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year title
2006 Tirante el Blanco 1 Review
1970 Deep End 6 Reviews
1970 Buttercup Chain, The 1 Review
1964 Masque of the Red Death, The 2 Reviews

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Tirante el Blanco (2006)
boggleeyes was written on July 1, 2010

Seducing a young soldier

A movie made in Spanish and English so very strange to watch in either. Released in 2006 so probably filmed in 2005 or even 2004, so Jane would be 59 or 58. Still, she is surrounded by pretty young things in the movie (so worth watching) but she can hold her own. Nudity probably deserves only 2 stars partly because of Jane's age and there's no bush, but heck, it Jane Asher! Nudity comes at 1:28. She is naked and kissing her way up a sleeping, naked young man's body. He's not disappointed when he opens his eyes. Jane gets up and walks across the room showing her arse, then she gets to a table and turns sideways giving our first glimpse of right tit. She takes a neck chain from the box and turns back briefly showing both tits, but the camera angle changes. Doh! She is now back at the bed and we see her side on. As she fastens the chain around the young man's neck we see her right tit again and it's not bad; a fair size and yes it's not so firm, has a large areola. For her age she's still got good skin and is still good looking and sexy.

Deep End (1970)
kenwilliams was written on August 31, 2005

Beautiful Redhead

Jane Asher plays the leading role Susan. There are a lot hot nonude shots. At the end of the Film she's nude. Butt and Breasts good to see while she's together with Mulder-Brown. At the very last time she's full fontal nude, but it's not as good to see as wanted.

muckster was written on April 3, 2007

An all-time great nude scene

Deep End is a coming of age film from Jerzy Skolimowski (cf. The Shout) about fifteen-year-old Mike, just out of school and in his first job as an attendant at a run-down London swimming baths. Jane plays his slightly older new workmate Sue. The two leads give excellent performances as the plot follows Mike's growing obsession with the life and loves of the teasing Sue. It's a film full of comically dysfunctional characters and mildly but disconcertingly surreal situations.

For a setting in which people must be continually dressing and undressing behind the scenes there's very little in the way of second-string nudity. In a brief fantasy sequence a young woman who looks like Jane is seen nude from the rear swimming underwater across the screen. In one strangely unsettling scene a lecherous middle-aged teacher picks out girls one-by-one to be hurled into the pool. And there's a visit to the cinema to see an absurd "educational" film called The Science of Sex.

Now to the scene the whole film has been preparing us for. Mike and Sue are in the emptied-out swimming pool - I'll try and avoid real spoilers and not explain what they're doing there. Distracted, Sue returns to find Mike lying naked. Resignedly she strips naked too, and will not be properly dressed for five minutes or more. She approaches for a love-making scene, seen full length from behind in mid-distance in good light. Seen from above, Mike lies partly on top of her, with her hip and apparently the edge of her small patch of pubic hair visible.

Distracted again, Sue returns wrapped in towels to find the lights dimmed down and the pool filling with water. A tussle breaks out, Mike pulls away her towels and she falls naked flat on her bottom. Getting up seen full-length from behind, things are getting frantic now as Mike becomes increasingly unbalanced. She manages to grab a towel to hold in front of herself, but in a mixture of close and long shots she's finding it impossible to keep her breasts and crotch covered. As the pool fills, she's finally seen in the water lying on her back, filling the frame fully nude, legs parted a little, with her sparse triangle of pubic hair becoming clearly visible as the lighting fades in and out.

The duration and extent of the nudity are good, but other leading actresses have done as much or more. So what puts this on my all-time top-ten list? A classy red-headed actress at the peak of her beauty giving a brilliant performance at the climax of a strange and memorable film, in a context that is at first tantalising, then shocking and amazing. It's a real shame that Deep End is so neglected that I could only get to watch it on a murky third-generation copy.

boggleeyes was written on April 7, 2009

Empty swimming pool

Jane is fit in 1971 but only two stars because there’s not enough nudity, most is from a distance and there are only poor quality VHS or pirate DVDs copied from VHS available. The movie actually has a decent slightly sinister story line, to do with a diamond; but the Diana Dors orgasm scene, the pervy swimming instructor scene and the cheesy 70s porno style music can put you off, but stay with it! Jane plays a 19yo although she must be mid to late 20s by 1971?

