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1999 Hidden Passion 2 Reviews

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Hidden Passion (1999)
bmg was written on April 1, 2002

brief frontal

You can tell that he's wearing a pouch through much of his sex scene. However, there is one shot at the end of the scene where he and the blond bend over on the bed and you can definitely see his penis and balls. I have no idea why he would wear a pouch during certain takes of a scene and not others, but it's definitely there. It's brief and you need to raise the brightness on your tv to see it clearly, but I've given it 4 stars because he's just so gorgeous and, not noticing it until my fourth viewing of the scene, it was such an exciting surprise.

Ozzie700 was written on June 28, 2001


Around the first 15 or 20 minutes, Kim Dawson, who caught her mobster boyfriend with a stripper, uses Ament's infatuated Rocco character for some fun of her own. Ament has a fantastic body (just look at the forearms alone), a unique and handsome face (he looks a little like Glenn Quinn), and a muscled, tight butt that should be the envy of the men in his industry. The ass clenching is so hot and vigorous, the sight of his thrusting, driven buns is enough to steal the picture. He also knows how to use his tongue to enhance a scene instead of making the moment a joke. *** instead of **** because there's an obvious use of a pouch covering his crotch when Kim moves away. I was very sorry to see his departure early in the movie.

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