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year title
1990 Nudity Required 0 Reviews
1977 Tintorera 2 Reviews
1976 Pom Pom Girls, The 3 Reviews
1974 Centerfold Girls, The 1 Review

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Nudity Required (1990)
Tintorera (1977)
Immy was written on November 6, 2004

Topless and briefly nude

Of all the babes in this feature Jen gets exposure most often. In fact, whenever she walks along the beach she gets the desire to be naked. First she and Laura Lyons are walking shoreside with two guys and decides to swim in the buff out to their boat. She's the first into the water (dark, curly hair). Then she's seen on deck dancing naked, again with Laura (it's a little dark but you can still make things out). Good shots follow of the Jen nude getting in and out of hammocks with the guys. They then wake up the next morning, still nude thankfully, and swim back to shore. Later on she's with a larger group of partiers along the shore, again at night. She announces "Hey let's get naked and go for a swim!" Great idea! She takes off her yellow bikini top and heads into the water followed by the others. Then a shark attack happens. She's one of the girls who makes it back to the beach, laying on her back topless. Nice, pointy little boobs and I loved her character's attitude.

Immy was written on September 26, 2008

More nudity

In the extended DVD version (35 more minutes!) Jennifer and Laura Lyons get picked up by two guys driving a fruit truck. As they sleep on top of the open truck bed the guys start grabbing at them. After some playful resisting, Jennifer gets into it and peels off her top showing her boobs (0:08). We also get a full backal shot later on as she, Laura and a guy sunbathe on the deck of his boat (0:53).

Pom Pom Girls, The (1976)
dav345 was written on September 16, 2003

butts, too

I'd like to add that you get to see the bare butts of 3 of the girls in the locker room, as well. That's important news for the butt lovers out there.

filmo70 was written on May 7, 2005

brief topless

The above reviewer (Rounder) is wrong. The girl who asks another girl if she can feel a lump on her breast in NOT Jennifer Ashley (see Diane Lee Hart). Jennifer Ashley can be seen briefly topless taking her shirt off then quickly turning around. Also their is a brief close up of her butt, you can't see her face however you can tell its her locker by the pictures you see compared to the wider shots.

rounder was written on March 5, 2001

topless in locker room

While changing in the locker room with several other girls she takes off her shirt and shows her breasts. It's a longer view than you get of most of the other girls. She touches her breast and asks the girl next to her, who is also topless, if she thinks there is a lump. The other girl touches Jennifer's breast briefly and says no. Then they laugh about it. It's a very nice scene - both girls have great breasts, and the fact that they are looking at them, touching them, and talking about them makes it even more fun to watch!

Centerfold Girls, The (1974)
Antman was written on October 12, 1999

Nude posing

A decent look at her breasts & buns when she is posing outside with Glory (Ruthy Ross) about 50 minutes int the movie.

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