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Jane Fonda's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
1998 Coming Home 7 Reviews
1989 Old Gringo 1 Review
1986 Morning After, The 2 Reviews
1971 Klute 3 Reviews
1968 Spirits of the Dead 2 Reviews
1968 Barbarella 12 Reviews
1966 Game Is Over, The 3 Reviews
1964 Circle of Love 1 Review

nudity reviews for Jane Fonda member submitted

Coming Home (1998)
randall22 was written on June 6, 2012

Love making scene with Jon Voight

Completely nude and aroused. Beautiful nipples and body. A beautiful woman at her sexual peak.

EFlynn was written on March 10, 2008

Jane Full Frontal

When Jon goes to the bathroom to get ready for sex. Jane has undressed [you dont see her do this]then to give herself some modesty she is wearing a open raincoat over her naked body when he returns. When she helps Jon onto the bed, the raincoat gaps open and you see Jane full frontal. Its a bit shadowy. But it's Jane. She was ether shaved or wearing a very small modesty patch down there. But I have got to give the scene 4* as it's Jane. [For all her big tits and strip film Demi Moore never showed that part of her body] This scene was taken from dvd numbered 10001086 MZ1. Rated 18 in the UK. This dvd was Issued in 2004 by MGM DVD

Cyclone was written on April 21, 2003

One scene

Jane's brief nude scene starts 86 minutes into the movie, when she's getting intimate with Jon Voight. We first get a couple of close, but dark looks at her breasts, and some slight butt, but we can't see her face. We then get a somewhat distant but better lit view of her butt, but again, her face is obscured. However, when she's on her back for the remainder of the scene, we do get a few brief looks at her breasts that also include her face. That having been said, though, her exposure is really quite brief, and rather forgettable.

slavedriver was written on October 11, 1999

sex scene

First she is sitting on top of him, and he's kissing her chest, some boob views. In a brief distance shot you see her ass (real nice). There's no real erotic sex scene between them, however Voight ends up going down on her and we see her tits for a while as she is getting off on his tongue. Quite an intense eating scene for a mainstream film.

Chris Rose was written on November 11, 1998

Love making with Jon Voight

She's having sex with the wheelchair bound Jon Voight. He can't move his hips but she's making up for it with some serious grinding and moaning. You get a pretty good look at her breasts.

bustillo was written on April 16, 2005


The best scene is when Jane is lying on her back while her lucky co-star gets to dine at the y. There is a brief shot of her breast and nipple. Plenty of sexy moaning from Jane, either she is a great actress or she really did orgasm during this extended and very intense scene. I don't know if you have seen her lately, she is one of those women who just gets better with age. She is 67 now and I would love to replicate that scene with her.

[email protected] was written on February 19, 2002

Between 1:26 and 1:29, she has sex with Jon Voight's character at his apartment(no.6). First, there's a close-up of her tits hanging, but you don't get to see her face in the same shot; after that, there are 3 close-ups of 1 breast(left, left, r

The first close-up where you see her face is the best(the longest). She doesn't look bad in this movie, but you can tell that she is old. This just makes you wanna see nudity from movies made when she was much younger.

Old Gringo (1989)
toyzz was written on November 28, 1999

Smits undressed and makes love to Fonda

In a long shot, Jimmy Smits undresses Jane Fondas. We see her exposed breast from a side, slightly behind angle. No nipple is seen but you can a decent view of her. Then we see her breasts pressed against Smits' body. No nipple but not an awful view.

Morning After, The (1986)
freezeframe was written on October 10, 1999

Make use of that pause button

There are only about four to five frames in the movie where you can make out what appears to be her very small breasts. One time while making love with Bridges and the other time within a minute from the first shot when she is sitting in a chair. Can't see any details.

[email protected] was written on February 23, 1999

With Jeff Bridges, nude in chair.

Shot from the side, lit with a table lamp, yousee her boobies in silhouette for a few frames.Bad nude scene. Later, she's sitting in a chairnaked. Shot from behind and above, mostly. Herarms are positioned to cover her chest. You seeone boobie for a few frames as she takes a drink.Another bad nude scene.

