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year title
1983 Nutcracker 1 Review
1982 Homework 1 Review
1979 Bitch, The 2 Reviews
1978 Stud, The 6 Reviews
1978 Magnum Cop 1 Review
1977 Fatal Charm 1 Review
1976 Alfie Darling 2 Reviews
1975 Devil Within Her, The 2 Reviews
1973 Tales That Witness Madness 1 Review

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Nutcracker (1983)
taurus was written on July 28, 2006

Bathing - Reflection in Mirror

At :32 her back is seen from the waist up as she gets into the bathtub, but a foggy mirror shows her front in poor quality. Very weak scene.

Homework (1982)
Immy was written on April 25, 2005

No nudity

Joan's nude scenes were done by a body double, Joy Michael, who also plays Joan as a young girl in the movie. She still looks good in tight pants though.

Bitch, The (1979)
Serna was written on November 19, 2000

several tits out

Several scenes where she gets her tits out. Shows them when she undresses for her chauffeur and you see her arse when she walks into the bathroom.

deleuze was written on April 3, 1999

several topless scenes

not bad...

Stud, The (1978)
Serna was written on November 19, 2000

the lift

Joanie shows her tits a lot in this film and you get a look at her arse too.
Best scene is the famous lift scene where Tobias screws her in an elevator. I think she's wearing a fur coat but he slams her against the side of the lift and I think you see her tits here too. She also makes quite a lot of noise. Pretty sexy.

Big Boner was written on December 1, 1998

A young Joan Collins shows her tits in this old skin flick find it (the movie) if you can

I'm not sure if you can find a copy of this movie but i saw it (a clip) on letterman one night and she is totaly nude you can see her muff tits and ass she is young (early 20 or 30)what else good luck finding this film!:)

MovieBuff was written on April 7, 1999

Nude, mostly topless but some frontal and bare butt shots as well.

These are Joan's most revealing and kinkiest nudes. There are many long scenes in the film.The Internet Movie Data Base lists Joan Collins birthdate as being 1933, which would have made her 45 in this film. According to some other sources, Joan has lied about her age, and they claim she was born during the 1920s, which would've made her even older than 45 in this film.

Immy was written on September 26, 2005

Additional info

Joan does get pretty raunchy but she does NOT show full frontal. The scene in question is no doubt during the swimming pool orgy. There's a fast pan from water level up the length of her body as she stands by the pool's edge (just before a guy comes up behind and squeezes her boobs). But she's clearly wearing a g-string (seen best in the mirror behind her). Her only obvious nude scene is earlier when she's face down getting a massage and her nice butt is seen (a very hot scene!).

tazzie was written on September 12, 1999

several scenes

I saw this for the first time recently, and wasquite suprised by the amount of nudity that Joanshows. Probably one of her more explicit roles.

Ghostwords was written on November 1, 2005

How old?

Joan Collins' first screen appearance was as a beauty contest participant, back in 1951; as she's clearly in her late teens, 1933 sounds about right. It also fits in with her being in her early 30s (but looking younger) when she appeared in Star Trek in 1967. Any talk of Ms Collins being born back in the 1920s is clearly nonsense, although rumours that sister Jackie shifted her birth from 1937 to 1939 are more within the realms of possibility (she appeared in three films in 1957 and another three in 1958).

Magnum Cop (1978)
whiteraven was written on September 9, 2010

First as a stripper and later forced to strip

I saw this on a bad straight to DVD transfer entitled "Fearless". It was the 85 minute USA version. Supposedly a 93 minute. Original Italy title, "Poliziotto senza paura". The opening credits were shot like a TV show with scenes from the movie shown including two nude scenes (one of Collins and one of Annarita Grapputo). I am a bit surprised it has not been previously listed especially since it is Collins. Perhaps under a different title. Joan Collins plays Brigitte. First nudity at 42:12 while performing as a burlesque style stripper revealing bare breasts/nipples from distance and quick zoom in. About 1:17:09 Collins is forced to strip at gun point by star Maurizio Merli. She removes her blouse which shows a partial sheer lace bra showing her nipples. Peeling down her pants, there is a hint of dark pubic hair. Out of camera view she removes bra and panties and is pushed down on a bed. About 1:18:07, as Collins is naked on her back, Merli starts tracing the gun down her with a close up on her right breast/nipple. It is implicated that Merli shoves the gun barrel up her as she screams. Then he is knocked out by another person who shoots Collins. Merli finds a secret room and about 1:20:43 there is a zoom in to the upper topless body of Collins and then a last shot through the one-way glass showing a camera point of view. It is possible there might have been a sex scene around the 51:00 minute mark.

Fatal Charm (1977)
fripp2112 was written on August 22, 1999

Striptease at beginning, see-thru bra/panties at end of film

Joan has a few miles on her by this point, & her topless strip scene here shows the forces of gravity at work heavily. At the end of the film, she strips down to her bra & panties, both of which are quite sheer, and walks around the room for a moment. Very sexy.

Alfie Darling (1976)
tazzie was written on January 8, 2000

topless in bed

A clear, well-lit scene with Joan in bed withAlfie. We get a good look at her breasts - none ofthat darkened scene stuff that you get nowadays.

ausalf was written on February 14, 1999

Bedroom scene

Toppless scene of her in bedVery clear images

Devil Within Her, The (1975)
soulman was written on August 5, 2004

Brief Tit Shots.

Collins, who has had better moments in THE STUD and THE BITCH, has some pretty tame scenes here. Early on during a flashback scene she's looking pretty good in her underwear and a darkly lit bedroom scene with her husband. She quickly removes her dress and jumps in the bed and in the misdt of all of the quick cuts you can make out a couple of brief shots of her tits plus a shot of her nice little ass the following morning before she puts on her robe. The tameness of her scenes make me long for the better moments of THE STUD and THE BITCH.

Pieman was written on July 29, 2013

One tit

Yup. That's it. One tit. About 56 minutes in, she races her husband into bed, they make love. The same boob is shown about three times. It's nice and all, but...

Earlier in the film, she's in bra, panties, stockings, and a garter belt. I thought that scene was hotter.

Tales That Witness Madness (1973)
BM was written on February 13, 2011

Breasts - possible body double

In what appears to be a dream sequence, Joan is walking in the woods in a yellow nightie when a jealous inverted tree stump attacks her and rips open the top of her gown. While this happens, she is covering her face with both arms, so the breasts may well be those of a body double.

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