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2003 Delta Delta Die! 1 Review

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Delta Delta Die! (2003)
atom was written on August 20, 2003

hands covering crotch after hunk loses at strip poker

In one of his other screen credits, Jerry G. Angelo is listed as "Buff Guy." That description makes sense. Although Angelo's face is OK, it's his muscular body that really grabs the attention; the pecs are so large that his chest looks almost like a woman's. In this film, the Angelo character loses his clothes in a game of strip poker (as does his pal played by Glen Meadows). After being left naked, he gets to watch a sorority girl do a striptease routine; then the sorority house mother (B-movie queen Julie Strain) arrives, bare-breasted. It appears that the sorority is full of cannibals who murder unsuspecting young men. We get an extended, clear view of Angelo's body, including his bare buttocks and his muscular torso (lightly dusted with hair), while he stands in front of Julie Strain with only his hands covering his genitals. Even by the standards of cannibal-sorority girl movies, production values here are limited.

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