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2003 Death in Holy Orders 4 Reviews

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Death in Holy Orders (2003)
pat4260 was written on June 27, 2007

Full Frontal Nude Scene?

I am very interested in the supposed frontal nude scene of Jesse Spencer which is supposed to be in the making of Death In Holy Orders. There is no DVD version of the film available with this making of on it. So my question is Where does this footage come from?

completemission was written on April 29, 2007

Full frontal during making of for skinny dipping scene

During the making of documentary for the nude scene where he swims into the North Sea for the episode you get to see Jesse in all his glory full frontal, his small to average penis is on show, hey it was cold this is the North Sea after all, you get to see him both standing, from knee to face and a partial frontal crouching down.

GDH was written on August 22, 2003


In the first episode of this BBC adaptation of P D James' murder mystery, handsome Australian Spencer shows his pert backside as he runs into the sea for a spot of skinny-dipping. Jesse's fans have been waiting a long time for this!

GDH was written on August 23, 2003

Bum, again (two scenes!)

In the second episode, Spencer again favours us with views of his backside: at the beginning as he once again goes skinny-dipping (a delightful habit if practiced by sexy people in front of a film crew) and then stands on the beach wrapping a towel around his waist; and towards the end as he walks down the beach into the sea and swims off into the distance (although I think one or two of the swimming shots are from his nude scene in the first episode - still, who's complaining?).

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