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1984 Tank 8 Reviews

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Tank (1984)
WileyPark was written on July 14, 2011

Public humiliation

I never imagined James Cromwell, the kindly farmer from "Babe," would have such a fantastic ass. As he's forced to strip and is tied to a post, he shows off an amazing bubble butt for such a thin man. As the woman who ties him smacks it, there is some slight jiggle in his cheeks that is especially titilating. Too bad he didn't show any frontal. If his nose is any indication, he's packing something really special.

watchersweb was written on January 29, 2005

Strip humiliation

This movie is not released in the UK and I had to import a copy from USA.I thought the strip scene was quite disappointing and will only appeal to those turned on my sexual humiliation.In this respect viewing the mastercard priceless photos avaialable on many websites may be a better choice than this movie.
There is no full frontal nudity, presumably to avoid an '18' rating and even the strip takes place behind the cover of James Garner's massive tank and he gets the best view.However, there is a good view of James Cromwell's butts and he has a good body for a middle-aged guy.We just don't get to see enough of it.If you rent this DVD don't bother with the rest of the film.It is just dire !No wonder it is not available in the UK!

Christoph was written on July 18, 2000

Forced to strip in public

Dim-witted deputy Cromwell is forced by army officer James Garner to strip naked so he can make a getaway. Cromwell reluctantly strips in front of a crowd of onlookers and then is handcuffed to a lamp post. The woman who handcuffs him smacks his bare butt. Cromwell looks kind of like a doofus in the film, but in a pleasant surprise (for this scene) he has a really nice body. The embarrassment scenario is pretty good too. Don't let the PG rating fool you.

atom was written on August 9, 2003

forced to strip naked in front of a crowd

This two-minute sequence will be of interest chiefly to viewers aroused by scenes of sexual embarrassment. As the previous reviews point out, James Garner forces deputy James Cromwell to strip naked, at gunpoint, in front of a crowd of ordinary small-town people. The film takes care to emphasize the crowd's delight at the deputy's embarrassment; the gorgeous young Jenilee Harrison laughs and gives Cromwell a smack on the butt as she helps, under Garner's orders, to handcuff Cromwell to a pole. Cromwell's body is in good shape for a man in his mid-forties (his hairy chest is particularly fine), but with his thinning hair and hawkish face, it's a little hard to think of the man as a sex symbol. The main reason to watch this scene is its emphasis on the character's sexual humiliation.

Guiseppe was written on September 19, 2007

James Cromwell with a nice, lean butt

James Cromwell, who we all have see in Six Feet Under, stars as an oafish police officer in this 80s, James Garner flick. He is 25 years younger, but still paking that honken nose. But anyways, in a humiliation act, James Garner forces him to demorilizingly strip in front of a transfixed crowd who laugh and giggle in his misery. He strips and is then fastened to a lampost where we get an extended view of his ass. Now, James has a pretty nice, lean ass and has a surpisingly nice bod too.

lmedici was written on March 16, 2012

Wow! Who would have thought?

I thought the film was good for one of those 'late night can't sleep, so turn on the telly' movies and it made me laugh. Who knew Babe's boss ever had a lil washboard and chiseled bumm! : )

unascribed was written on September 30, 2001

Public humiliation

James Cromwell is hot. He's forced to strip naked by James Garner when they bomb his police station. While he's stripping you can see that he's got nice pecs with some light fluff and he's got no fat on his otherwise smooth body. When he takes off his underwear, you can see that James Garner takes a peek at his penis. I wish I were James Garner. Afterward, he is tied to a pole with his pole against the pole unfortunately. People are taunting him and I wish I were one of the extras. You get a real good look at his perfect ass.

gnd was written on December 5, 2001

forced to strip naked

in this scene, the deputy is forced to strip totally stark naked in front of bunch of people. he reluctantly does and is then handcuffed to a post if front of the town. jennilee harrison the gives him a little pat on the butt as she can see that he is completely humiliated.

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