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year title
2001 Dust 0 Reviews
1979 Miel, La 1 Review
1976 Je t'aime, moi non plus 4 Reviews
1976 Diable au coeur, Le 1 Review
1975 Sérieux comme le plaisir 2 Reviews
1975 Catherine & Co. 3 Reviews
1974 Mouton enragé, Le 2 Reviews
1974 Moutarde me monte au nez, La 1 Review
1973 Private Projection 2 Reviews
1973 Ms. Don Juan 3 Reviews
1970 Cannabis 1 Review
1970 Alba pagana 1 Review
1969 Piscine, La 2 Reviews
1968 Wonderwall 2 Reviews
1966 Blow-Up 4 Reviews
1948 Pirate, The 1 Review

nudity reviews for Jane Birkin member submitted

Dust (2001)
Miel, La (1979)
BushLeague was written on September 16, 2003

Almost not worth mentioning

Her almost board flat 32aa's are shown in moody light and in the dark. Her nippies are erect and poke out nicely.

Je t'aime, moi non plus (1976)
lattara was written on March 9, 2001

Naked from all angles and a kink in the plot.

Lots of nudity in a film directed by Jane's then husband Serge Gainsbourg, partly, it would seem as a tribute to his wife's derriere. Jane's very slender and shallow-breasted but has a quirky, pretty face and looks very sexy despite playing a real tomboy in this film. Scene 1 - we see Jane's round bum as she squats down to pee at the side of the road. Scene 2 -Jane topless in bed exposing her very small breasts and hard nipples - medium shot, well lit. She begins to masturbate and the camera slowly closes on her face. Scene 3 - Jane naked walks into her bedroom and lies back on the bed to await her would-be lover (Dallesandro). We see her waifish figure in all its glory, front and back in good light. He tries to have sex the regular way but he prefers boys - it's not until Jane turns her back on him that he gets interested. She screams blue murder as he tries an alternative entrance and finds it more to his liking. Jane's naked throughout this 7 min scene and we get excellent looks at her bum and breasts and a briefer look at her full brown muff. Scene 4 - Jane's taken from behind facing the camera - it lingers on her shallow breasts and long hard nipples (like pencil-end erasers!). Scene 5 - Jane and her lover float on a pool on a truck inner tube. They're face down which showcases Jane's firm buttocks delightfully. They get out of the water and we see Jane full frontal in fairly long shot. Scene 6 - Jane's trying to look more feminine in a pink dress. She takes off her panties and raises the dress to show off her furry delta in medium shot. Her lover is not interested and there's another bout of bent-over sex - though not revealing any additional flesh. Scene 7 - Jane strips off her tomboyish t-shirt and jeans and takes a bath - good views of breasts and (especially) bottom - then finds lover is leaving and runs out after his truck - medium and long shots of full frontal nudity still wet from the bath. Excellent for anyone who likes waifish bodies.

Fingon was written on March 2, 2000


This movie has plenty of nudity. She has an affair with a gay man, who can't get excited by a woman, but likes to take her up the ass.The scenes are very graphic and honestly, they seem real, she yields like crazy. You get to see her naked body from every angle, she is probably one third of the movie naked

broche was written on December 31, 1999

good breast shots

She's seating on her bed with only a pant, so we can easily her little nipples

BushLeague was written on November 2, 2002

Lots of her

She is a painfully thin "woman" with virtually no secondary sex characteristics (virtually no tits or hips), but she does have a large, fairly hairy bush and a really round, tight tushy. A faggot likes her, because she looks like a boy! (faint praise). Round, white butt out of jeans while she pees beside road (no stream shown). Long shot of front of body while lying in bed, slight shadows, and bush partially obscured by leg. Brief ass shot when he kicks her out of bed (is this the only time in the history of the planet when someone was actually kicked out of bed?) Pencil eraser erect nipples as she gets back door service for the first time. Long time, medium shot of muscular ass and brief full frontal with bush from a distance during inner tube scene at lake. Very brief panty up skirt shots as she plays on bed. She then drops panties and hikes up skirt to show hairy triangle and thin legs. Rib caged back nudity with slight butt crack while getting dressed on floor. Some mostly tit obscured topless (does not take much effort), and quick fully frontals up close and later from long to medium shots during strangulation scene and aftermath.

