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2001 Chris Isaak Show, The 1 Review

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Chris Isaak Show, The (2001)
OneMoreReviewer was written on July 18, 2003

Stripping in window

The second time I've ever seen the show and I managed to accidently see the first episode (already in reruns). Which is a good thing, I can start watching it from here. But anyway, Jacqueline plays an uptight production accountant who shuns Chris in person but then does strip-teases for him from her window. So we get three seperate scenes showing her breasts. Which look fantastic, also, to my eyes, fake. The shots are either short medium closeups or wide and out of focus, and always partially obscured by the window frame. And the scenes are finished far too quickly. But here's the interesting thing... I looked her up on imdb and it turns out she also writes and directs. She wrote an episode of Star Gate SG1 (which she has a recurring role in) And here she is in a role you'd expect to see some bimbo doing. Totally blew my mind. And you bet I'll watch it next week.

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