearing a sock). Jackie's ass looks great for his age, but it is a little sad that he didn't do this scene 12 years earlier. The signs of age are beginning to show as his cheeks are beginning to sag.

Rush Hour 2 (2001)
dolphin_girl1928 was written on August 29, 2004

running down the highway

Jackie Chan gets in a fight in a massage perlour where his towel gets whipped off(with some kind of underwear beneath it). Later after the 'bad guys' take him they drop him off on a highway where he and Chris Tucker run. It's seen from a distance and only him butt is shown, so it could be a body double. Later they hold things up to block a frontal veiw, and it is him, but still nothing. I would reccomend the movie for its laughs, though!

Jackie Chan's First Strike (1996)
MarcioGore was written on January 22, 2012

Chinese butt

There's a scene when he's forced to strip,so we can see his firm and cute chinese ass.Jackie has a body in good shape and like other guys said here,we can see that didn't use stuntman.

Christoph was written on July 18, 2000

Forced to strip in public

Chan plays a secret agent. A bad guy catches him and makes him start to strip in public so they can search his clothes for listening bugs. He gets down to funny looking underwear, which causes the bad guy to stare. The bad guy then indicates that he needs to strip those off too. Chan reluctantly does. A group of women wander by and see him naked, he tries to cover his bottom, but one snaps a picture. A girl walking dogs gets a good look as well. Chan has one impressive butt, and it is surprisingly well showcased in this PG rated film.

Annie May was written on October 15, 1998

Jackie Chan is forced to strip while singing...

Jackie Chan has a cure butt! Who knew? In a cute and funny scene, a gun-wielding enemy forces Jackie to strip in a public place. An old lady wanders by and snaps a polaroid! The movie is not nearly the best kung fu action flick he has made. It's kind of a lame James Bond rip-off. It does, however, have the best use of a ladder as a weapon in any movie! And this is Jackie Chan, stuntmaster, so you know it's really his butt!

Jackie Chan's Police Story (1985)
drowninginyou was written on July 16, 2006

quick butt

After his girlfriend throws a cake in his face because she thought he was cheating on her he takes a shower. You see his butt quickly as her gets in. I gave this three because I love Jackie Chan and the movie itself is pretty funny, it's hard to find though and I only have it on VHS.

Fearless Hyena Part II, The (1983)
McBoris was written on April 18, 2002

Nude fishing

In the film Jackie Chan goes fishing in a lake with his bare hands. He is totally naked so the camera gets a very good few of his muscular body and his bare arse. It is the only time in Jackie Chan's career that you get to see him totally naked like this.

Reno was written on March 2, 2001

In a lake, fishing with his hands

Jackie pops up from the water with a fish in each hand, a third in his mouth. When one fish jumps free, we see his nude buttocks as he tries to catch it. The scene is way too short.

Young Master, The (1980)

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