There’s a nice scene with Jane in a bikini and she is sexy. The nudity is at the end. Jane and one of her lovers, the youngest supposedly 15yo, are in an empty swimming pool. He strips off and she decides to also strip off. The first glimpses are from behind and sides, nothing rude but she has a delightful figure and neat arse. She lays with him they make love, but we don’t see anything, until they have finished and the camera goes above them. He is lying across her middle but at one point she moves her leg and you swear you see a glimpse of pubes.

Later as the pool is filling with water (the older lover has turned it on) she wraps a towel round herself and he tries to pull it away; he succeeds at one pint and she falls backwards naked. She recovers and she holds the towel up, but doesn’t wrap it. As he continues tugging we finally get to see a few glimpses of her right tit, probably B-cup, and even a glimpse of bush. Only after she is hit on the head and slips into unconsciousness and slips into the water do we finally get to see both tits, assuming it’s not a body double. If you are quick on the pause button you can make out the darkish area of the pubic triangle.

boggleeyes was written on August 10, 2011

Sexy scenes

Now this out on dvd and blue ray I'm upping the ratings. Jane is very sexy throughout even in clothes! There is a scene towards the end where she is sat on a desk taking a phone call, wearing a very short skirt and showing her sexy legs whilst playing with the zip on her boots; then she leans back and flashes her knickers. The nude scenes are towards the end, lots of back and side views which are great, Jane is very very fit; you do get to see tits, nipples and a full ginger bush although these are fleeting. You have watch closely so enjoy the movie first then back scroll and enjoy the nude scenes with the pause button to hand. The other hand.

Ghostwords was written on September 2, 2013

Potential nudity

In addition to her confirmed nudity, there are three queries regarding Ms Asher: the fantasy figure who shows full rear nudity as she floats past Moulder-Brown when he's thrown into the pool; a similar figure who shows her breasts and implied full nudity in a similar sequence when he visits the pool at night; the cardboard standee he steals of Soho model 'Angelica' which certainly looks like a topless Ms Asher. The first two do not include a facial shot, but the hair colour matches; the last does not appear to be her head attached to another body.

Ghostwords was written on September 2, 2013

Red-hot redhead

In the film's closing sequence, Sue (Ms Asher) finds her younger colleague Mike (John Moulder-Brown) has not only stripped naked, but has found the missing diamond from her engagement ring. She strips naked (full rear nudity from a distance), most likely so he will give up the stone, but then allows him to roll on top of her as what we can only only assume is a prelude to sex. However, her fiance calls and she grabs a bunch of clothes in front of herself before running to answer the 'phone (during the brief conversation, her right breast appears to make a cameo). When she returns to Mike (more rear nudity), she's clearly gone off the idea, but he's not happy. There's an argument, during which her right breast is clearly visible from behind the bundle of clothes, then a better look at her rear as she tries to climb out of the pool. In the final moments, both breasts are shown as she falls back into the water, then we get a shadowy look at her full front (including bush) as he cradles her sinking body.

Ms Asher was extraordinarily cute in those days, and not long out of her relationship with former fiance Paul McCartney (ended when she found him in bad with another woman).

Buttercup Chain, The (1970)
taurus was written on May 7, 2010

Butt crack swimming and brief outdoor topless

At :27 a flash of ass as she dives under while swimming, then brief topless talking it up with the dude outdoors.

Masque of the Red Death, The (1964)
Ghostwords was written on May 19, 2007


Early in the movie, Ms Asher is taken prisoner by local nobleman Vincent Price and his wife. She's forced to bathe, during which time we see part of this cute redhead's bare upper back above the water, but nothing else (she has her arms crossed over her chest). Still, quite daring for the period. (Interesting that both Ms Asher's more risque movie scenes involve water.)

Ghostwords was written on November 29, 2014

A closer look

The scene happens around the 10-minute mark, but closer examination seems to reveal Ms Asher was wearing some kind of skin-coloured wrapping across her breasts. It's only visible in one shot, when her upper torso is above the water.

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