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2004 Ranch, The 3 Reviews
1996 Sometimes They Come Back... Again 3 Reviews

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Ranch, The (2004)
scanman was written on January 1, 2005

No nudity whatsoever

Don't know if I saw a censored version or something, but there's no nudity whatsoever!

rbelkin was written on November 9, 2006

Topless & Sexy

There are at least two versions of this movie - an R and an UNRATED version. The runing times are listed as the same so it's hard to really say what is correct. There might also be another version without nudity - the movie itself meanders and tries to say too much mostly with cliches though the women are all cute to hot to gorgeous, they are all pretty decent actressess so it's not their fault the movie isn't better but there's no real point to seeing a movie about a whorehouse without nudity.

What's also impressive is every set of breasts seem natural which deserves applause and should be rewarded with everyone going out to buy this DVD :-)

Also note, the scene descriptions and the names are slightly off so I'll try and set everything straight.

Jennifer Aspen is the cute older MILF - she opens the movie topless on a client, first shot is a medium so you don't see much - then the camera points up at her - great view of her natural breasts. That is really all the nudity from her. She has a sexy scene with her fiancee where you get max side exposure of her right breast and pokies from her teddy but the teddy does not come off.

borisf_98 was written on July 5, 2004

Topless paradise

Sitting and talking topless for about a minute before giving blowjob. Very funny scene on the top.

Sometimes They Come Back... Again (1996)
buffalofart was written on April 2, 2001

great shot, horrible movie

this chic is really hot, great shot of her tits as she's riding someone, and that look on her face could melt you.

Maguire was written on December 10, 1999

Daphne from Party of Five takes her shirt off before getting killed.

If you've got the hots for Daphne then rent this flick. She takes her top off revealing nicely sized tits with hard medium sized nipples. This is the obligitory horror movie tit shot and it's shot as such, so as nudity goes it's so-so, but the celebrity factor makes it HOT!!

dvddish was written on March 16, 2003


buffalofart read my mind

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