Klute (1971)
tazzie was written on October 31, 1999

bit of a disappointment...

Jane's topless scenes are quite dark and from afair distance away, and at first I was unsurewhether I was seeing breast or bra. On the plusside, she has a scene later in the movie whereshe is walking around in a fairly see-thru top,in which you probably get a better look at herbreasts than in the topless scene. Don't watchthis movie for the nudity.

grong was written on June 23, 1999

Pre-breast implant

I'd heard so much about this movie and the Jane Fonda nude scenes therein but I was really disappointed. Jane has quite small breasts in this film and when she wanders around topless, it's quite dark (how surprising).

georgelloyd1 was written on July 7, 2013

Beautiful breasts

Everyone talks about the nude footage, but for me one of the sexiest scenes comes about 100 minutes in, when Bree runs away from Klute and into a club. She's wearing a tight, slightly see-through top and her nipples are amazing: both visible through the material and so hard they're almost ripping holes in it. This could scarcely have been more exciting had she been stark naked with her ankles four feet apart.

Spirits of the Dead (1968)
rbelkin was written on January 12, 2011

Down Blouse & Side Ass

Jane Fonda might've been going through her crazy phase at this time but she was smokin' hot ... there is no nudity but most of her scenes have her wearing this sheer chiffon wrap (over a weird bikini like costume) so most her legs are exposed up to her thigh and ass as she walks around. She has a makeout scene where her right nipple might make an appearance but pretty deep cleavage down blouse ... then as she's riding a horse in that chiffon-bikini outfit, you get lots of leg expose and one brief shot as she rides - her left ass cheek is definitely visible ... so if you think Jane is hot, you'll enjoy her scenes in a mostly incoherent weird EU film of that era but not really a lot of real nudity - just frames worth ... but again, if you think she's hot, you'll enjoy it - if not - then you'll want to pass.

WLoomis was written on September 29, 2001

Zip, Zilch, Nada

Maybe I missed some scenes, but no nude Jane memories here. Go see Barbarella instead.

Barbarella (1968)
GenericPoster was written on June 1, 2013

The opening sequence where she sheds her spacesuit

Slow motion inspection shows that the dancing letters don't get there quite in time, while they are converging on her there is a shadow that makes no sense other than being her bush. She's facing down rather than towards the camera so we don't get to see much, though.

Even after the letters get there there's a momentary gap when the n moves down that shows this again.

At the very end of it we also get a brief but very good look at her breasts.

NekkidChix was written on October 1, 2000

Message from the President

DVD Chapter: Scene 2

Approx 7min5sec into feature:
When saluting the President, the side of her breast is visible (but no nipple).

Approx 7min55sec into feature:
When the president has sent her the item, she leans over to pick it up. Very nice view of the side of her breast, including the swelling of her nipple.

Approx 8min53sec into feature:
After the President signs off, Barbarella deposits the weapons in a closet and turns to change her clothes. Shot switches from close-up to long-shot of her nude from head to toe. Excellent shot of her derriere (shadow negligible). Brief view of the side of her left breast as she rounds the corner (long-shot).

NekkidChix was written on October 1, 2000

Blast Off

DVD Track: Scene 3

Approx. 10min5sec into feature:
Barbarella lays down to sleep to wait until her ship escapes gravity field. Nipples somewhat visible through opaque chestplate.

Approx. 11min2sec into feature:
Barbarella is awoken by ship to take nutrition. Close-up of beverage and her body from pelvis to chest. Erect right nipple easily visible through opaque chestplate.

NekkidChix was written on October 1, 2000

Love the Old-Fashioned Way

DVD Track: Scene 6

Approx. 26min5sec into feature:
After having sex with the furry man, Barbarella gets up. Seen through the opaque plastic skin on his craft. Nude from her right side.

MrBungle was written on November 28, 1999

opening credits

This is one of my favorite nude scenes, I found it to be very erotic since I was not expecting to see her tits in this PG movie. Plus Jane looks hot!

maxmaxxx was written on January 30, 2005

Opening scene, her getting out of a space suit

The movie was almost as disappointing as expecting to see Hanoi Jane showing much of besides legs and back.

