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year title
2004 Geraldine's Fortune 1 Review
1980 How to Beat the High Co$t of Living 3 Reviews

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Geraldine's Fortune (2004)
Kuroneko was written on September 5, 2005

Possible Body Double

At about 15 minutes into the movie, you see her (or a body double) running off a television stage full rear nudity, after she realizes she is naked and becomes enbarrassed. It's from a distance and you don't see the vital Face-in-the-same-shot-as-the-body scene to really know for sure.

How to Beat the High Co$t of Living (1980)
Ghostwords was written on July 14, 2008

Not Ms Curtin

One of the more obvious uses of a body double I've seen. I suspect it's not even her butt we see when the skirt is dropped. The editing is blunt even by 1980s standards.

soulman was written on November 29, 2001

Body Double Alert!

Of course, it's a body double. Back in 1980 they might have been able to fool people with a body double shot, but nowadays it just looks ridiculous.

nmd was written on August 7, 1999

topless flash

she tries to distract a large crowd of people by taking off her bra on stage . you get a good flash of her breasts but they are a bit too good looking - probibly a body double ( it's a close-up of the breasts , you cant see her face ) but fans of hers might get a thrill from it anyway

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