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Janet Jackson
p4poetic was written on May 2, 2007

Tit for Tat

In the various behind the scenes dressing room changes, Janet goes through different bras and stockings/underwear. The camera angles doesn't show that much, and is generally off camera just enough that not so much is seen.

In the intro however, Janet runs literally topless and runs through the beach and into a waterfall where her breasts bounces in all directions, which she rarely covers with her hands.

schlitz40 was written on January 31, 2003

VERY BRIEF nudity by Janet in the beginning, lots of skin but no nudity later

I just saw this on HBO. Coming in, I wasn’t thinking about posting a review on this but decided to. I don’t like people reviewing movies by ultra-hot pop queens on here just because of what they think they saw, not nudity. Case and point, Britney Spears at that Nickelodeon concert (you can see her nips through her shirt) or in that movie Crossroads she did (you see her in bra and panties). Even, for that matter, Jennifer Lopez in Money Train (I recorded and paused the scene, you can make out her nipples but it isn’t that impressive).

Sorry, rant over.

I recorded this and the intro scene is quite hot, when Janet is on the beach. She takes off her top and you can clearly see her breasts and nipples from several back side angles (I am cautious, you don’t see her face, it is possible it could be a body double but I don’t think that’s the case). As a fan of Janet’s body, I give this **** stars, but only * on nudity.

At certain points through the rest of this show, the camera goes backstage and watches her change. This is quite hot, watching her change out of her bra, seeing her black panties, etc. Still, no real nudity. If you want to see Janet, this is nice, but if you want to see nudity, go elsewhere.

Overall, it was pretty good. I wish Gwen Stefani (who I love) or Rachel Stevens (hottie from S Club 7 whose music I’m not a fan of) would do a concert in a similar format, I’d gladly watch the whole thing, no matter how good or bad it was. I’d watch any hottie girl singer do a performance in this format. However, from a nudity standpoint, aside from the opening scene, this program shouldn’t raise much fuss on this site.

nudity_elitist was written on July 4, 2002

sorry snowdawg...

OK, snowdawg, I know this is the most exciting thing Janet has ever done, but it still amounts to almost nothing. You were obviously seeing things simply because you wanted to see them. First of all, you say that there is "no real evidence of pubic hair." Dude, that's because there is no real evidence of ANYTHING. There is clearly a post-production blur covering her nether-regions. Sure, it LOOKS LIKE she may be shaven, but keep in mind that we are looking at something covered by both said blur and panty hose. Besides, it is futile to rate nudity based on what something kind of LOOKS LIKE. The only noteworthy scene in this entire show was something that you didn't even mention! It was the waterfall scene right at the beginning in which one of Janet's nipples can be partially viewed briefly. But be forewarned....even that look is from an extreme side view. The * I give here is simply relative. In other words, in light of how stingy Janet typically is with her skin, we gotta take what we can get.

Chazz was written on September 14, 2002

I couldn't believe my eyes...

Anyone remember that scene in the film "Boomerang" where Eddie Murphy is an ad exec looking at a t.v. spot featuring a nude Grace Jones that he and Halle Berry are trying to edit for broadcast ? Remember how Eddie and Halle argue over whether or not they can see Ms. Jones' nipple ? Then the editor, played by Melvin van Peebles, settles the argument by zooming in on the picture and wiping his chin saying "Yep, that's a nipple.....'cause I'm droolin'." Nuff Said.

hornyhornyhorny was written on August 5, 2007


i got harder and harder watching this until i exploded in my gf's mouth. thank you janet!

hornyhornyhorny was written on August 8, 2007


when i saw her tits i wanted to cum all over them

ccleyton was written on September 24, 2002


achei legal mas nem tanto,ate que vale.

snowdawg was written on July 4, 2002

Topless scenes & then some

Ms. Jackson gives us brief views of her boobs near the start of her concert special. Thank you Janet! This is most likely Janet's first exposure caught on film.
Opening scene is of Janet writing her name in the sand on a beach in Hawaii where she is wearing a pretty skimpy fishnet type top with short dress type bottoms.
At around :37s into it, she gets up & heads toward a jungle like area. Slow it down during 45 sec. thru :48s she removes her top.
Now begin the frame by frame as at :49 - :50 sec. you get a nice side view of her bouncing right boob. Also you get a pretty decent view of her ass, which seems bare underneath the fishnet bottoms - hard to tell due to the light.
In the next few frames, you clearly see a sid view of her bouncing left boob before she begins to cover them up. The frames following this, you get better views of her ass & shows that she is bare underneath the fishnet bottoms.
Around 1m 5s she is seen at the base of a waterfall with her back to camera, where is lowers her arms as she gets ready to walk into the waterfall.
Frame by frame at 1m 6s as the scene fades into another side view of her right boob just as she begins to walk into waterfall.
Around 17m 14s Janet backstage for costume change. Frame by frame around 17m 25s - shot of Janet's right boob as she's taking off top.
17m 28m full frontal view of Janet donning tight black fishnet type pants, hard to tell if she is hairless. No real evidence of any pubic hair.
59m 7s - backstage again for another costume change. Frame by frame at 59m 10s - Janet putting on black bra. This is where some slip nip views are. You'll have to look really good, just as she is moving her right arm upward, you get a view of her nipple on her right boob.
1h 30m 30s - changing again backstage. 1h 30m 37s - top view of her sitting down wearing black bra & black fishnet type pants. Some views of her possibly hairless pussy. 1h 30m 45s - top view of her left boob while changing from black to white bra. 1h 31m 50s to 1h 31m 55s - Janet putting on a pair of jeans over black fishnet type pants. Get some decent views of her pussy which seems to be most likely hairless.

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