Diable au coeur, Le (1976)
BushLeague was written on September 16, 2003

Not quite a cover up

She is standing completely naked and viewed from the front, but she has her hand over her right "tit" and her magic "V". She leaves her left munchkin biscuit bare.

Sérieux comme le plaisir (1975)
TigerFlux was written on October 24, 1999

Birkin in her prime

Other than scattered brief glimpses of Jane's breasts underneath the loose blouses she wears throughout, the only scene of significant nudity occurs about five minutes into the film. Jane strips and gets into a bathtub, and starts playing with two men. You see her buns and breasts but not her bush. The scene lasts for a couple of minutes (Jane gets a boob-wash). One star for the nudity, another one for her loveliness in general, which is what carries this otherwise vapid French farce with situationist pretensions.

BushLeague was written on September 16, 2003

Additional nudity

Besides her large, rock solid french loaf fanny, you see her munchkin tits and her furpie in the mirror when she gets into the tub.

Catherine & Co. (1975)
derek22 was written on November 12, 2001

several topless scenes throughout the picture

Any woman who thinks her breasts are too small should run,
not walk, to the nearest video store, and rent this flick.
Jane Birkin frequently takes off her clothes to reveal breasts
that are smaller than mine--and I'm 100 percent male! Birkin is
a very pretty girl, and Birkin bare-breasted is erotically beautiful.
Ladies, if your breasts look like hers, be proud of them.

Loneranger was written on January 24, 1999

Multiple nude scenes through out the movie.

Ms. Birkin does quite a bit of nude scenes in this movie. She has very small tits,but very attractive tits and a great ass.

braindarts was written on January 27, 2002


Jane is nude constantly throughout this movie, some scenes are teasingly short, others are sweet. The best scenes are her in bed topless, with many different johns. One plays with her (small) sweet, sexy breasts. Her lithe body is displayed gloriously throghout the film and it's a keeper. A very difficult VHS to find. Anyone know if it's going on DVD?

Mouton enragé, Le (1974)
mrcroche was written on November 25, 2002

sexy scene

Getting into a motel-room with Jean Louis Trintignant, he tells her to get out of her clothes and,not surprisingly, she obeys. So you get to see full-frontal from Jane again, albeit only very brief, as the director knew exactly where to post the bedposts. However, Janes breasts are not obscured that way and we are given a full view.
There are two more scenes, one with partial buns, and one with very short obscured lower nudity. Both however pale in comparison to the first.
Three stars as she looks extremely young and sexy throughout the movie.

broche was written on December 31, 1999

full frontal nude

In a first time, she hiddes her breast but after that she stands completely nude in a room

Moutarde me monte au nez, La (1974)
BushLeague was written on September 16, 2003

French Dip

She goes for a skinny dip in a swimming pool. Full frontal (?) as she descends ladder. Both munchkin hooters and overgrown, unkempt pubic weed patch. Her rack is really ripped and firm.

Private Projection (1973)
BushLeague was written on September 16, 2003

This is definitely four stars

She is totally naked in sunlight and we get to see her unclad glory including her petite tits, great wide hips with fuzzy bush and her glorious seat pads with skinny, muscular super-model style legs.

mrcroche was written on December 31, 2002

Another great Birkin nudity

Jane Birkin looks great in this relatively unknown movie and she gets completely nude once again.
Very early in the movie we see her descending from a swimming pool (naked from a distance),then lying down on a towel talking (excellent bunnage), finally running absolutely naked as she is called to the phone (you see everything here).
This would be four stars for almost any other actress witout that big a nude archive.
Two more topless scenes, one love scene, one talking to a man in a tiny white slip and open shirt,occur later in the movie.

