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1980 Eaten Alive 2 Reviews

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Eaten Alive (1980)
Disgusting-Duo was written on January 9, 2000

This golden idol will have you on your knees...

Ms Agren gets the Goldfinger treatment and is covered from top to toe in gold paint by a tribe of primitives.This lady has one of the finest set of knockers in living memory. This scene is one of best excuses to have a VCR & TV fitted into the bathroom. It'll save all of the messy cleaning up normally associated with seeing this fine figure of a woman in her natural splendor.

Ferox was written on May 10, 2004

We´re not worthy!!!

Now retired, this actress/model totally rocks my world!!!

Not only because I´m the same nationality as her, and the fact that I´ll soon be living in the town next to hers, and hope to interview her about her career, but because rarely has mankind been exposed to such beauty.

Her facial features are... for lack of better words... divine.

Sadly, then, her work is extremely absent on the DVD-market. Something I intend to change in the future. I only know of two titles availible on DVD. "City Of The Living Dead" (no nudity...not even from the notorious Daniela Doria!!!) and of course this one, "Eaten Alive".

We get a few brief glimpses of Janets fantastic breasts. The first one is when she´s been drugged by evil sectleader mastermind Jonas (Played by the consistently brilliant Ivan Rassimov-R.I.P!), and stripped by some female cohorts of his.

A couple of seconds exposure as she lies down on her back from previously sitting. Then director Lenzi intercuts nude footage of maybe THE finest woman ever lived...with authentic animal slaughter.

What the f-ck man!!! Talk about killing the moment. For a while there, I actually contemplated, chartering a plane to Italy, for some serious bitchslapping. A-hole!

As I were saying. After the animal-killing, we see her tits (kind of blurry) for a second or two, before Jonas slams a wooden dildo in her.

End of scene. The next time we see any nudity is when she´s been body-painted Goldfinger-style. This is too bad, because it would´ve been the best nude-shot in the entire film, had she not been covered in gold paint.

The only nudity availible on DVD by this actress... at least that I know of.

Check it out. Otherwise, track down her nude photos on the net. They´re out there!

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