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2004 Hillside Strangler 1 Review

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Hillside Strangler (2004)
whiteraven was written on August 21, 2010

Nice breast display and a moon shot.

Jessica Allegra plays April who becomes according to the movie the second hooker working for C. Thomas Howell and Nicholas Turturro. About the 30:18 minute mark she and Jennifer Tisdale are doing a private room dance. Tisdale dressed in black panties and bra, Allegra in red, but has taken off her top and dances topless til about 30:51. At about the 34:28 minute mark as Howell and Turturro's prostitution is shaken down by a rival pimp played by Damon Whitaker [younger brother of Forest Whitaker] and Allegra and Tisdale are told never to return, when Turturro asks where they going, Tisdale responds with a double bird flip while Allegra wearing a short loose skirt and panties, pulls up her skirt and then wedges herself exposing a great deal of bum, bending over to moon Turturro and smacks her right buttocks and then runs off. The area is quite red so apparently a few takes to get it right.

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