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1998 Six Days Seven Nights 1 Review

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Six Days Seven Nights (1998)
rbelkin was written on October 24, 2006

See Through Bra, Thong

Not much but since she has not done much nudity, this will be something. She shows up on screen in a tight top that shows off most of her bosoms - no nipple. Later on, when she & David Schwimmer think their mates are missing, she wants to console him by having sex with him - her ass peaks out a bit as she walks into her bungalow, then she takes off her top - her right aureole clearly seen through her see-through bra - she takes her skirt off, revealing a sexy black thong and she turns to show him her perfect ass - still not convinced, she takes off her top to him but all we see is after he turns her down, her hands tightly cupped on her breasts ... and like er, 'normal' man, he turns her down because he's still pining for Anne Heche (cough).

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