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year title
1976 From Noon Till Three 1 Review
1971 Someone Behind the Door 3 Reviews
1970 Violent City 1 Review

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From Noon Till Three (1976)
Ghostwords was written on January 20, 2013


Lonely widow Amanda (Ms Ireland) goes skinny dipping with bank robber Graham (real-life husband Charles Bronson, who'd also appeared with her in the previous year's Breakheart Pass). We see the side of her left breast, then lots of bare back. Afterwards, there's plenty of cleavage on view.

Someone Behind the Door (1971)
Fred05 was written on December 30, 2005

The Family (aka Violent City)

Jill has quite a few nude scenes in 1970's "Violent City" (originally titled "The Family"). However, I've noticed that we never quite see her face at the same time as the nudity, so I suspect that a body double was probably used in this film. But for what it's worth, in the scenes, we see her (or the body double) get out of a pool (bare bottom); we see her get out of a shower (bare bottom and the side of her breast); we see Charles Bronson rip her top off while trying to rape her (a very quick look at her bare breasts); and we see her lying nude face down on a bed (relatively long look at her bare bottom). But again, I think the bare skin is most likely that of a body double.

BushLeague was written on August 9, 2003

Couch nymph

She is completely in the buff and on her stomach on a love seat. Her pert bum, and left tit without nipple (both with nice bikini lines) are in plain sight. Very long, skinny legs.

Fred05 was written on February 1, 2006


The "nude scene" mentioned in "Someone Behind the Door" is simply a single, still photograph of her that Charles Bronson finds in his suitcase. We see that still photo several times and once up close, and it's probably her (lying on her face, we see the side of her bare butt and the side of her breasts). But she has no real (moving) nude scene in the movie. There's a quasi-rape scene that gives her plenty of opportunity to show skin (as Bronson starts ripping her clothes off), but nothing is shown. That scene is intercut with another scene, a flashback to a woman being stripped on the beach. That nude woman looks a lot like Jill Ireland (the similarity is part of the plot), but the credits say the girl on the beach is really Viviane Everly.

Violent City (1970)
FreightTrain was written on December 23, 2009

Several scenes throughout movie

Jill Ireland plays the off-again on-again love interest of Charles Bronson. She shows off her firm breasts in several scenes as well as several full rear nude scenes. In one interesting scene, Bronson, who plays a hitman, takes her into a warehouse and rips off her top for some violent action. She gives us a nice full-rear nude view exiting a swimming pool in Telly Savalas' mansion. This is a great early Bronson film - Ms. Ireland is icing on the cake.

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