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1970 Rabbit Run 2 Reviews
1969 Rain People, The 1 Review

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Rabbit Run (1970)
Kron was written on March 29, 1999

Naked getting into the shower with his wife.

Very nice shot of his bare butt!

WileyPark was written on September 28, 2010

Brief butt and tighty whities

In an early scene where James Caan is driving, he has a flashback to a time when he showered with his wife. We see him from behind removing his towel and show his butt as he steps into the shower. He closes the shower door and presses his butt against it, so we can still make it out through the foggy glass. His ass looks great and is well lit, but the shot is very brief.

A great scene comes a little later in which Caan strips down to his white briefs to go to bed. He spins around as he looks around the room, and we seem him from all sides. He fills out his underwear very well in both the front and back. As he gets into bed (undies still on), he spreads his legs ever so briefly, giving us a nice look between them. It's a shame Caan didn't do more nude scenes. He had a fantastic body and juicy butt in his prime.

Rain People, The (1969)
zeekk was written on March 30, 2007


a few shirtless scenes in which he reveals his muscular body and quite hairy shoulders.

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