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1999 Segunda piel 2 Reviews
1996 Más que amor, frenesí 2 Reviews

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Segunda piel (1999)
donby was written on April 28, 2003

Sex after work with lead actress

We see a brief but nice frontal as Abala gets up naked from bed after sex. About midway through the film.

TranslucentShield was written on September 26, 2002

After-work shag.

As the lead actress' co-worker, this Spanish actor shows the only full-male-nudity in the film, as he gets out of his bed.

Más que amor, frenesí (1996)
dvdcollector was written on December 20, 2003

Shower anal sex scene

Even though he has an ugly tattoo on his arm, I must give this scene four stars. First of all, it is about 30 full seconds of rear nudity. Second, the actor is otherwise very nice looking and has a great arse. He is seen in the shower fucking another actor from behind while water is running over both of them. Part of the scene is seen in a mirror reflection. It is worth buying the film for this scene alone!

Mattg was written on April 22, 2002

Great ass

Plays the closeted lover of Alberto (Gustavo Salmeron) who has a very, very hot sex scene in the shower near the beginning of the movie. Javier has a great ass and is very sexy. The best shot is when he starts to fuck Alberto from behind. The hot water is dripping over them. Very hot. I recommend everyone see this asap.

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