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year title
2001 Speaking of Sex 1 Review
2000 Supernova 5 Reviews
1997 Driftwood 1 Review
1996 Crash 2 Reviews
1993 Dream Lover 1 Review
1990 White Palace 1 Review
1990 Bad Influence 1 Review

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Speaking of Sex (2001)
Ryan was written on June 5, 2001

Thrusting buns

Spader plays a neurotic psychiatrist who has sex with a patient referred to him in his office. There's a nice overhead shot of his buns thrusting away during sex with the patient on his couch.

Supernova (2000)
Tsuki26 was written on September 20, 2002

ONLY in the full screen version!

very brief side and frontal, but at least we get that! (but only seen in the full screen version)

Ryan was written on February 1, 2000

Not really anything

Early in this sci-fi film the whole crew strips down for some sort of dimension jump and there's a very brief partial shot of Spader's rear as the camera pans up his body. Without slow motion it's impossible to tell how much you really see. However he's the only guy who even gets that treatment. Still he's in great shape in this movie and there's some real nice shirtless shots if you're a hardcore fan. In the love scene he has with Angela Bassett where you supposedly see his rear from outside the ship it's actually co-star Peter Facinelli's naked behind. That scene is taken from Facinelli's sex scene with Robin Tunney (which occurs later in the film) and the young performers' skin tones were altered to match that of their more experienced co-stars. (Info in case anyone cares/doesn't know: Supernova's director Walter Hill abandoned the film after principle photography and the editing was supervised by MGM board member Francis Ford Coppola. He played around with the material a lot, cut out some of the sexier scenes and tried to make it as marketable as possible.)

mcjw2011 was written on February 5, 2003

Nude from the side

We briefly see a side view of James Spader nude in the first dimensional jump scene. If you use slo-mo, you can make out a partial frontal as the camera zooms up his body, but it's too fast to really make anything out. Besides, in my opinion, James Spader isn't all that attractive. Do not rent it to see him naked, rent it to see the more attractive Peter Facinelli and Robin Tunney strut their stuff.

guywatcher was written on August 28, 2000

side of butt and partial penis while stripping down

Spader is naked for a dimension jump. He is seen from the side naked. You need your pause button. The scene is very brief but if you pause and go slow, you can see the tip of his penis and a side view of his butt. The shot pans up his body and you can see it is really Spader. I was very shocked you could see so much even though it was quick. R-rated version was viewed.

Guiseppe was written on September 22, 2007

A Nice Dick on Spader

James Spader, who is now the flabby star on 'Boston Legal', is in his physical prime in 'SUPERNOVA.' During the Dimension Jump scene, James gets a quick camera pan up the side of his body. But, if you freeze frame at this exact moment, we get a nice sideview of his meaty, flaccid penis and a muscled, buttcheek shot. Later on, James is then seen from an arial view while having sex with a fellow shipmate. Here we get a more wholesome view of his pale, but refined ass.

Driftwood (1997)
bmg was written on January 4, 2000

Rear and pubes

James is looking pretty good in this movie and we get to see a pretty good butt as he falls nude into a woman's arms and his pubes as he's siting nude on the floor. You also might be able to see something when he's nude on bed, but I couldn't really.

Crash (1996)
Ozzie700 was written on December 13, 2002

Side and Sensuality

The movie is repulsive, but I'd recommend it if only for how intense, charismatic, and focused James is in his various sex scenes. He sleeps with every woman in the cast just about, yet he makes each encounter seem unusual. The way he looks through these women with his astonishingly cool, piercing, beautiful eyes sends a shiver through the spine. While he sadly never goes beyond side nudity, his short (botched by bad camera angles) touching and kissing of Elias Koteas is a true tent-pitcher, and there's an even better moment as he, from the side, slowly grinds into Deborah Unger and her dirty talk sends him over the edge. You can make out the shape of his right cheek, and it looks great. Too bad there wasn't more exposure.

Me was written on October 17, 1998

Most of the movie

Plenty of nude shots, no frontal but lots of simulated sex and even a homo-erotic scene... no matter how great it is to see Spader this way, his nudity does not save the plot (a car crash/accident/injury sex fetish story)... but its worth trudging through the garbage to see him nearly in the buff :-)

Dream Lover (1993)
Ozzie700 was written on January 15, 2002

Sitting on Bed

James is sitting up on the bed, watching Madchen walk away. Side and the upper part of his crack. This man could be sexy picking his navel.

White Palace (1990)
murray was written on September 21, 1998

love scene

Not a Spader fan, but he's looking pretty good here. He strips down and we see his butt before he jumps under the covers.

Bad Influence (1990)
Ozzie700 was written on April 20, 2009


James was not averse to showing that fine body in other films around this time, but this wasn't one of them.

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