Ms. Don Juan (1973)
scanman was written on May 1, 2001

One long scene... breasts and pubes!

The scene starts at 0:56. Jane and BB are in bed together...nude. BB's hand is on Jane's pubic hair, but doesn't cover all of it. A minute later the girls get out of bed and we see Jane putting on her pants. A clear shot of her pubic hair and small breasts....

Loneranger was written on January 24, 1999

Plays a lesbian scene with Brigette Bardot.

2 for the price of 1. Jane and Brigette both are nude in this movie. Jane is totally naked and she has a nice bush shot in the picture.

BushLeague was written on September 10, 2002

I think she has two scenes in this movie

A girl is drunk and topless with only white panties. Nice medium shots of her little titties and long legs, well lit. This girl looks highly similar to Jane (hair color, tits, legs, etc) in the Lesbian (no action, just lying there). She is in front of Brigitte and has her pubes partially covered, but long brightly lit look at her slender, athletic high jumper style body and munchkin tits. She then hops out of bed to get dressed and we see her dark pubes and little A cups again.

Cannabis (1970)
BushLeague was written on September 16, 2003

I wear my maidenform bra or nothing at all

After stripping out of an overcoat her waif-like naked glory radiates splendiferously. The usual Jane full frontal with bare itty-bitty-tittys, and unkempt muffshish. Her bod is still flabless.

Alba pagana (1970)
BushLeague was written on September 16, 2003

Shirt wide open

Topless showing her squashed cream puffs with shirt unbuttoned.

Piscine, La (1969)
BushLeague was written on September 16, 2003

Yes, yes, yes

She is shown face down in the bed, naked up top and her left tit, no nipple is shown squashed against the sheets.

Videoass was written on December 27, 2001

No, no, no

No nudity fo her in this movie, only swimsuite...

Wonderwall (1968)
taurus was written on November 6, 2006

Two scenes

Another unfortunate movie. At :14 she is on her stomach for a side butt shot in weird red light. At :34 some quick peeks at her big stiff nipples prior to some sex.

rbelkin was written on March 18, 2007

Nudity Measured By Frames + One Upskirt

As mentioned, pretty slim pickings - if you freeze frame it just right, you get a right nipple as a black shadow in front of a color background ... there is one scene where she's sitting on a table later and uncrosses her legs, revealing her yellow panties.

Blow-Up (1966)
LeroyBrown was written on January 28, 2002

Topless quick nipple scenes

She's a model wannabe and she takes off her top while trying on some clothes. She's shown from the back mostly but she was shown frontal when David Hemmings pulls away the clothes she was holding in front of her. We see her nicely shaped but very small breast, but never a full head on shot showing both. She was frollicking with Hemmings and another girl so it was never a good look. A generous 2 stars from me. Should be only 1 1/2.

Ghostwords was written on October 23, 2005


Brief as this scene is, it marked the debut of public hair in a mainstream British movie.

Loneranger was written on January 24, 1999

nude playing around on a backdrop with another girl and the photographer.

nude playing around on a backdrop with another girl and the photographer.

BushLeague was written on September 16, 2003

Quick pick

After stripping out of her mini, she plays in some back drop paper. You get very quick flashes of her gopher mound tits and very delicious heart shaped ass. Before there is also a brief topless pantyhose shot.

Pirate, The (1948)
mrcroche was written on November 25, 2002

lesbian scenes

In this nonsense-movie (of course not from 1948),Jane Birkin has three lesbian scenes with equally hot Maruschka Detmers.
You see part of her buns in the first,when she is running to the door.
Janes tiny breasts then come into view in the second scene,standing at the window while being hugged by Maruschka.
Best is the third scene: both are nude in and out of bed, albeit only talking,and we get to see a lot of ass,some breasts and one short bit of bush too.
Janes body still looks great here, but the scenes aren´t as sexy as they could be.

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