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2009 12 Men of Christmas 1 Review

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12 Men of Christmas (2009)
donby was written on January 16, 2011

Outdoor photo shoot, lifting up sweater

Jefferson plays Eric, the shy one of the group.

He is shaving in the outdoors, with just a sweater wrapped around his waist. He kneels & pulls up the
sweater to wipe off the shaving cream.

With careful use of the pause, what is that that we see? Is that a portion of his beige briefs? Or is that in fact the shaft of his penis ? You decide.

This film has a plethora of gorgeous men, all of them at one point or another, with their shirts off. Rates a 4 from that standpoint. (I actually am going to BUY the DVD !)

Oh, and Kristen Chenoweth is good too.

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