BushLeague was written on December 26, 2001

Walking away from her spaceship

This is technically not nude, but after landing her space ship, she walks away from it and you briefly see her large round butt through sheer panty hose.

Ghostwords was written on October 13, 2005

Title sequence

The original titles were apparently rather too revealing for Jane Fonda, so they were jazzed up to cover a little more (hence the spinning letters); close inspection on dvd, however, still allows us her breasts and a full side view. Does the original version still exist? We can only hope it'll turn up one day on a "director's cut". (That said, I always found the scene with the Excessive Machine - which features no visible nudity - far more erotic.)

BushLeague was written on June 16, 2003

Walking down tunnel

She is completely nude and shown head to toe from the rear. You can make out her large bread loaf like ass cheeks, however, it is so dark, you can barely make out the crack.

tazzie was written on September 7, 1999

thougout the movie

The best scene occurs during the opening credits,when Jane removes her spacesuit whilst supposedlyin freefall. She also wears many see-thru andskimpy outfits during the movie, including thesemi-transparent fronted outfit she wears to sleepin a short way into the movie. A must for JaneFonda fans.

Chris Rose was written on November 11, 1998

Opening credits

In the opening credits she is floating around in space initially nude while she puts on her space suit. You briefly get to see her breasts through the letters.

oldbabe was written on January 24, 2002

Gorgeous Body

Jane was very young then. Her youthful, slim body was in full display in the opening credits but the words just get in the way. Inspite of the annoying words, there are decent views of her breasts and nipples. Great bod but the rest of the film did not have much nude exposure after the opening sequence despite its saucy theme.

Game Is Over, The (1966)
rbelkin was written on January 6, 2013

Fans of Jane Fonda Will Appreciate This Film More

While the nudity is not plentiful or shot very clearly, Jane is in her smoking hot days ...

There is an early sexy scene where she's wearing panties with her legs up working an exercise bike.

Then a long scene where she's sleeping with white face cream and "the guy" is dressed up as a marauder in a sex game. There are blurry shots of her tits getting out of bed - at first you think she's wearing pasties but it's only because film is soft and DVD transfer is not great. There's another couple minutes where she romps around wrapped in a sheer white curtain and you get occasional glimpses at her nipples from a distance through sheer curtains - at some point she drops them but since she's generally running, it's really only a few frames glimpses - of course, back then, it was all you could get. At the end of this scene after most of the white face cream is rubbed off, she's laying down in panties, at one point, she rolls over for the best look at her tits/nipples - again, probably about 10 frames.

Later on she's working out again in her granny panties, the guy comes in and molests her slightly but we don't really see anything.

The best scene is the pool scene - after the swim (nothing to see), as she's in her robe getting a bite to eat, she leans forward and we get clear shots of her cute pink nipples and tits - first the left and then the right - only a few seconds but sexy as hell.

The movie makes very little sense as later, there's a montage-like sequence of her getting dressed - at one point, she's cute as hell getting dressed with no bra in a see through white top - again, not very long but sexy though technically not nude. She begins to undress but it cuts away.

So, not as great as her nudity in the Vietnam movie but here, she's at least 10 years younger with pert firm young woman breasts and nipples so for fans, worth a rental for the down blouse scene and her overall sexiness though the movie makes very little sense.

deleuze was written on April 3, 1999


Jane is younger and more beautiful, but actual nudity is worse than Coming Home.

damn_crazy_bastard was written on October 25, 2001

Topless on a day bed

Very brief shot, not even close-up of her breasts. Hardly worth the trouble.

Circle of Love (1964)
ff was written on March 23, 2006

nip slip

you see her right breast briefly as she turns off the lights. Nothing much but this was the first glimpse of nudity from Fonda. I read in a book that Jane was upset because they used a nude painting of her as a poster to promote this movie and insisted that she did not do any nude scenes in this movie. Technically she didn't since that exposure was clearly accidental.

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