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year title
1983 Luna 7 Reviews
1982 I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can 1 Review
1981 First Monday in October 1 Review
1980 It's My Turn 1 Review
1979 Starting Over 2 Reviews
1978 Unmarried Woman, An 7 Reviews

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Luna (1983)
AceOfClubs was written on February 27, 2005

nice flabby ass

Jill peels of her excercise gear in front of a gawking woman and enters the shower. You get to see her ass, low hanging boob when she's removing her leotard, feet, and a large curly muff in side view as she's getting in the shower. Great exposure for a mainstream actress in the 70's.

LeroyBrown was written on November 23, 2000

In bed with her son, the movie includes incest

She's in bed stoned and she's trying to have sex with her son. He fondles her crotch and her panties ride up and her dark pubes can be seen coming out of the side, you can see her butt too. She has cellulite filled thighs. UGGGHHHH! Nevertheless, I judge more for the quality of nudity, than the beauty of the subject.

MisterTex was written on December 4, 2003

Taking off leotard then entering shower

At 1:09, Jill's character suddenly peels off her exercise leotard in a scene shot from the back and there's a nice shot of her ass for several seconds, and her left tit from behind. Then she walks into the shower and you see a quick side view of her hairy bush. Not a great body ( a little cellulite) but not bad for her age, and it's still titillating because it's Jill Clayburgh (who was quite a celebrity at the time this was made in '79)and you're not expecting it when it happens.

Xeyes was written on July 10, 2007

Brief view, but nice

01:09:00 Jill shows her butt,tits and bush; 01:44:00 upskirt; 01:53:00 She has panties and you can see some pussy hair.

Romeon5 was written on August 16, 2001

In room. On bed with son

Bush a little breasts when she's stands naked in a room when talking to a woman.

Open legs, son fondles with crotch of 'mom'.

thefaceman32 was written on October 12, 2003

Toples, but Masturbation - Incest ( eww...)?

Eww - glad I had the edited version... I do not think I would have liked to see the son fondling mom

01:09:00 Jill shows her buns when she takes off her excercise tights and walks to the shower, but there is a brief glimpse of Clayburgh lower region

Texasmovieman was written on January 28, 2008

exersize scean

jill is exersizeing and after pulls off her gym cloths to shower. even though face not shown think it is jill and saggy tits and ass and VERY hairy bush is shown from side

I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can (1982)
ausalf was written on February 14, 1999

Jill getting changed

Full frontal but proberly a double as her face is never in view during the shot

First Monday in October (1981)
derek22 was written on December 26, 2001

not nude

There is some brief nudity in this picture, but it is not by Clayburgh, who plays a Justice of the Supreme Court.

It's My Turn (1980)
Immy was written on June 24, 2005

Left breast (1:10)

Jill is in bed with Michael Douglas laying on her stomach with the sheets gathered around her chest. When she goes to turn over (it's her turn!) her right nip barely becomes visible (sort of a down-blouse with the sheets). During this motion there's a jarring cut and suddenly she's on her back. But the good thing is her left boob escapes for a brief moment (she's got big areolas). Very clear and well-lit.

Starting Over (1979)
rbelkin was written on October 2, 2006

It's Brief But Very Brightly Lit

She is showering and you first see her right nipple and then she turns to reveal both as she is soaping herself. Yes, the entire scene is less than 10 seconds long but nice & clear.

Antman was written on September 20, 1999

Very quick breasts scene

The pause button is required to appreciate this very brief scene of her breasts in the shower while Burt Reynolds is talking to her.

Unmarried Woman, An (1978)
LeroyBrown was written on February 9, 2004

Topless twice

First is when she was changing and she was in the background so a little bit distant but very nice look. Next is when she was with a lover, it was dark and the lover got to pinch her breasts later in the same scene she was in bed with the guy and her breasts pops out a couple of time. Her body was not great even by '70s standard, was slim but not toned, her breasts were small and saggy. Her face was lovely but not gorgeous.

derek22 was written on November 12, 2001

changing clothes

As Jill Clayburgh changes clothes, she bares her breasts for
the camera in a very laughable scene. They look like a
pair of bananas growing out of her chest.

WhiskeyJack was written on August 28, 1999

Topless changing scene and topless love scene

There is a topless scene were she changes into a night-shirt - quite a decent look at her tits. And then there is the love scene. The guy unclips her front fastening bra and then pull her towards him by the nipples: how can she resist? She breaks away from him and sits on the bed. He comes over and starts kissing her ankles which sparks a fit of giggles from Jill. She's covering her tits with her hands but as he tickles her and the giggles get worse her hands fall away. As the guy gets more serious we get perhaps the clearest shot of jill's tits nicely lit by some convenient moon light

[email protected] was written on September 25, 1998

1st changing scene

Nice view of Jill's nude breasts. Probably only a **, but I love Jill so I give it a ***.

rbelkin was written on October 2, 2006

Two Topless with Two Different Guys

Early in the movie, she comes home - her husband is already in bed, the first :35 seconds are of her in a medium shot taking off her top and her skirt. She moving around and talking but we get glimpses of her topless. Then it cuts into a closeup of her walking towards the bed and she sits down putting on her shirt - excellent closeups and she is in no hurry to get dressed. She then climb on top of her husband and he turns her on her back and runs his fingers between her legs (she is wearing panties).

Later on, with a new guy, he unsnaps her bra in the front and runs his hands up & down her breasts & mipples, pulling her closer. later we see both of her breasts as she sits in bed and then mostly her left breast and nipple as they start to have sex.

Ms. clayburgh may not be a traditional beauty but she is all natural woman who is sexy in her right.

Dante9703 was written on February 9, 2006

Two topless scenes

Jill has two scenes in the movie. The first is after only about 10 minutes, when Jill is getting undressed for bed. She takes off her top and we get a clear view of her breasts before she puts a nightdress on.

Later at about 1:10 Jill has a sex scene with a guy. It starts off dark so her breasts are a bit difficult to see but it is quite a long scene so we get a good opportunity for some better views.

NudeCelebrityTheater_com was written on November 28, 2004

Ruined by Bravo

After reading the reviews here I decided to catch it on Bravo, a station that frequently shows nudity in their content. Low and behold they "fuzzied" up both of the scenes that showed Jill remotely nude. Don't watch it on Bravo!

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