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1998 Idioterne 3 Reviews

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Idioterne (1998)
Olhado was written on December 23, 1999

Various frontal

Although the film itself is, in some ways, disturbing, Jens' nude scenes are worth seeing. Includes a hard-on when showering in the ladies changing rooms, and other frontal and rear scenes throughout the movie.

puckhead was written on September 10, 2000

"spazz groupsex" - orgy

a little disturbing b/c the characters are acting like retards, but the orgy scene actually has a couple of porn quality penetration scenes. Camera between the feet, woman on top - very explicit. I saw this at a foreign film theatre, so I'm not sure whether the scenes would make the cut in all formats.

oldbabe was written on April 20, 2002

Dubious shower erection

The shower scene in which Jens gets bathed by a fellow female idiot wannabe, shows a partially-erect penis. However the hard-on was shown in isolation, could've been a body-double but my guess is that it could've really been him. Besides the orgy scene and this one, he got naked another time when he ran after the car of a city council man and started stripping himself, in a mad frenzy.

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