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year title
1997 Love! Valour! Compassion! 4 Reviews
1981 Burning, The 1 Review

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Love! Valour! Compassion! (1997)
BiBoySTL was written on November 19, 1999


I wasn't looking forward to seeing Alexander naked, but I was surprised how much he showed. He prances around in an apron, with nothing underneath, and skinnydips at the end. Butt shots, don't see anything frontal.

Me was written on November 27, 1998

About halfway through, and in the closing scene

Very nice shot from the rear for a long duration of time. If you're careful with the pause button there is a frontal in the final scene when he's skinny dipping.

silverfoxbear was written on April 13, 2003

Buzz's Buns

As a fan of older and larger men, I found this nude scene to be titillating! Jason Alexander's character (Buzz) comes out to join his friends during an outdoor picnic wearing sexy red high heeled shoes, an apron, and nothing else! The first shot is of his red shoes stepping into the frame, and then Buzz walks frome the foreground into the background, away from the camera, and we get a delicious view of that plump rump! Later in the film, we see Buzz and friends skinny dipping from a far distance, but for Alexander fans, you'll get your money's worth from renting this!!

mcjw2011 was written on January 20, 2003

Ugly buns

Jason Alexander briefly shows his ass for a number of times in this art-house film, revealing his fat, flabby ass. He's not very attractive (and neither is his behind), but I will add this in sake of completion. Buy the film to see Randy Becker nude, NOT Jason Alexander.

Burning, The (1981)
Me was written on June 23, 1999

Jason mooning people on the dock

Rear view of a young, dashing Jason Alexander. It's a group moon, so part of his butt is cutt off at the edge of the screen, which kind of stinks.

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