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1993 Playboy Celebrity Centerfold: Jessica Hahn 3 Reviews
1992 Howard Stern's Butt Bongo Fiesta 2 Reviews
1992 Bikini Summer II 1 Review

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Playboy Celebrity Centerfold: Jessica Hahn (1993)
Popmuse was written on July 4, 2001

very sexy throughout the whole video

Jessica has a really incredible body. She's got all the right curves at the right places. Her legs and butt are quite nice, very sensous. Her breasts are voluptuous and very pleasant to watch. First, we only see briefly her secret garden, just enough to make us wonder if we've been dreaming or if Jessica actually shaved everything "down there". After a few minutes, we stop wondering as we see very clearly that Jessica's pubis and crotch are indeed perfectly,exquisitely, sensuouly HAIRLESS... Needless to say that seeing Jessica's very sexy place so smooth and so revealed is indeed extremely pleasant. Believe me if you like busty and fully shaved women, you'll just love this Playboy publication...

BaltimoreBob was written on February 5, 2000

Stunning full-frontal nudity

Seeing Jessica's shaved pubis several times is worth the price of admission. She hasan incredibly fit and sensuous body, although her breasts obviously havebeen surgically enhanced.

Lusypius was written on November 21, 1999

Jessica major nudity

As you'd expect, there are high production values here and Jessica is tremendously naked throughout much of the production. This isn't a new tape, but since it wasn't listed, I thought Jessica fans should know it's out there. They probably already do, but you never know.

Howard Stern's Butt Bongo Fiesta (1992)
BushLeague was written on June 20, 2003

Much more is revealed

In the "Jungle Man in 3D" sketch, when she is on the ground, the bottom 1/3 of her bare butt cheeks peek out in front. In "Tribute to the Vagina" her see-thru body stocking not only shows her 38DD silicone wonders, but you can see her shaved, puffy pussy lips (a seam hides the crack) and she turns around to show her big heart shaped fanny.

BM was written on November 11, 2000

nude in see-thru mesh

In the "3-D Jungle Man" skit, Jessica appears in a top much too small for her. Most of her breasts and areolae are popping out. Later, in the "Tribute To Vagina" skit, Jessica comes out dressed in a see-thru body stocking. Howard jokes that it should be called "Tribute To Nipple," because her nipples are poking through the mesh.

Bikini Summer II (1992)
JimmyMac was written on October 10, 1999

Almost Nude

In black bra in bed with Harry,then buns in G-string,climbing on his back.

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