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1992 Crying Game, The 2 Reviews

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Crying Game, The (1992)
jhrrussell2 was written on January 1, 2006

Unrobing Scene

I thought that the scene was very erotic in a transexual sort of way. jaye davidson presents himself to the other guy as they prepare to have sex. As he unrobes we see that he has a penis; also to the shock of the other man who beleived that jay davidson was in fact a woman. Great nudity if you're into this sort of thing. Furthermore it is a great movie.

IT was written on January 14, 1999


He is naked in front of a Man. It may be a frontal scene But it`s the wourst nude scene I ever seen. You see his penis as the camera show the whole body. Its so dark, and when he also locks like a girl/man I really don`t think that this is erotic. I thougt that it was a really hot scene but so wrong I could take.

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