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year title
1981 Hard Country 1 Review
1974 Buster and Billie 2 Reviews
1971 Going Home 0 Reviews

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Hard Country (1981)
simonx was written on October 1, 1998

from bed to bathroom

He gets out of bed and goes to the bathroom. Nice butt shot but too quick for me.

Buster and Billie (1974)
simonx was written on October 1, 1998

having fun by the river

I just can't believe that no one wrote a review yet on that movie! It must be the best male frontal nude scenes ever. And it has historic value because it is the first male frontal nude scene from a mainstream movie. In this scene, gorgeous Jan-Michael Vincent is having a picnic with his sweetheart by the river. They decide afterwards to swim in the river naked. They disrobe at the same time, but in separate places. We get to see one the most beautiful nude scenes ever. He gets rid of his pants and appears completely naked, from head to toe, frontal view (clear view also). Then he walks towards the camera slowly and we see his beautiful cut penis. After that, they hang on to a big rope, Tarzan-style, and plunge from the bridge to the river, completely naked (in that last part, we see only his butt). Rent that movie or even better, buy it. It is definitely a collector's item!!! I would have given that movie 10 stars.

derek22 was written on May 28, 2002

very good frontal nude scene, but not a "first"

I agree with Simonx's opinion of JMV's frontal nude scene (Joan Goodfellow is frontally nude at the same time, BTW), but I disagree with one statement:

"... it has historic value because it is the first male frontal nude scene from a mainstream movie."

IIRC, "Women In Love", featuring considerable frontal exposure by Alan Bates and Oliver Reed, came a few years earlier.

Going Home (1971)

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